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    Should I erase or keep files for sake of longevity?

    Let's say I have a 10 GB SSD and filled it with 1 GB of data. As I understand it that 1 GB of data gets moved around the drive by the controller as part of its wear levelling mechanism. Which means the 1 GB data is copied elsewhere on the drive and then the original is deleted. My question is...
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    Over-provisioning a consumer grade SSD

    I look at it this way. On a fresh Windows install, you're already overprovisioning roughly 100 GB dynamically and that gets smaller as you fill up the drive. Whatever free space you have is the overprovisioning so I don't even bother with it.
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    Should I erase or keep files for sake of longevity?

    Since erasing data is what wears out SSD and the controller also does its wear-levelling by rewriting and erasing data, is it better I don't erase my data even though I don't need it anymore?
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    Rent one Redbox disc and get one free Redbox disc rental code

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    [Steam] Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Free Till [DEAD])

    Do not sell them. They'll be worth millions in a hundred years.
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    Redbox $1.50 Off coupon 1 night movie rental

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    3 months of Peacock streaming service FREE

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    FS: Netgear Orbi RBR40 wireless router $80 shipped

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    CORSAIR A500 High Performance Dual Fan CPU Cooler 49$ base price - 29$ after rebate -15 hours left!

    What's a rebate? They are still doing mail and stamps ? Is this 1999?
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    Ebay charges tax?

    Ya ebay found a way to scam buyers by illegally collecting tax. I'm pretty sure it's the seller who is supposed to collect the sales tax, not the intermediary. The seller can set a tax for their lisitngs and ebay will still collect their own tax on top. Ebay is doing double taxation if you...
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    Microsoft's Power Automate Desktop is now free for all Windows 10 users

    Can tech support use it to automate chatting with customers?
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    Microsft Edge is wasting my electricity

    It's AMD Phenom II X4 970 3.5 GHz
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    Onboard wifi Intel® Wireless-AC 9560 vs PCI-E wifi card

    If you're that serious with gaming then go ethernet and wired keyboard and mouse. You'll get more consistent performance. With wireless it's constantly fluctuating depending on your air traffic. If you run a microwave for popcorn it will slow your connection speed down for example. Also, get...
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    Is MU-MIMO just marketing hype?

    My older Netgear R6700 has three antennas and says it does simultaneous dual band 3x3 Tx/Rx. So it can transmit or receive three signals at once. Isn't that essentially what MU-MIMO is doing? Is the industry creating new terms as a marketing hype for something that had already existed for...
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    Using Windows 7 Will Get You Hacked?

    It's the browser you use is the gateway to your computer.
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    FS: Netgear Orbi RBR40 wireless router $80 shipped

    Works great. Looks like new. I will take paypal.
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    Samsung SSD Over Provisioning

    Basically, any space you are not currently using is used as overprovisioning without you explicitly telling the drive use this much space for overprovisioning. So if you have a 500 GB drive and you are only using 30 GB then the 470 GB will be used for overprovisioning dynamically but you can...
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    Using Windows 7 Will Get You Hacked?

    I still use Windows 7 and have never been hacked. China and Russia haxors have switched their attention to Windows 10 and leaving me alone in peace
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    Windows 10 sleep problem

    I disabled the wake timers in the advanced power settings and I found my computer this morning woke up and did its maintenance dance. So now I also disabled the Allow this device to wake the computer for my Network adapter. Hopefully, that puts it to bed for good.
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    Is Windows 10 20H2 the worst windows yet?

