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    Console Headset

    Its a fantastic headset, and can be had for quite cheap aswell.
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    Unblock-US / Unotelly alternative for US Netflix

    A bit late but I did just set this up on a second router, works like a charm. loving US Netflix and Hulu. Thanks.
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    Unblock-US / Unotelly alternative for US Netflix

    Thanks madrix, I was looking into Unblock US this week. I will give this a go this week end.
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    Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition

    Played for about 1/2 hours last night on the PS4. No complaints so far and its looking like it will be a nice relaxing time killer.
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    Who won this generation?

    Voted Xbox 360, I own a PS3. I bought what my friends had and didn't look back.
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    If you preordered a PS4 after August 5th, you are not guaranteed a PS4 on launch day.

    I kinda expected this when I got my pre-order, The "we have additional stock" banner has been up for a while here in Canada at Best Buy and I'm kinda wondering just how many they must have to take pre-orders for so long.
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    Humble Origin Bundle

    More of the same style action from C1, looked good played good. You really cant go wrong at this price.
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    Humble Origin Bundle

    I'm not complaining but why isn't Dead Space 2 in the mix?
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    Humble Origin Bundle

    Good deal, and good on EA! Thanks OP!
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    PS4 possibly release October 21st?

    Not getting one till there is snow on the ground but the earlier the release the better as far as I'm concerned.
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    Official Steam Trading Cards Exhange Thread

    Did this myself, aswell a all my TF2 item doubles.
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    Steam 2013 summer sale is here!

    Will do...... When I can.
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    Steam 2013 summer sale is here!

    Same here, beer toying around with the idea for a while. Price is right.
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    FS Borderlands 2 for steam 5$

    PM sent.
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    FS Borderlands 2 for steam 5$

    Looking to sell a copy of Borderlands 2 that came in a deal that I picked up on GMG. This key contains the base game only, no DLC or add ons. Activates on Steam. First 5$ gets it. Heat:
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    Borderlands 2 with Season Pass $13.50 @ GMG

    In for one, I was quite upset when I missed the deal first time around
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    Research In Motion's Stock Falls 27%

    And BB10 isn't coming to the playbook anymore, Can we just get android for it already?
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    What Next Gen System will you get first ?

    PS4 when I see one on store shelves, I'm not rushing out to pick one up.
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    Humble Bundle Weekly: Serious Sam!

    In for one, Thanks OP!
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    Gamefly: Tomb Raider: $16.99

    Thanks OP, I already own this but I wanted to say this is a smoking deal for a great game.
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    Laptop gaming from a couch? How is it?

    I picked up a lappy for this reason back in August. I found it was to much of a PITA to move it around my house and even a bigger pain to use a mouse while sitting in a chair. My lappy now lives on my desk in my office and never gets moved. I now mess around with my Playbook while my wife...
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    FS: Metro LL, Bioshock Inf., Crysis 3, Tomb Raider, Blood Dragon, Hawken, PS 2, WoT!

    Great seller, Very quick communication. Good luck with selling your remaining keys, they should go quick.
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    Tomb Raider $20 - - Steam Activated

    Got mine. Thanks again WildMonkey!
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    Tomb Raider $20 - - Steam Activated

    Sites back up but they are out of stock.
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    Tomb Raider $20 - - Steam Activated

    I tried to get in on this deal (Thanks OP) but the transaction was instantly refunded. I will try again later today.
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    Crysis 3 50% off WTF

    Yes, origin is required.
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    WTB: Bioshock Infinite Steam key $25 Paypal
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    Battlefield 4 Game Play Video Is Up!

    I Pre-ordered. I dont often do this but I honestly have yet to be let down by a Battlefield title and I dont think BF4 will be any different. Thanks for the linky to the video OP.
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    The Greatest Thing On The Internet...EVER!

    The internet is now complete.
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    ArmA 3 - Alpha release March 5th!! There is a group stared on steam aswell if your looking for players.
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    ArmA 3 - Alpha release March 5th!!

    I have 0 available steam gift invites, first 2 PM's get them. Sorry looks like they are spoken for but not yet taken.
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    Looking for ARMA 3 players

    Thanks for this, I joined. Steam ID same as here.
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    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Announced for release on 11/11/11.

    Got mine aswell, activated fine on steam.
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    Skyrim Dragonborn - Steam - $16.00

    Just got my code via email, check your inboxes
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    Skyrim Dragonborn - Steam - $16.00

    With this deal it sounds like we dont get a key untill release. At least thats how it sounds in the email I got with my reciept. "This game is not available for download yet. It will be unlocked on 05-Feb-2013. Any required keys will be made available on that date. "
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    Skyrim Dragonborn - Steam - $16.00 There seems to be a very positive response to it.
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    Skyrim Dragonborn - Steam - $16.00

    Deals back on, no code required.
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    $10 dollars off code for Origin

    Thanks for the code, I picked up SimCity 4. All this Simcity talk on the forums has kinda got me in the mood.
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    Sim City Beta

    I agree, I having a real hard time with paying full price for this. I will be waiting for a good deal on this one.