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    Hand 386 Delivers A "True 386 Processor" in a Handheld

    Its hard for me to tell from the article, does this thing have an external monitor port? Even if its VGA?
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    Hand 386 Delivers A "True 386 Processor" in a Handheld

    Nifty -- if your into retro computers, which I am.
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    Matrox Video Announces Intel Arc-based LUMA Graphics Cards

    My Matrox G450 was awesome (for the day) I wish I still had it. For a very brief shining moment Matrox was king of the hill. Sadly they were too small to keep up in an kill or be killed NV world.
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    Intel CPUs vulnerable to new transient execution side-channel attack

    Has anyone tested this on AMD? I am curious just in terms of my own security and not in the intel vs AMD prick measuring way.
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    Blizzard Declares That Diablo IV Has Gone Gold, Releases Gameplay Guide Video Series

    The only beta issue I had was long queues to log in. Kinda expected though. Ran smooth, @ 4k, everything maxed, with no issues. Some game mechanics could be better explained and I would love to see an old school user Manuel. Can use some polishing/balancing for sure and no doubt many new bugs...
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    Anybody plan on grabbing one of the new RX7xxx Navi cards on launch?

    I have a Sapphire 7900xtx I am happy with. Could have a little more bling, but I wasn't willing to pay extra. I would pick Sapphire again, that said my XFX rx6900xt black was also very nice, just not as fast.
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    Chinese Loongson 3D5000 Features 32 Cores and is 4x Faster Than the Average Arm Chip

    How well does it play Crysis? More seriously how well does this perform? Anyone have actual benchmarks with known tools? Beating a Raspberry Pi class computer is not a huge win (though I know not a lot about ARM CPU's other than a few model numbers and that the Pi uses a cell phone class SOC)...
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    Baffling Windows 11 TPM Bug Is Wreaking Havoc On Some AMD Ryzen Systems

    I see discrete TPM modules on Amazon for $25-30ish. They appear to be vendor specific with the $25ish being gigabyte and the $30ish Asus, MSI is only $20. I dont know much at all about TPM modules. I assume once plugged in and used removing will make your HD's unreadable. I dont know if they...
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    DirectX 12 Update Allows CPU and GPU to Access VRAM Simultaneously

    I too am curious what this all means in general and specifically for my machine and games.
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    Introducing a 21 SSD Slot/ 361 TB total PCI-E Add-on Card

    Will it need auxiliary power connectors like a gpu? I am reading a high end nvme (and well if you have the $$ to get this you would use the best, right) can pull 10 watts. 21*10+overhead>75 watts for the pcie bus (well 75 less what the GPU is sucking away)
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    Neuralink human trials denied by FDA in 2022, report says

    Cyberpunk - BAH ( :) ) I want my System Shock 2 Psi implants even if I have to use a hypo all the time to get mana back.
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    re: Corsair MP600 PRO NH M.2 2280 8TB PCI-Express 4.0 x4 3D TLC CSSD-F8000GBMP600PNH

    Just ordered one with a big part of my quarterly bonus. Got tired of my Steam Drive looking like this: My prior m.2's have been Sabrent and I have been happy with them, I have some time off coming and didnt want to wait for the Sabrent 8tb to get back in stock. When I upgrade my mobo/cpu in...
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    Quantum computing just got another step closer

    New and better tech is always (almost always) nice to see. My understanding of 'Wonton burrito meals' is very limited, as it still seems to be a very early, very technical field. No buying an apple 1 motherboard and plugging in your own quantum components at this stage. Though I did see some...
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    Microsoft's deal to buy Activison/Blizzard for $67 billion, dead?

    It probably doesnt help Activision/Blizzard has been earning itself a nasty reputation, as-if the company were trying to get the 'most evil company' award for 2023.
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    Fortinet Unveils New ASIC to Accelerate the Convergence of Networking and Security Across Every Network Edge

    Wonder how many 0-day vulnerabilities it has? :) Still a nice piece of tech. How long till it is in a home router?
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    Corsair officially announces new RMx Shift PSUs (side-positioned connectors)

    Just eye-balling it, it looks like all horizontal wouldn't fit. As for all vertical, my guess would be either a constraint we cant see based on how the guts are configured? Or mayhaps it is based on what someone thinks is ideal for running cables, that can be so case specific though, maybe...
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    Massive Intel Arc GPU Driver Update Claims 10% to 77% Gains

