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    Hey guys, been a long time! Looking to build another desktop....

    Hey guys, Haven't been back here in a bit, glad the forum is still around! The last PC I build was in 2009. EVGA x58 Classified, I7 980, 12GB Corsair Dominator GT, 2x GTX 570s, AX1200 PSU, Asus, Xonar, etc...all in a MASSIVE Lian LI X900 case with 5x 120mm fans. One of my cards started acting...
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    Star Wars: Battlefront Reboot

    Where should I buy this game to save the most (if at all)?
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    Windows 10 Downloads Bend, But Don't Break, The Internet

    All updates installed for the last few months and curent. Even tried the notepad method today and that didn't work. Legit Win 7 Ultimate from Newegg. Same issue on my desktop and wifes's laptop.
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    Windows 10 Downloads Bend, But Don't Break, The Internet

    Still waiting for icon to reserve my copy.
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    Windows 7 Momentum Grows, Shows No Sign of Slowing

    I work for a large healthcare provider in MN and our IT dept is in the process if upgrading from Windows 95 to Windows 7 right now on all PCs. Scheduled to be completed by mid May. Over 100,000 computers.
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    FrozenCPU Shuts Its Doors

    Their toll free phone number is now disconnected.
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    Battlefield: Hardline

    I would never pay full price for this but when it drops down under $4.99 I might buy it for some laughs.
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    WANTED: Lian LI PC-V1000Z

    Almost 4 years, still on the hunt!
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    wallpaper websites

    Bummed that the globeattractions site seems to be gone?
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    Did you get permission from Disney to use those Star Wars clips? Video is going to be removed by Youtube for Cpyright infringement.
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    Are there any servers like the old CTU Call of Duty MW 1? Team kills are active, must use sites (no spray and pray with any weapon), and once you are dead you are done for the match.
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    This has always been my attitude towards all games. Its just another form of entertainment and a stress reliever for me sometimes. You can log in, put on your headphones, and disappear into another work for an hour once or twice a week. Nothing more and no different than a good game of Pacman...
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    Bit-HDTV invites

    Anyone with an extra invite, I'd like to check it out. Always respectful of the rules. Former Oink member. Currently on Waffles, What, ComicBT, and IPtorrents.
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    What motherboard has stayed relevant for you the longest?

    Yes. 5 years old and still going strong.
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    Downloading 394.08mb update.
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    Citizen Men's Nighthawk Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Watch $199

    I have an automatic Omega Seamaster Pro. I just had to send it in for a $600 maintenance service and was left without a watch for a couple months. A bit of research and I came across some nice looking, low priced, automatic!!!, Seiko models. I bought a SKX007 and an SNZG15. Both for right...
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    How to stream from PC to TVs in the house?

    Thanks for the info. Gives me something to research and hopefully figure out a solution!
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    How to stream from PC to TVs in the house?

    Excuse me lack of knowledge but I have to think there is an easy way to accomplish what I want. We have a wireless network in our house already. My desktop PC is hardwired to the router. We have two TVs, one is connected wirelessly via a PS3, the other via a Sony bluray player. Is there a...
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    Selling personal items on ebay and taxes?

    Paypal only reports to the IRS via a 1099-K if sales to a single Paypal account are over $20,000 for the year (2013). You could claim a loss if you aren't making anything but unless you are audited, it doesn't matter.
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    I hate you, Newegg.

    it means nothing until they ban you from purchasing.
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    Wow, I've not had a single crash with the game yet. Just went to play for the first time since last weekend and insane flickering. What the hell did they do to this game? Flickering even in the small display window of the deployment screen. Guess I'll go back to BF3 for now when I want to...
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    Call of Duty - ??

    Yes, the servers on the original modern warfare (COD 4) are still pretty busy at any given time. Lots of cool server mods now too. I used to frequent the CTU server (very strict rules) and still pop in once in a while.
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    Disney Pulls Access to Purchased Christmas Videos

    It was intentional. They make you "think" you own it but clearly you don't. More like a long term rental on their terms. And when you upload anything to a remote Cloud based storage, you are giving someone else access to the info and ownership rights. Read all the terms....
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    From the release notes: -Made the NVidia 331.82 driver version mandatory for all players. -Disabled DirectX 11.1 on NVidia cards that have outdated drivers. I'm on a pair of GTX570s and have been using 314.22 w/o issue. I believe all drivers after that basically don't work for the 500...
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    I've played 10 hours now since the game came out and not a single crash.
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    Downloaded the update and DLC the other day and just went to play for the first time last night. Wasn't Metro supposed to be part of this expansion?
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    Will eBay approve last minute claim on me?

    If they buyer decides to contact their credit card company and do a charge back, you will be screwed. Ebay and Paypal will come back to you for the money and you won't get your item back either. They do this all the time, even after finding in favor of the seller for the same item.
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    Damn, I should have waiting until Friday to buy this I guess. Bought a copy on ebay over the weekend for $40. Played it last night a bit and was worried I have issues but didn't experience any crashes in 4 hours of play. Was scared to upgrade my drivers from 314.22 to 331.82 because I was...
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    Any recomended Windows Ebay Software?

    List one and then all you have to do is click "sell similiar" and update the description and title and change the pics. Remember ebay charges listing fees, 10% fee on the final value including the shipping costs, and Paypal will charge you another 3-4%.
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    WANTED: Lian LI PC-V1000Z

    Over 3 years still looking bump.
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    Xbox One Launch Day

    Not trying to troll, but why are people paying so much for these and PS4s? Afraid they won't get one on launch day locally? I want to get a PS4 but didn't bother to preorder when I could have via Amazon. No way I'm paying that much over retail. I assume all my local stores will have them on...
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    Small cpu cooler? Downdraft air vs water? Lian Li PC-V650

    Look for a Thermalright Ultima 90. A smaller version of the TRUE 120 and nearly as good. I believe it's discontinued but you can find them new several places still and on ebay.
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    Any news on BattleField 4 ?

    My dual GTX570 and i7 980x looking pretty tired for this game I think.....
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    WANTED: Lian LI PC-V1000Z

    Still looking! A few V1000B and V1000+ have popped up on ebay recently giving me hope but no V1000Z yet!
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    MDPX-X Sleeve for sale

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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows...

    I collected the original Mirage TMNT back in the late 80s and still have all the original Mirage books. This is the only TMNT I'll remember:
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    PayPal Wants to Be Your Financial-Services Everything

    Paypal processes 7.7 million transactions PER DAY.
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    PayPal Wants to Be Your Financial-Services Everything

    Because ebay owns Paypal and they require it's use on all ebay transactions. Expected to be over $20 billion in payments for 2013.
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    PayPal Wants to Be Your Financial-Services Everything

    FYI law enforcement doesn't even need a warrent to search your complete ebay and/or Paypal record/history. Same thing for federal and state tax investigators. All that has to be done is submit a request online and realtime results will be given...
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    Frank's 2013 upgrade.......

    Don't use those felt tips on any plastic or plexi. Even at low speeds it will simply burn the material. Do it by hand. If you insist on using power tools get a real bench buffer, set it on the lowest speed possible, and use the loosest sewn cotton or microfiber wheel you can find. Something on...