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    Watching Movies from your Computer on Your Console

    I ran into same problem, basically you need to recode the videos, it doesnt take too long. Here is the problem to download here is the 64bit link, if you arent using that just click download at the top and get the 32bit version. There is a nice easy to...
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    Halo: Reach reviews starting to come in

    I bought my copy off ebay for $50 shipped, so who knows where they got their copy from, it had that damn Avatar Hat or something instead of the 48 hour trial, I am still looking for a code if anyone has one. I wouldn't normally beg, but I'm just dying to play it online, but don't have any funds...
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    Halo: Reach reviews starting to come in

    Darn, I bought the game thinking it would have a 48 hour trial xbox live gold card in it, i guess ill have to wait till this weekend to play online during free weekend. If anyone has an extra 48 hour trial card could you PM me one? I don't know what I'd do to pay you back, but I would love to...
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    Battlefield 1943

    lol i paid for it, im gonna wait and see what happens.
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    Battlefield 1943

    Between 1943 and Vietnam I'll be happy, the pricepoint for 1943 is perfect at 15$ for 3 maps. Now lets just hope Vietnam is no more than $20 with only 4 new maps on that.
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    FFXIV only 1 hour a day!

    So they are saying they dont want you playing their game?
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    Star Wars: TOR... Lowering My Expectations Yet Again...

    Game atleast looks better than the Marvel MMO
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    Bad Company 2

    I would love it if they remade bf2142 on the Bad company 2 engine, it would be awesome with mechs and destructible environments.
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    Bad Company 2

    Can I buy the game from a website that sells the Digital Version with CD KEY, can I input that CD Key into STEAM and unlock Bad Company 2 on steam? I found where I can buy the game for $20, but I want it through steam.
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    Gaming monitor advice

    I checked out Newegg's monitor selection and there are lots of great lcd's. But, seeing as I've been gaming on a crt monitor for a long time and always been skeptical about LCD's always hearing about ghosting or other issues. I'm looking to spend between $200-450 on a monitor. I want it atleast...
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    Shattered Horizon Guest Pass

    Anyone have a Shattered Horizon Guest Pass? I was thinking of buying the game, but saw no demo and I heard they have guest passes through STEAM. If anyone has one please PM me.
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    Cataclysm Beta is now live!

    good luck everyone in getting invited
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    How to delete the DLC from mw2

    I'm getting tired of playing Storm over and over.
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    BC BF2 on sale on Steam

    Thanks for the reply, I couldn't remember because I remember seeing the PC Beta, maybe that's why I am confused.
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    BC BF2 on sale on Steam

    Wasn't there a demo for this game? I can't find it anywhere.
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    Natural Selection 2

    I pre-ordered this game the day they let you, this game is gonna rock my socks off cant wait for it to be released officially.
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    Left for Dead 2? Already?

    ill pay $40 for this
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    Natural Selection II (2)

    They said that 90% of people who pre-ordered bought the special edition and said THANKS ABUNCH!!! i know im looking forward to this game, would be nice to see Valve pick them up and help make their mod or as long as they keep producing more content features ill be happy.
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    UT3's Titan Pack dated 3-5-09

    i bought the game, very fun, much better than the demo i played awhile back. cant beat the price atm for $12
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    Razer DeathAdder 29.90 @ GoG@mer

    I used a copperhead for 2-3 years and switched to a deathadder the past 2 years. I very much enjoy the deathadder, feels very comfortable. The copperhead took some getting used to since it was made for left and right handed people, but its great nonetheless. So either you buy for comfort, or for...
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    HDTV $99

    I got the tracking numbers for mine!!!!!
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    Official World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Litch King Thread

    I cant believe I came back for WoW. The best part is I have played one time in the past 5 days, so that's ridiculous compared to how I used to play.
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    Post Your NXE Avatars!

    Thanks for that history update Brainiac, I bought em off EBAY! :cool:
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    Post Your NXE Avatars!

    WHAT?! How rude of you to assume I don't look like that. If you feel I don't look that way please prove it!
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    Post Your NXE Avatars!

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    Anyone pciked up the new COD World at War yet?

    A lot of fun on the 360, my copy arrived in the mail, but my xbox is still being sent back from Microsoft (RROD). So I took it over to a friends and gave him a nice head start. I haven't played any ww2 games since day of defeat on the pc, so I am enjoying it very much. Pretty much it took all...
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    Left 4 Dead Demo Impressions (with SS's)

    play on expert, and play several times, the ai director changes thinhgs up, its cool. lots of fun, needs many improvements, I can see it being perfected in the next few months. Full release will be fun with all the new maps!
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    Sinead O'Connor is in Fallout3!

    haha good one!
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    College 2Kseries Fans!

    So what are all you College Hoops 2k fans going to do this year? I've never been a fan of EA's NCAA Basketball, but I guess I am being forced to buy it to play with everyone else.
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    is live down atm?

    Went down last night, and just checked a few minutes ago after I got off work and its still down. Makes me mad, I cant stream my movies/tv shows to my xbox without it connecting to XBOX Live.
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    Does MS still send a box for RRoD 360's?

    1st time no box, 2nd time BOX!
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    DLCs, do they justify thier cost?

    No, but ill buy them anyways.
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    Whats the turn around time now on getting your 360 repaired from MS?

    I hope everyone who can RMA their system does. I know people who bought a system, didnt want to RMA cause they said, "it would take too long", and went out and bought a new system and have dead ones just sitting around. Use your Warranty =D
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    Free SoBe Dog ID Tag

    wow great!
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    Free Sun T-Shirt

    thanks! i can always use another rag!
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    free Obama/Biden Sticker

    thanks! i could care less, they can have my name and address.
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    What do you mean? I'd give UPS a call man, ask whats going on. I'm sure its just the way they route and sort everything depending where the sorting facilities are. In the end, at least you are still going to receive your package on the 26th!
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    Annaconda is Coming Back!

    YES! Welcome back! I remember all your deals!