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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 5

    Quality products at a good price.
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    Not getting 2 jobs in F@H client 7.1.52

    FWIW I have a stock clocked Q6600 running ubuntu in a virtualbox VM on Windows7 and it averages 6250 PPD. Nice boost for a few minutes work :cool:
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    [H]ard Box contest #2

    Congrats to the winners!
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    Funky Deal: 16GB Samsung SSD for $18.99

    Thanks OP, in for 4!
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    Galaxy - 8 weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 1

    sounds good to me!
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    Holy crap, it worked! Dead video card, resurrected!

    worked for my bfg 8800gt OC, it would artifact and then go to a blank screen right after loading the windows desktop, after baking for about 8 min. works fine again.
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    Openvpn client configuration

    I've never ran the openvpn server on an endian box, but I do run one under windows at work. in this part of your config: # Windows needs the TAP-Win32 adapter name # from the Network Connections panel # if you have more than one. On XP SP2, # you may need to disable the firewall # for...
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    Domain Profile Switch?

    Can't believe I've never heard of that program before, sounds awesome, thanks for the linky.:)
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    Active Directory domain name - local versus com/net/org

    Have always went with .local
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    Newegg open box Asus P5Q Pro $69.99

    I'm pretty sure it was a white box, I'll check when I get home.
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    Newegg open box Asus P5Q Pro $69.99

    Mine arrived yesterday, bare board in a static bag, in a white box. Nothing else, hopefully have time to fire it up tonight.
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    ALOT of P6N Diamonds (x4 PCI-E)

    pm sent
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    I finally joined the 1 million point club today, and today is also so my birthday, so thats kinda cool.
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    I use it at work, though it's a static ip on our T1. works great lots of stuff you can do with it.
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    Warm: Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB 32MB 7200RPM $96.99 FS NR!

    I really like samsung drives, I have 2 x 320GB's, 1 x 500GB, and 1 x 1TB. They are all super quiet and seem to run much cooler to the touch than the seagates I have.
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    Acronis True Image 10 Personal Edition Free DL for a limited time (not even beta!)

    Signed up with no problems, waiting on the email now. Much appreciated!
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    Bridge WAP for my XBOX 360?

    i do that with 2 wrt54g's running ddwrt, rock solid.
  18. 2 having issues?

    Its not loading at all for me ATM..... :(
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    Adding Vpn

    I use openvpn setup as a bridge, i have no experience with pfsense
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    [H]orde News for the week ending 01/17/09

    Thats cool, me and my 8 year old daughter both made WCG milestones! me, captndirty, and her, annf2k. I did have everything in my account until one day she asked me who got the points that her computer made, I told her they went to my account and she said she thought she would like to start...
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    Adding a Seperate Network For Wireless

    True, I'm well aware of that, but the only people that use it are trusted and with wpa2 encryption enabled nobody gets on without me knowing since I'm the only one with the key.
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    IP projectors

    That's kinda what I was thinking, about the full motion video. I was kinda thinking about getting one for our conference room, but its used for video quite often so guess thats out. Thanks for the info.
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    IP projectors

    I've been wondering about that myself, never actually seen one used in person.
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    Adding a Seperate Network For Wireless

    We just use a wireless router and for that and put the wireless network in a different subnet/ip range. I can't see paying for another internet connection no more than ours is used, but you gotta do what you gotta do I guess. I guess DSL would be the cheapest route for you depending on who your...
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    Rsync / SyncToy / CPS / etc...

    another DFS user here. I use it to replicate all my user shares between my 2 DC's. Shares are mapped to users via the namespace rather than a path. If either one of my servers go down everyone still has access to their files. I backup the shares on one server to an external drive, the other...
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    backup and restore user directory??

    Thats the way I used to always do it, but lately I have just been using the files and settings transfer wizard in windows. run it in the the old profile then import it to the new profile. works great. After tried it couple times I wondered why it never dawned on me to do that way. I've used it...
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    Need off-site backup soultion...small buisness

    I use openvpn and deltacopy and backup from work to a spare pc at my house. Once I got it all set up the way I wanted it I haven't had to touch it in months. Works great.
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    how do I run FAH on dual xeon workstation

    I ran the SMP client on my dual 3.0 xeons for a long time with no problems. then it started erroring out a couple times a week. I got tired of messing with it so I switched to WCG on it. Not long after that the psu blew, I'm guessing it was going bad for a while and thats why I was having the...
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    Windows 7 - The undisputed king... and it ain't even finished yet :)

    yep, i d/l it last night. Looking forward to loading it up when I get home.