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    Who are you in GPU? Please. Thank you!

    This poll made me hungry.......
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    Radeon 6000 series speculation

    That's the kick in the balls right there.
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    Are you upgrading your quad core in 2020?

    I have a 7700K + 2070 super and a 2920X + 1080ti. I would love to upgrade the 7700k but it still plays games really well so it's hard for me to just do it for the heck of it, I should probably just consider selling the CPU and Mobo as a combo to offset an upgrade purchase.
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    Yes, please just stop already. back to topic, it's been kinda crazy to see how people were waiting for nvme 2tb drives to go down to $100 before they bought one, I'm just glad I got a couple of the 1TB 660p Intel drives for $85 and a couple of the Inland 1TB for $100
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    Razer Mamba 2012 replacement...

    I replaced the micro switch on my Mamba a while back, if you are any good at soldering it's an easy job.
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    Those are great numbers, I'm pondering buying a second one and installing it in raid on my threadripper build, buy a 2tb intel 660p and maybe dont even bother with HDD's
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    3900x available on Newegg

    And I thought this thread was about the 3900X availability lol
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    Lian Li 011 Dynamic Razer Edition case fan attachment

    Thanks. Phanteks PH-VGPUKT_02 Universal Vertical GPU Bracket That's the bracket I used, it was $35 shipped so much cheaper than the lian li one.
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    Lian Li 011 Dynamic Razer Edition case fan attachment

    Thanks. These are the fans, got them when they were $23 shipped from newegg
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    Lian Li 011 Dynamic Razer Edition case fan attachment

    Cant say that I have anything really constructive to add to this conversation but I have the same case and I just wanna show it off. :)
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    Threadripper 1900X $150 @ Fry's *dead*

    (tried to buy one and its a no go) this either was dead from the get-go or it died really fast. If it was a dead deal Im sorry guys, my intentions were good!
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    Threadripper 1900X $150 @ Fry's *dead*

    Not sure how much of a hot deal this would be considered by some but it is 8 cores, 16 threads and 64 PCI-e lanes for $150 after all. Now we only need hot deal on some threadripper mobos.....
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    FS: Zotac GTX 1070 mini $175 shipped SOLD!!!!!!

    bump and sorry I dont know about the memory. cmon guys, $175 shipped....
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    FS: Zotac GTX 1070 mini $175 shipped SOLD!!!!!!

    bump, dont wanna put it up on ebay......... solid card, I use it on my 200hz 1080p monitor, $175 shipped
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    Post your Ryzen 3000 configs!

    Im really tempted to get a new Ryzen CPU, specially after all the reviews. I got a really good deal on a new 1800x last year and thats what I'm using right now, I just feel the need to get more out of if before I upgrade.
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    FS: Zotac GTX 1070 mini $175 shipped SOLD!!!!!!

    I'm the original owner, I've used this at normal clocks since I'm on a 1080p monitor, never really had to overclock it. Sorry for no pictures, it's still in my rig. $175 shipped SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!!!!!!!! Thanks guys.....
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    A Look at 3dfx's Cancelled Rampage GPU

    It's funny how much love 3dfx gets reading thru the comments right now compared to Nvidia comments on other threads. I was far too poor back in the day to have a 3dfx voodoo card, and I envied anyone that had one because they were just awesome to game on, man that was a long time ago.....
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    Valve's Latest Game, Artifact, Has Lost 60% of Players in Its First Week

    I hadn't even heard of this game before this....
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    The Top 10 Highest Paid YouTube Stars: 2018 Edition

    I don't think I've ever watched any of those channels/people
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    Microsoft Is Replacing Edge in Windows 10 with a Chromium-Based Web Browser

    hahaha, n1 I never use edge unless its to dl chrome
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    Battlefield 5 DLC Delayed Due to Technical Issues

    EA is screwing this release even worse than Titanfall 2
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    New 1st time build, research not enough, advice requested.

    Target practice might be the way to go....
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    CHP: Drunk Driver Slept While Tesla Appeared to Drive Hwy 101 on Autopilot

    When cars that drive themselves are actually a thing, will you even be able to stumble to them drunk so it can drive you home without you actually getting arrested for being drunk in a car?
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    thoughts on oculus go?

    Heck, the price of the original Vive was what made the choice to go Oculus Rift that much easier. Also, the touch controllers were badass
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    DICE and NVIDIA Collaborate to Increase DXR Performance in Battlefield V by up to 50%

    Amen brother! Not that I would ever stop to notice Ray tracing in a game like BFV tho....
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    8K Broadcasting Begins in Japan

    I knew there was a reason I hadn't bought anything 4k yet......
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    27" 1080p

    I have a 35 inch ultrawide 1080p which is basically the same as a 27" 16x9 1080p. I also have a 27" 1440p. 27" 1080p is fine imo, some say it looks horrible and the ppi is crap, I don't agree.
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    Tumblr Bans All Porn from Its Service

    Pornhub is next, they'll just keep it cornhub from that April fool's.
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    Monoprice PlayStation Vita Brushed Aluminum Clamshell Protective Case - 39 cents

    I have the silicone one, it's pretty good for what it is. The Vita shoulda been so much more, I still have my launch Vita somewhere
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    Amazon Treasure Truck 12/2/18

    I still have the actual psone with the LCD screen attachment.... I'm passing on this.
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    "Below expectations"

    Daikatana means below expectations in some other language.....