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    Would Vista run ok on my PC?

    you need 2 GB Ram Minimum for Vista
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    Swap file location

    Keep it on th Rapt0r FTW!!!!!!
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    Alternate to Norton Ghost

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    Computer feels slower with vista 32 bit compared to xp.

    Vista is sluggish even on my system wich would've have flown on XP
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    Vista Drive C issue, filled up...

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    Registry Cleaner for Vista?

    why doesn't anyone ever answer me?
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    Registry Cleaner for Vista?

    why doesn't anyone ever answer me?
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    Upgrade from Vista Business >> Vista Ultimate??

    why doesn't anyone ever answer me?
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    Registry Cleaner for Vista?

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    Upgrade from Vista Business >> Vista Ultimate??

    I got Vista Business Edition with my laptop. The question is, is it worth it to upgrade to the ultimate version or are the differences minor? Mind you, i don't really care about the Remote connection. BTW, is it just me or....I think the Aero effects are so overrated? I mean, all it does...
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    Best Vista AV?

    NOD32 FTW!!!! The most secure AV I used, yet still remains ery very light on the system u won't even feeel u have it on.
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    Registry Cleaner for Vista?

    Any one knows of a good freeware registry cleaner for Windows Vista?
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    Built in games in Vista missing in my version. HELP

    I recently bought a SONY VAIO Laptop that comes with Windows Vista Business Edition. But the built n games are missing. Everytime i add them from the control panel add/remove section. I see the installation progress bar but they are never thre. Help. What can I do to get them? thanks
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    Best Defrag Software For Vista ???

    I use PerfectDisk
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    Best Windows XP codec pack?

    K-Lite Mega Codec Pack FTW Plays everything out there, from video files, to real media, to quicktime files! all in one neat package!
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    Windows Media Player 11

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    New laptop w/Vista

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    AGP Aperture Size?

    It doesn't matter what video card. It's how much system RAM you have and how much you are willing to dedicate to graphics out of that total RAM. There is no specific video card that can handle 256 MB and one that doesn't. Totally un-related.
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    Free Linux

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    Are my 3DMark scores good? 6800GT

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    Need a REGION FREE DVD Firmeware??

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    Is this the Linux I need?

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    Posting from Linux! Help

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    Help me try out linux

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    DVD-RW Problem

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    IE7 is out

    have you been locked in a cave? it's been out since days! :rolleyes:
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    I gave up on Antivirus softwares.

    and that problem you had with NOD32, is simply because you turned on HTTP checking I always turn it off and that never happens, U don't need it, since the active monitor AMON in NOD32 is always checking shit for you
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    I gave up on Antivirus softwares.

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    Kaspersky Vs. NOD32

    Which is better? I just switched to Kaspersky and noticed it's not bad at all. what do you guys think?
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    Best OS?

    fuck everyone on this message board! no one EVER answers me! f00kin' d!ckh3ads! :mad:
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    Best OS?

    Which is the best OS right now? is it still Windows XP Professional Edition? or MCE? or ?
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    What's the best free/cheap antivirus?

    NOD32 for teh win!!