    I suspect it will take years for Intel to get tot he same level of driver optimization across all games that NV/AMD have already. Good to see the work progressing.
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    Running Discord Lowers NVIDIA GPU Memory Clocks by 200 MHz

    Any reports of Discord messing with AMD GPU's?
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    Corsair officially announces new RMx Shift PSUs (side-positioned connectors)

    Nifty! It would work with my current case.
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    Adrenalin 23.1.2 Release

    I should see how it runs on my laptop at 1 k (external monitor)
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    Adrenalin 23.1.2 Release

    Oh and Single player only :(
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    Adrenalin 23.1.2 Release

    I only got about an hour in last night - the graphics are awesome, I'm still in the initial exposition and setting up the story with not a lot of combat yet. More tonight if I dont just pass out after work. The game has a feel I like though, for what that is worth. All settings at max and it...
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    Adrenalin 23.1.2 Release

    Normally I am happy to wait a day or 3 to install a new driver, gives time to see all the reports of 'It wiped my hard drive' and what not. Except..... I started Forspoken yesterday and optimised gpu drivers seems like a good idea.
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    Asrock is trying out add-in cards to upgrade your motherboard chipset and features

    Be nice to see this work. Yes it wont change pcie 4 to 5, upgrading the chipset and adding additional ports is still nifty.
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    Adrenalin 23.1.2 Release

    Looks like a beta driver. And not on AMD's site yet for download. Ah - found AMD link:
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    Corsair a1600 Raid Driver Help

    Solution here: So.... the standard driver download has two NVME folders and 1 SATA folder, each with 3 drivers in it. Inside the folder labeled "nvme_cc" there are 3 folders with 1 driver each. All 3 have to be...
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    Corsair a1600 Raid Driver Help

    Yes they do have goofy bios settings as well, I have also posted on AMD and Corsair's forums. One of the guys on Corsair's site says they have raid drivers but the user manual isnt ready yet and they fear someone could damage their system (I guess). Been having all sorts of GPU Driver issues...
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    Corsair a1600 Raid Driver Help

    Hopefully the guy on the Corsair forums comes though. Thanks for the drivers, wish they had worked.
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    Corsair a1600 Raid Driver Help

    Awesome!!!!! I will give it a try and thank you very much. Another clean install of Win 11 is fun right? :) I remember having to install win 98 5 or 6 times in one day, but of course, back then forgetting to reboot after installing/uninstalling, deleting/changing a .dll and so much more would...
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    Corsair a1600 Raid Driver Help

    Thank you, I've tried the x399 and x570 drivers version release date 12.8.21 with no luck :( I should have posted that up front. I am hoping to find something more recent than a year old. I do very much appreciate the suggestion/help however.
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    Intel to start licensing x86 cores…

    Er.... what is an x68 core?
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    Corsair a1600 Raid Driver Help

    Good afternoon, Anyone know where I can find a win 11 raid driver for this computer. None to be found on the Corsair site. I have the raid 0 set up in the bios however the windows installer only sees the two physicals disks and not the raid. With older systems Windows has needed a driver to be...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

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    My recent GPU experiences with AMD as a long time nVIDIA user...

    Fair point. However, as someone who will be on a fixed income within the next 10 years I am starting to worry about costs as well. I can pop 2k for a gpu now (though I wont) after I retire I doubt I'll have that option. I recently changed from NV and am happy enough with my 6900 so that when...
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    My recent GPU experiences with AMD as a long time nVIDIA user...

    I'd rather be weird, even eccentric, than bitter and mean.
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    Anybody plan on grabbing one of the new RX7xxx Navi cards on launch?

    It all depends on the game. I havnt played it in a while but lets use WOW for example has more then 24gb of textures and other data for the gpu. Sure resizable BAR allows a chunk (not all) of main system ram to be used for storing even more assets. It takes more time to access the data in...
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    Anybody plan on grabbing one of the new RX7xxx Navi cards on launch?

    Lake Tahoe is partially (more then not) in Nevada and has some beaches that are really nice.
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    Microsoft is turning Windows 11's Start Menu into an advertisement delivery system

    I agree with the sentiment, I do, however, think such a total ban would be problematic. We should be able to ban all use of our personal data or allow use for specific data for specific reasons with apps and the like. I think targeted advertisement is creepy and annoying (since it would send me...