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    Star Citizen Developer Calls Real-Time Ray Tracing "A Massive Headache"

    That's a shame as it really a perfect game for it. So many super shiny reflective surfaces.
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    Sprint Sues AT&T over Its Fake 5G Branding

    Good! Tech people might understand the lie but the average customer is just going to go "oh I have 5G, that's one more than 4G, must be better".
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    Microsoft Begs You to Stop Using Internet Explorer

    I work for a large company that has IE11 as their only officially supported browser. Not just for legacy! Brand new web apps are being created today with IE11 support as a requirement. They can say whatever they want but what MS really needs to do is EOL it yesterday. Sadly MS won't. Their...
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    PSA: Anthem's Open Demo Is Live until Tomorrow

    Sadly no. It is possible to play by yourself but the missions aren't designed for it. Bullet sponge bosses with perfect aim and relentless fire combined with infinite re-spawning minions. You really need more people to divide the attention up so that somebody has a chance to get in some good...
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    PSA: Anthem's Open Demo Is Live until Tomorrow

    Anthem doesn't have any RTX features yet. I have a 1080, so similar performance to the 2070. Frame rate is generally above 30FPS in 1440p on Ultra. I tried running at 4K but it was dropping below 30 too much to be comfortable to play. Adjusting the settings didn't make much difference in...
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    I am still using my iPad 2 from 2014. Are people upgrading iPads?

    Do yourself a favor and find a secondhand Air or Air 2, or pick up a base model when it goes on sale. The retina screen makes a huge difference even just for watching videos. I have an Air 1 that I still get a lot of use out of. I watch videos and do some web browsing, mainly reading...
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    Microsoft Makes Final Push to Rid World of Internet Explorer 10

    Can they kill IE11 while they are at it? All of the modern web applications I build at work have IE11 as the officially supported browser and it makes me sad.
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    Windows 10's Live Tiles Dead? Windows Lite Will Reportedly Feature a New Start Menu

    I thought live tiles were a neat concept when they first came out but I never got into them. Too much delay and distracting movement. I just use the live tiles area to pin shortcuts to my programs so I don't have to find them in the list. If you want that feature now give Stardock Fences a...
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    Intel Revamping Its Control Panel for Integrated Graphics Speaks to a Larger Strategy

    Love that screen shot of recommended settings ... 720p everything on low. Maybe when they bring some actual power to the table things will get interesting. If Apple can bring "XBox One S" GPU power to a slim tablet maybe Intel can manage to get out of the PS2 era with their high-power desktops.
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    Introducing the NVIDIA Control Panel Windows Store App

    Although the windows store distribution is a little odd, there is a advantage in splitting the components up. Maybe then I won't have to download the control panel that looks like it hasn't been updated in 10 years with every driver package? Maybe with the control panel split out that means...
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    Dutch Police Can Remotely Recover Autonomous Vehicles with the Thief Inside

    No thanks, that's how you get your car back with a trashed interior. I would prefer that the car allow the thief normal control until the police have intercepted it, then it can pull over and open all of the doors. Or it can just immediately pull over and open the doors. The autonomous car...
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    Sony's Mobile Division Is Losing More than the Gaming Division Is Making

    Same that they're floundering, they seem to be the only manufacturer making full-featured "small" phones anymore. If you can call something with a 5" screen "small".
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    Six Years Later, Star Citizen Is Still Raking It In

    I'm a backer (cheapest package) and feel like I'm getting my entertainment value from that money just screwing around with these alphas and watching the updates. This update was amazing. A bunch of the worst qualities in games all in one stage demo! Bad/slow dialog from the quest giver. Fetch...
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    High Refresh Rate or Overall Image Quality?

    Give a high refresh monitor a try if you can. Some people think it's the best thing ever even for desktop use (scrolling and dragging windows will be smoother). I personally think high DPI and image quality are far more important. I increase settings in games until I'm below 60FPS anyway, so...
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    Christopher Nolan Declares War on Motion Smoothing, Other Crappy TV Settings

    I recently switched from a DLP projector to a Sony 4K LCD TV and had to enable the motion smoothing. With the motion smoothing off any high-contrast edges would appear to strobe/stutter/wobble their way across the screen, very distracting. Upon further inspection I can see the same effect on...
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    My experience with hands on 2080ti at PAX West

    I suspect they had to carefully balance the die area for RT hardware with die area for rasterization for this first generation, probably targeting a minimum area to make RT viable, erring on the side of rasterization so that it could get the expected generational boost in rasterization games...
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    NVIDIA GPU Generational Performance Part 1 @ [H]

    Cool comparison! Here's hoping the 1180 adds another 50%. I went form a 760 to a 1080 and at 4K plenty of games push the 1080 to the limit.
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    Netflix May Make Changes to its Pricing Schedule With the Addition of a Fourth Plan

    I pay for their top tier because I want UHD but only ever use a single stream. I would like to see stream count and features decoupled. Of course that would make many people's prices go down so it seems unlikely.
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    PCPer Reviews the ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ 4k 144Hz G-SYNC Monitor

