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    Humans Are Slamming Into Driverless Cars and Exposing A Key Flaw

    I would love to get into the passenger seat of my car in the morning with a coffee, something to read, and space out for 20 mins. End up in front of my work. Make all cars driver-less. Way too many assholes behind the wheel nowadays.
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    Wireless Self-Rocking Baby Crib

    Holy shit that was funny. Red faced slobbering at work computer ftw.
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    How Microsoft Plans To Make The Xbox Great Again

    It was that stupid friggen Wii.
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    Poor Apple TV App Sales Letting Down Developers

    Same thing is happening to Apple after Jobs that happened to Apple before Jobs. Same shit > gets stale > gets lame.
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    Anki Overdrive slot car set $119 @ Amazon

    Know nothing about it other than it's like a slot car set, it's got very good reviews, and it's the cheapest it's ever been according to camel camel camel. Seems like a cool X-mas gift for the kiddies...
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    TiVo CEO To Step Down

    I didn't know Tivo was considered irrelevant. I have a romio, and have a Tivo mini in the bedroom. Think both are awesome.
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    AT&T + AOL = $24,000 Phone Bill For 83 Year Old

    Could you imagine telling an 83 year old guy that he has to pay $24K for two months of phone service or else? What a fucking disgrace.
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    The Apple Watch Reviews Are Brutal

    I would be embarrassed to wear one of these for just that reason. I'm not one of those, but i know people who saw me wearing an Apple Smartwatch would be thinking i was. I know i'm going to be thinking that's what anybody wearing one is.
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    Analyst: 1M Apple Watches Will Be Sold Over Launch Weekend

    No way. I know apple can slap a logo on a pile of shit and sell out of them, but this thing is going to bomb. Smartwatches are the answer to the question nobody's asking.
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    Google 'Makes People Think They Are Smarter Than They Are'

    I work in a research lab and get inundated with questions from fucking undergrads all day. Simple questions that wouldn't take them more than 5 secs find themselves. It's annoying as shit. As previously stated, not using google definitely signals a lack of self motivation. To me at least.
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    Carbon3D Unveils Breakthrough 3D Printing Technology

    Holy fuck that is awesome.
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    Authorities Closing In On JPMorgan Chase Hackers

    yep. sort of makes you think it's bullshit.
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    Tesla To Owners: Please Don't Pimp Your Rides

    I think this came out from an investors meeting, so that is the basis. But the reality of a person modding their seat so they miss the airbag or messing with the high voltage lines in an EV car is that there are legit dangers present here. I don't think this should be lumped in with Apple...
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    Tesla To Owners: Please Don't Pimp Your Rides

    i read it as "It's not good for you, it's not good for us, it's not good for anybody."
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    OnePlus One no invite required, 3/3 only

    I cared, but it was impossible to buy, so i bought a different phone. I would kind of assume that's what most people like me did. Asking potential customers to hold out for a year for an opportunity to be able to find the phone in stock only 1 day per week is asinine.
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    Amazon Sellers Threatening Customers With Collections Over Pricing Error

    “We would like to urge customers to be honourable and honest during this Christmas period and not take advantage of a small business, who cannot afford to give away its £100,000 inventory for under £100. This will create a number of job losses in the run up to Christmas, due to the behaviour of...
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    Harvard Secretly Photographed Students to Study Attendance

    Problem with it is that the reasoning is stupid. If you want to study attendance, take attendance. Maybe i am just a cynic, but something doesn't seem right here. If you were going to cover up some creep professor taking pictures of girls in short skirts to jack off too, some cockamamie story...
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    Microsoft Finishing Last Big Phase Of Layoffs

    Finish a round of layoffs, start a round of upper management bonuses.
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    One Plus One Phone

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    Comcast Merger Review Put On Hold By FCC

    Still got some pockets to grease.
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    Apple’s Guide Says Bent iPhone 6 Not Covered By Warranty

    thing is a piece of shit.
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    Uber Driver Gropes Passenger

    Actually i think the woman would be stoned.
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    Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 32gb - $299 -

    I can't read books on a screen of any kind because of eye strain, but I can read on this.
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    Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 32gb - $299 -

    Wow, that's a sick deal. Great little tablet.
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    PS4 Fails To Inspire Japanese Market

    I remember all these reports coming from Sony about this huge PS4 shortage that was expected around that time (when it launched in Japan.) From that time it was never out of stock again. Sony was surely expecting much more.
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    AT&T, DirecTV Say Merger Is Good For Everyone

    Thread title makes me imagine monocles, thin mustaches, and high falutin' laughter.
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    Amazon Bans Mediabridge for Threatening Reviewer

    If you search mediabridge on Amazon there are a bunch of products from that company listed, so i don't understand the story.
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    Police Live Tweeting Prostitution Sting

    Hey, good for this town that they are in good enough shape financially to have the resources to burn for nonsense.
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    Half-Life Done In 20 Minutes

    This video made me sad.
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    Bitcoin Prices Continue To Plummet

    When it hits .000009 cents i'm buying.
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    Wii U’s New Mario Kart 8 Trailer

    Every Mario Kart is almost the exact same game. Most of them have about 75% recycled coarses. I would love to know what takes Nintendo a year and a half to get this game out. Like, why wouldn't this be a launch title?
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    titanfall + xbox one $450 walmart

    Yeah, that's $390 now for the console - the cost of the game. I would love to jump on this.
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    Mt. Gox Finds 200K Missing Bitcoins In Unused Wallet

    Yeah i mean, kind of sounds like bullshit right? :eek:
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    PS4 and Xbox One Are Neck-And-Neck

    Where the hell are you guys shopping that you can't find PS4's? They are in stock on Amazon now, and they were the last time i checked a couple weeks ago.
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    Titanfall Cheaters Are Being “Rooted Out”

    Game's rating is getting crushed by trolls on pretty much every single game rating site. I honestly have no idea what Sony has done to gain such a cult following.
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    Respawn Entertainment and EA Launch Titanfall Today

    Xbox one has a lot riding on this. Kind of exciting to see how it turns out.
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    Steve Jobs Statue Unveiled

    Looks like the artist is still in grade school.
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    Titanfall - Don't Fall For The Hype

    I don't know. The whole time the guy is talking over the gameplay video i'm watching the video and thinking it looks pretty fucking awesome. Guess it's just personal preference.