    I feel like Windows 10 is still in Beta when you look at the mish-mash of the new user interface and the old user interface. Microsoft still hasn't fully migrated everything. When you look at the Event Viewer you see a ton of Error messages that appear benign to the user. I think Microsoft...
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    Microsft Edge is wasting my electricity

    With Startup Boost turned on in Settings I noticed my CPU usage is hitting 40% and my Ethernet is showing there's constant internet traffic even when I'm not doing anything. With Continue Running background Apps when Edge is closed turned on in Settings the usages are even more pronounced...
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    Windows 10 deleted the Windows folder in another harddrive

    I just read an article from 2017 about Windows Fast Startup and dual boot can cause corruption. Windows 10 has Fast Startup enabled by default. The article said accessing or modifying a drive from a dual boot setup that has Fast Startup enabled may corrupt it. I don't know how accurate the...
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    ASUS - use M.2 PCIe and disable x8 slot... why?

    ya you can bend those pins by simply sneezing on them. They are very delicate.
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    CPU situation for 3d artist

    The only difference between a Quadro and equivalent Geforce is driver tech support is more proactive with Quadro since it's tailored for professional use and you pay for that service. Performance wise they are the same.
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    SSD in Frozen State?

    the SSD goes back to its Frozen state after a reboot.
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    Windows 10 deleted the Windows folder in another harddrive

    I'm heavily leaning to a Windows 10 bug regarding how it deals with multiple drives having their own boot files in combination with my particular hardware. I tried the experiment on a different computer this time. One SSD on port 1 and a HDD on port 2. The HDD had Windows 10 on it and when I...
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    SSDs life is dropping fast

    Why don't you do a Secure Erase on it and reinstall the OS. That should reset the drive. Perhaps there's a rogue garbage collection happening. Also make sure Windows 10 is updated to version 20H2.
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    SSD in Frozen State?

    No it's nothing to do with dying. It's apparently a protection mechanism that prevents a hacker from taking control of the SSD by locking or freezing any modification to it.
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    Is Secure Erase for SSD similar to zeroing a HDD?

    I'm reading a lot of contradicting info on Secure Erase. Does it truly delete data so it's unrecoverable even with the use of a Recovery software? I tried Samsung's Secure Erase yesterday and it completed the process in one second or less. I thought that was suspiciously fast. Zeroing out a...
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    Does TRIM effectively does the same thing as permanently deleting data?

    If I delete a file and immediately run the TRIM command and wait a few minutes. Is the file effectively deleted by the SSD controller and is gone for good?
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    SSD in Frozen State?

    So I was going to secure erase my Samsung SSD using their software. In the process it said the drive was in a Frozen state. It instructed me to unplug the power to the drive for a few second and plug back in in order to proceed. I got through it fine. Now how do I put the drive back in its...
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    Windows 10 deleted the Windows folder in another harddrive

    I have four other HDD with different version of Windows. I regularly swap drives depending on what old software I want to run. I like to have each drive have their own boot files so I don't make a mistake of removing a boot drive and then rendering the computer unbootable. My concern now is...
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    Windows 10 deleted the Windows folder in another harddrive

    OK, after installing Windows 10 eight times last night I am no where close to coming up with a definite cause of the problem and I'm leaning more towards a SSD incompatibility with my old Asus M4A88TD-M/USB3 motherboard. Once again I'm installing Windows 10 with only one drive attached at a...
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    Windows 10 deleted the Windows folder in another harddrive

    Typo fixed. I've reinstalled Windows 10 on SSD 2 three times with almost similar catastrophic results. SSD 2 does show in Disk Management and shows only as Primary Partition and Active. The capacity is 465 GB but the free space is only 441 GB and the drive appears empty. Clearly the missing...
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    Windows 10 deleted the Windows folder in another harddrive

    I have Windows 10 installed on SSD(1) which is connected to sata port 1. I got a new SSD(2) and connected it to sata port 3. I disconnect SSD 1 from port 1 before installing Windows 10 on SSD 2. I got Windows all setup on SSD 2 and rebooted several times to make sure everything is fine. I...
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    What's your Unused Reserved Block Count for Crucial MX500?

    I don't suspect anything wrong with my new drives. Benchmarks are good. Temperatures are good. It's just the discrepancy in that stat from two seemingly identical drives and Crucials explanation.
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    How concerned should I be with CRC Error Count increasing with Samsung EVO?

    AMD and a Samsung tech support begs to differ
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    What's your Unused Reserved Block Count for Crucial MX500?

    I'm using Crucial's Storage Executive software to read SMART so it's showing user readable data.