    HDR max brightness isn't quite the same as it is in SDR. In SDR the max brightness is how bright the panel can make pure white, so the peak brightness will be blasted at you all of the time. For comfortable viewing that is usually around 100 nits. In properly authored HDR your typical "pure...
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    “The Expanse” Picked Up by Amazon for Season 4 after Syfy Cancellation

    I just started watching this, not terribly impressed so far. It reminds me a lot of SG:U, interesting premise wasted on bickering and politics. Hopefully they continue to release it on disk so I can get it on Netflix but it'll probably be a Prime exclusive so that'll be the end of that.
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    Foxconn Will Drain Lake Michigan to Make LCD Screens

    People say they want manufacturing back in the US, well this is what it looks like. Making things takes resources and causes pollution. Not saying that is a good thing but either stop complaining or admit that they really don't want manufacturing back.
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    Hilton Panama’s Alienware Room for Game-Crazy Travelers

    Sweet, now instead of a gross crusty remote for the TV that was okish 10 years ago when they bought it but is now garbage there will also be a gross crusty keyboard, mouse, and Rift.
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    Has "future proofing" ever paid off for you?

    I've had a couple of lucky purchases. Dual 2.8GHz P4 Xeon. I bought it for CGI work, not future proofing, but it just so happened to bridge the gap into when dual-core CPUs became mainstream. I stopped doing much CGI but that machine was a beast for general usage and games for far longer than...
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    Late Night Hunt Showdown Streaming

    Sorry to be a stick in the mud but seeing these regular auto-playing streams on the main page is getting obnoxious.
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    Ray-Traced Games Coming This Year

    I for one can't wait to see this tech in games! I know the GPU market is terrible right now and I wouldn't be surprised to see some cryptocurrency with a POW algorithm built to leverage the machine learning chops of these upcoming GPUs making them unobtainable ... but lets ignore that for the...
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    What (average) FPS is acceptable to you in games?

    I always turn up the eye candy until I'm around 30FPS. Do I notice higher, definitely. Is it worth turning off the shiny? Nope.
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    512 GB Phones Are Here. How Much Storage Do You Actually Need?

    My phone has 16GB and that has been plenty. I don't use it for much more than calls/text, browser, google maps, streaming music, and the occasional photo while I'm out and didn't bring my camera. The option for more is always better though. It's pretty cool that the option exists for those...
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    EA Is Training AI Agents to Play Battlefield 1

    These bots must be being intentionally set up to play like a person. I don't understand how a person could have any hope against bots in a deathmatch. "Unfair" bots would know where everybody is at all times and have perfect aim. Give them all sniper rifles ... heck even pistols ... and they...
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    Netflix Will Support DVDs for at Least Five More Years

    There is basic browsing of a few categories available without signing up. Their disk selection is very good for movies. Less popular TV shows tend to have random disks or entire seasons missing so that can be a little frustrating. Those mailers eat disks...
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    You’re Paying Too Much for Your Smartphone, Says MediaTek

    While the sentiment is nice and all, as an owner of a 5 year old Android phone that was mid-range when I bought it I agree, but of course a company that makes low to mid range SOCs would say that. I have little interest in a smartphone powered by a MediaTek SOC, at least not before extensive...
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    Samsung’s New 4K Televisions Can Turn Themselves Invisible

    The introduction of these always-on modes is pretty irresponsible. I was excited when I first saw them, thinking maybe it was an e-paper-like mode that the screen could switch into to display something other than a black square while the set was powered off. Sadly it is just leaving the TV on...
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    This Is What Happens When Bitcoin Miners Take Over Your Town

    The problem with doing that is that it would drive out other big users of electricity that actually produce value and jobs. Industrial operations, data centers, etc. The figures in this article are just insanity. I hope it all crashes and burns or switches over to algorithms that don't just...
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    Cable Companies Shortening Ad Breaks In Response to Cord Cutters

    I haven't had cable for around 6 years, before that I DVRed everything, before that my family recorded shows that we really wanted to sit down and watch with a VCR. Endless ads is part of the problem, needing to tune in at a specific time is another big one. The garbage cable box, garbage...
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    Netflix Will Support DVDs for at Least Five More Years

    Just the HD (1080P) disks. There are a few disk rental sites that do the UHD disks but they are more expensive, with lower selection, and greater shipping times. I have both the streaming and the disks as the selection of movies available on streaming is pretty poor.
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Keyboard 7000 Wacom Graphire 2 for general mousing Roccat KONE Pure for games Considered replacing the keyboard and have tried out a number of fancier ones. Found I don't really care for mechanical so haven't been able to find one significantly better...
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    Just can't find a good computer chair...

    The chairs that you list are all "gaming" chairs, not really computer chairs. Really they are meant to look cool, nobody needs racing side bolsters at their desk. Plenty of people will rave about gaming chairs but I suspect many of those are coming from a $50 office depot chair and it is their...
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    HON Ignition HIWM3

    After buying a Steelcase Leap, finding that the back didn't have enough padding for me, and sending it back my quest for a new chair continued. I visited an office furniture showroom, sat in quite a few more chairs, and settled on the HON Ignition. It is a mid-range chair with a fabric seat...
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    Post your hard drive Power On hours!

    Currently running: Samsung 840 PRO with 44,521 hours. Samsung 850 EVO with 29,493 hours. My computer rarely gets turned off, so that's just about the age of the drives.