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    FS: DDR2 & DDR3 For Sale - 1GB, 2GB, 8GB DIMMs - Cheap

    Bump. DDR2 sticks are still available.
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    FS: DDR2 & DDR3 For Sale - 1GB, 2GB, 8GB DIMMs - Cheap

    FS: DDR2 & DDR3 For Sale - 1GB, 2GB, 8GB DIMM Pairs - Cheap 1 pair of Corsair XMS 8GB DDR3 (16GB total) - No heat spreaders -- SOLD 1 pair of Samsung 2GB DDR2 (4GB total) - $12 1 pair of Samsung 1GB DDR2 (2GB total) - $10 Will sell as a bundle deal. Cheap shipping depending on location...
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    FS: Kill A Watt P3 P4330 Surge Protector & Startech DisplayPort KVM Switch

    Kill A Watt sold, but DisplayPort KVM still available!
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    FS: Kill A Watt P3 P4330 Surge Protector & Startech DisplayPort KVM Switch

    Kill A Watt P3 P4330 Surge Protector - Great shape. Barely used. SOLD Startech DisplayPort KVM Switch - Includes DP/KVM cables. Great shape. SOLD!
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    But what really defines it as a single appliance? A shared management tool? It's simply a buzzword from infrastructure vendors with the hopes of selling more gear. I've run VCE VBlock and Nutanix and it's all just smoke and mirrors...
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    Buzzwords. That's it. And companies selling a single BOM for compute + network + storage + hypervisor.
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    FS: Urbanista Seattle Rose Gold Wireless Headphones

    Bought these for my wife but she never uses them. Cost about $100 when new and are still in great shape (only used a few times). Includes original box, headphones, and headphone cable (if you don't want to use Bluetooth). $50 shipped Payment accepted through Paypal, Zelle, Venmo, Crypyto...
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    Does vsphere support any kind of hardware watchdog?

    His host locked-up one time and you're telling him to re-install ESXi. He should at least spend a few minutes taking a look at the server logs to see if he can find out what occurred.
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    Getting Nimble SANs at 2 different locations, any tips or advice

    Make sure you enable scheduled snapshots.
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    Does vsphere support any kind of hardware watchdog?

    This is bad advice. You have no idea what the issue is until you review the logs and perform some level of diagnostics.
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    Banks: "Don't trade on Coinbase."

    I had no issue transferring from Chase using ACH to Coinbase.
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    WTB: Mini ITX CPU/Memory/Mobo Combo

    Found something, thanks.
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    Video and Photo

    Get the Adobe Photoshop & Premier Elements bundle on Amazon. If you order the one with CD's, you can install on 1 PC and 1 Mac.
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    Some people really need to get a MacBook!

    Anyone suggesting that you use a MBP for photo editing doesn't know WTH they're talking about. The screen real estate is just too small. Also, the storage options are super limited and any external drive usage will probably end up going over WiFi (lag). I have Photoshop Elements on an Intel...
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    is there a way to create a bootable USB that will allow partition management?

    GPARTED FTW. Been using this for years on Windows and Linux machines. It's awesome. Just be aware that moving your boot partition may cause some minor issues that you need to fix with bootrec /fixmbr /fixboot, etc.
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    Windows Server 2016 experences?

    I've done some testing and validation on Server 2016 and it works fine. You just need to spend some time disabling the garbage like Windows Defender and the default high-res lock screen and backgrounds on your custom ISO or VM template. And regarding R2 versions being better than the first...
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    Swap File

    This. How much of the 24GB are you actually using? You won't start encountering hard page faults until you're getting up their in physical memory usage %. Put it on the SSD and let the OS handle it. I doubt it will ever exceed a few GB in size and will be sparingly used.
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    Could Web host that don't use Softwere

    Sure there is. You just leverage their REST API and GET/PUT/DELETE your files that way. But based on your post, I'm assuming that's probably a bit too complex.
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    Patching 20-30 Windows VMs on My Laptop

    I'd recommend that the OP simply configure the patching policies via GPEDIT on one machine and then export/import the appropriate registry keys to all other systems. You can even add this to your VM template so you don't need to deal with it in the future.
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    Patching 20-30 Windows VMs on My Laptop

    It's not that great once you get past around 50 VM's.
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    Best way to mass-move programs to another drive?

    There's a lot of bad advice in this thread. This is the method I've used numerous times with great success. Connect both disks. Boot up GParted LiveCD. Create a partition table on the new disk. Copy the partitions from the old disk to the new disk. Verify the bootable flags match the...
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    Mouse issue in vSphere client

    Go into the mouse options in Control Panel, go to the Pointer Options tab, and de-select "Enhance pointer precision".
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    Windows 10 not showing all cores after change to VM cores

    Why the hell do you need that many cores in a VM?
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    ESXI 6.0 u 2 and Linux - adding a virtual hard drive

    Not sure if you are using LVM, but this is what I've always followed.
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    My vmfs volume fails to mount due to being detected as a snapshot?

    Do you have snapshots configured on the ZFS appliance and exposed to the iSCSI initiators? Sometimes snapshot volumes cannot be mounted due to disk signature collision. Not sure if that is what's happening here, but it's possible.
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    FS: Samsung 27" LCD, HP Chromebook, Apple TV

    all items sold
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    vSAN or not for home vSphere cluster

    I'd vote shared storage--preferably a Synology NAS serving up iSCSI or NFS. VSAN is pretty slick, but there is a lot to go wrong with it in a home lab. You also need 3 hosts vs. 2 with shared storage.
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    "HostDatastoreSystem.CreateVmfsDatastore" for object "ha-datastoresystem" when adding drive to datas

    How did you format it on the other machine? I'd suggest doing a full wipe of the drive (not format) so that it has no data or filesystem when added to your ESXi host.
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    Accidently deleted snapshot, anyway to recover? Still have the delta file.

    Please never try to edit files on VMFS file system if you aren't super super familiar with the ramifications. I'd suggest shutting down the VM and doing a 'Consolidate Disks' operation. It will flatten all snapshots into a single VMDK at the state you were earlier today. Your VM was likely at...
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    VMware vSGA without Horizon?

    Thanks for the clarification on your question--many posters have a tendency to mix up the various graphics card terminology and I assumed your meant vGPU. Regarding the vSGA question, I've used Teradici offload cards to do this in the past. They required the VIB and guest VM driver to be...