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    LTE to Ethernet Adapter

    I use a Mikrotik Routerboard RBLHGR&R11e-LTE-US on AT&T for a backup connection at my house and a Mikrotik Routerboard RBwAPR-2nD&R11e-LTE-US as a primary connection at a cabin. Both work great.
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    New Netgear CM1200 modem issues

    Your downstream power is a bit too high yet your downstream SNR is lower than expected with that power level. I would expect to see SNR of 43-45dB with a 9-10dB power level. Upstream power is in spec. Since I don’t see any OFDMA channels I’m assuming that’s your DOCSIS 3.0 modem not the...
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    New Netgear CM1200 modem issues

    You could have some splitter or barrel connector somewhere that isn’t rated for the required frequency range. Or you have a crimp fitting instead of a compression somewhere. All your barrels should have a blue center and the splitter should be rated at least 5-1218MHz. If all that checks out...
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    Modem errors through roof, upstream channels not bonding

    Your upstream power is too high, most providers specify no higher than 49db, some say 47db is the absolute limit. If nothing in your house has changed and you only have a regular splitter (not an amp) then it is likely 1 of a few things outside. 1. Your drop is either defective or too long for...
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    Lightning killing cablemodem ethernet port.

    Sounds like you may have a grounding potential difference between the pump house and the main house. What is the coax ground block actually grounded to? At that distance having a ground potential difference isn’t uncommon and makes lightning damage more likely. Personally I would get a single...
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    Access point w/ 24VDC input?

    Mikrotik Routerboard RBmAP2nD Supports the requested DC voltage input on the DC barrel connector, can also be USB powered or 802.3at/af powered.
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    Wiring for a home - Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a?

    Why does everyone forget: 10GBaseT is rated to run on cat5e for 45 Meters Cat6 is is only rated for 55 meters10gb and Cat6a is 100 meters Bottom line? Cat6 is useless over cat5 and the majority of runs of cat5e will carry 10GBaseT just fine. Most runs of cat5e in houses 2000sq ft or less...
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    Looking for 10Gb advice

    MikroTik CRS305-1G-4S+IN Has 4x SFP+ ports for 10gb and a 10/100/1000 copper port for connection to your existing switch. Hands down cheapest way to get 10gb connectivity to 4 devices and connectivity to 1gb devices over the same 10gb link with no special IP setup on the device.
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    Google Thinks I'm in the UK.

    Google’s location works through your DNS. Google will return different addresses for based on where the DNS request originates from. The problem lies with the DNS server you are using.
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    Wireless adapters of 2018

    Agreed Wi-Fi adapters suck! They are resource hogs and the drivers across multiple OS’ vary in quality and stability. Hands down best solution if you have decent Wi-Fi signal? 802.11AC bridge, Ethernet to devices. #2 is Moca #3 is powerline
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    Quiet and cheap SFP+ 10G switch with more than 2 ports?
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    Quiet and cheap SFP+ 10G switch with more than 2 ports?

    If you could swing and extra $50 you can get a Mikrotik CRS317-1G-16S+RM for about $350 shipped. 16x SFP+ ports and the fans only run when it heats up.
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    MikroTik switches

    The CRS series running RouterOS (which enables the use of L3 features) typically is quite slow although that is changing with their larger POE switches utilizing the ARM 98DX3236 such as the CRS328-24P-4S+RM. The "Test Results" tab on their product description page shows pretty decent...
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    MikroTik switches

    There are two main lines of Mikrotik switches: CSS: uses a lightweight GUI interface called swOS, supports hardware LACP, VLAN tagging, STP and a few other things. Key word is lightweight, L2 only. CRS: same physical hardware as the CSS only they support very limited speed L3 support and lack...
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    10Gbe fibre @ ~1Km/3,000ft - how would you do it?

    For the value these splice closures are pretty good: For the rack:
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    10Gbe fibre @ ~1Km/3,000ft - how would you do it?

    To go that distance you will be running “Single Mode OS2” fiber. At that distance it will benefit you to run raw (unterminated) 12 or 24 strand ribbon fiber and pay to have it terminated. It is unlikely that the entire length will actually be a single pull through conduit and/or aerial...
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    NAS box with cloudlike backup from phones?

    I have a WD drive (pr4100 pro model) but their mycloud app works on all their current drive. I have the WD MyCloud app installed on my iPhone and it automatically uploads all my photos every time I connect to WiFi. No workarounds, it just works. I had a Synology NAS before. Synology’s nas...
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    What I’ve learned from nearly three years of enterprise Wi-Fi at home

    And the fact that having multiple AP’s with decent coverage from 2 AP’s without seamless roaming just plain doesn’t work. The lack of real seamless roaming on UniFi is the #1 reason I installed 10 unifi wifi networks and then replaced them with open-mesh or mikrotik setups.
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    Using a Litebeam in town (suburbia)

    You are aware you will need clear line of sight from one site to the other right? In town this often requires a mast at one or both sites.
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    Recommend a good gaming wifi router

    A better router for gaming? To fix the router that’s causing the issue you’ll have to talk to the upstream providers your ISP interconnects with and offer them $$$$ to upgrade the routers and pay for peering deals. Unless your router is from 2003 and/or you have lots of Wi-Fi interference your...
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    PC interfering with IPTV while off/sleeping

    First turn off bridge mode on your personal router and use it in router mode. The WAN will pick up an address via DHCP, at this point it will be a private IP address. Make sure that your personal router’s private address pool is something other than For example, use...
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    PC interfering with IPTV while off/sleeping

    Disclaimer: I am an AT&T employee and the statement below is in no way directly or indirectly endorsed by AT&T and is in whole my opinion. Turn off WOL on your computer. AT&T field practice is to separate all IPTV traffic onto a separate switch if you aren’t using a switch that supports QOS...
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    Modem randomly rebooting. VERY annoying.

    Likely could be, typically an RG6 drop to the house is only good for 100-150ft. Any longer and it should be an RG11 drop. If your drop is already RG11 or is shorter than 150ft I would say there is a problem in the neighborhood. Edit: assuming you already did all the normal things like make...
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    Modem randomly rebooting. VERY annoying.

    Your downstream SNR is a little low but not bad. You aren’t getting an excessive amount of errors and your upstream power level is good. Do you have cable TV boxes too? If you don’t have tv boxes make sure that you don’t have a splitter at all, just a direct line from the drop to your modem...
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    Help advise on home switch purchase - I want LACP, > = 24 ports, Web GUI, Low power draw

    No, the mikrotik is a smart switch that has a proper switch chip for line-rate switching and has hardware based VLAN’s, LACP and STP. The line he referred to was the CSS line so it runs the lightweight SwitchOS which relies solely on the switch chip not the CPU running the web config.
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    Recommendation wanted >= 20 Port Switch with LACP (for NAS use) at LAN parties.

    Mikrotik Routerboard CSS326-24G-2S+RM LACP (hardware based, not software based like RouterOS used to be) and it’s got 2x 10gb SFP+ ports. Silent and low power. They run switchos which is pretty lightweight but it handles VLAN’s and LACP just fine. I’ve been running 3 of them for quite a...
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    Running network cable in 2 story home: Can I do it? Can you help?

    Below are the main things I use to get through any wall in a house. You can fish through anything with this stuff, fire stops and all. I don’t believe in running conduit through closets, it’s the wrong way to do things. The key is the technique of cutting in jacks stacked on top of each other...
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    Cops around the Country Can Now Unlock iPhones, Records Show

    Yep, that’s what I’m assuming. That’s why my employer requires 12+ character alpha-numeric passwords on our company devices. They use MobileIron management software on iOS devices because it allows them developer level access to iOS. I’m sure any good coder that has access to source code...
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    Cops around the Country Can Now Unlock iPhones, Records Show

    More like an 12+ character alpha-numeric code with no pattern and using symbols that you don’t use on anything else.
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    And that’s why I use Open-Mesh for clients that need multiple AP’s. An AP can act as the router, the other AP’s can be wired or wireless ( it detects which connection to use automatically, no configuration necessary) and they have L7 analysis enabled by default. Did I mention Open-Mesh is...
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    AT&T Crows About Their 5G Testing

    Let’s be clear here, AFAIK the entire test was PTMP. A radio with an external antenna (not necessarily outside, but I believe directional antenna external to the radio) going to a router. If this is true then it was meant for replacing your home internet without the wired connection to the WAN...
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    Home network closet

    Is there a reason you can’t fish the drops through the wall and use a passthru style double gang wall plate with a low voltage cut-in box? Just add fire rated calking at the attic penetration...
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    Comcast's schedule maintenance killed my downstream channels?

    A factory reset of your modem will force configuration download, try that first.
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    4G LTE

    This is normal for a handheld device over LTE while moving rapidly. Long story short it’s because the antennas in handheld devices suck. The issue is caused by the device having signal from one tower & being too far to broadcast back to the old tower while joining the new tower tower...
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    Fiber connection behaving odd in wireless vs cable - seeking input from someone with experience

    Okay, you aren’t listening. The networks card is fine, the drivers suck. This is confirmed by running Linux and getting good speeds. Look and see what kind of network card is integrated, I’ll bet it’s a Realtek. Windows Realtek drivers are especially bad. I deal with this problem so much I...
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    Fiber connection behaving odd in wireless vs cable - seeking input from someone with experience

    Why is that a problem? PCI-E is PCI-E, doesn’t matter if it has one or 2 network ports. The pro/1000 is one of the most widely supported with the best drivers.
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    Fiber connection behaving odd in wireless vs cable - seeking input from someone with experience

    Your networking settings don’t need tweaking, you need an Intel PCI-E NIC. The Windows Realtek drivers suck. I see the issue about once a month with chronic speed testers. The crappy drivers are maxing out the CPU or at least one core. Add the stupid HTML5 speed tests into the CPU cycles and...
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    Outdoor, underground network cable advice.

    If you want it to last you need direct burial, armored, gel filled cat5. You then bond the armor at both ends to a ground with a floating bond. Then you need an Ethernet lightning arrestor at each end.
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    Current home NAS/Plex server options

    Western Digital PR2100 or PR4100 Supports Plex hardware transcoding, I’ve seen 4 streams transcoding with no trouble on mine TimeMachine works natively Power draw is very minimal Torrent client works fine The HDD’s are louder than the fans in mine. Only Con is that it’s not cheap. Mine...
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    Virginia’s $40 Toll Road Better Be the Future of Driving

    If the road was built by the government and funded by taxes the price should be a set price per axle, not passenger. If the road was built by a private company I guess they can do whatever they want. Personally I wouldn’t ever give them my money no matter what though. I’ll pay for the tolls...