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    Destructable Environments

    The team was just really unskilled, and that extended to all facets of the game. If you dissected the game's graphics on a technical level you would find the polygon counts, geometric complexity, texture count/resolution, fluidity of animation, and so on to be on par with anything out there the...
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    Destructable Environments

    Soldner did it, and it did it well over a year ago. Sure, the team couldn't code physics or create decent art assets to save their lives, but the game proved it could be done on current hardware as well as run efficiently. Any developer who says to the contrary is outing their own laziness...
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    Logitech X-530 Speaker System

    They can't be beat for the money, and are very solid - period.
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    Picture Quality: LCD VS. CRT Rear Projection

    It supports up to 1920x1080 interlaced.
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    If you could only buy 1 Xbox 360 or PS3?

    The PS3, because a console is only as good as its games, and the PS3 will have the most 3rd party support and AAA exclusive titles. You also won't be supporting Microsoft's aggressive cannibalization of PC gaming if you buy a PS3.
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    analog or digital?

    A dedicated soundcard like the A2 ZS is going to have a much better DAC and output stage than the one in any set of multimedia speakers, where it's an afterthought.
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    What's the best fps game U have played?

    Singleplayer: Half-Life Multiplayer: Battlefield 1942
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    PC gaming dead?! CPR STAT...CLEAR ZAAP!

    PC gaming is dying. The number of made-for-PC titles continues to dwindle, and traditional PC genres such as adventure and flight sim are virtually extinct. Our only hope, the small private development houses, can't seem to turn a profit in this day and age -- or if they do, they get bought...
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    First Quake 4 MP Screenshots and Videos!

    What does the Quake 1 nailgun have to do with any of this!? The Hyperblaster may have been the inspiration for the Pulse Gun, but it was definitely not carbon copied ala all the content I've seen from Quake IV thus far. I wouldn't be able to name that because Quake III was never my cup of...
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    First Quake 4 MP Screenshots and Videos!

    The model is a carbon copy, save for the trivial alterations. Heck, even the Ripper and Pulse gun from UT99 make an appearance in video #2... Can't wait to see the Redeemer and Translocator too.
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    First Quake 4 MP Screenshots and Videos!

    You are dead wrong. The Q2 RL has a single barrel, while UT2004's has 3 rotating barrels. Q2's RL has an open magazine stack that feeds from the top, while UT2004's has none externally at all. Completely different design principles and animation.
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    First Quake 4 MP Screenshots and Videos!

    Those models aren't remotely close, nor do they animate or operate in a similar manner. On the other hand, the second gun in the first post of this thread also bears a striking resemblance to another weapon from UT2004, the Lightning Gun. A lot of creativity went into this game's art assets...
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    Diablo 3 ?

    Unless the next endeavor Blizzard undertakes is a true sequel to Starcraft, the company should be boycotted.
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    I guess too much gaming is bad for your health

    He had to be consuming more than caffiene to stay awake that long. The last Korean gamer that removed himself from the gene pool this way was hopped up on amphetamines.
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    First Quake 4 MP Screenshots and Videos!

    It's like they took the level design of Quake 3 and the textures and models from UT2004. In other words, Raven is setting new standards for mediocrity in the FPS genre.
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    Same here, though I haven't played in a few years. I'm sure the fanatical Korean players on Bnet would still kick my butt.
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    Playing Christian / Religious Games

    I don't see why not. Then again, I have yet to play a religiously themed game that is even remotely fun. /last religious game this poster played was Super Noah's Ark 3D for the NES.
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    Cable or DSL for on-line gaming ?

    You should call your provider and 1) bitch about the speeds 2) ascertain the distance from your home to the closest routing office. People get triple those speeds on 1.5MB DSL plans. Either you're quite a distance from the telco, or your DSL provider is lousy.
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    Cable or DSL for on-line gaming ?

    I would say DSL unless you live in a rural area. Cable can provide more bandwidth now, but it's really a moot point as it will slow to a crawl once a lot of subscribers get on the same local node (and that will happen sooner or later in a populated area). DSL is much more secure as well.
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    logitech x-530 question

    The wire length is about 6' for the fronts and 15' for the rears.
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    Cheap home theater vs. Klipsch Promedia 5.1 Ultra

    It's going to cost 2-3X the price to top the Ultra's with a HTIB system, but then again you get a receiver too. The least expensive ones I can think of are the Klipsch Quintet II system, and the Athena Micra w/an entry-level Yamaha receiver. The Onkyo is supposed to be real decent too.
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    Number one controller throwing game.

    It had to be those early Megaman or Castlevania games. Unresponsive and twitchy controls coupled with some extremely difficult jumps and boss fights was aggravating to say the least.
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    Camping-Yes or No

    If you ever watch a professional gaming match you will see the victorious players are always the ones that camp the good items and advantageous locations. The only time campers should be frowned upon is in domination style games like BF1942 where you can have all your spawn points taken, your...
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    Official: GTA:SA is Adults Only!

    I was in Future Shop today and the shelves were still stocked with copies that had the "M" rating, so apparently this is only applicable to the draconian United States.
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    asus vs msi, who makes better video cards?

    I don't recommend Asus cards because they never stick to the reference designs, and they're really overpriced.
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    Vsync... am i the only one?

    I would rather live with a little tearing than have my framerate slashed in half at regular intervals. Until they make monitors that can do 120hz at high resolutions the best option is to keep vsync disabled.
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    Does the type and brand of RAM really matter all that much in gaming?

    If you just want some cheap and reliable ram that will still have some overclocking potential (certainly more so than the enthusiast brands "Value" lines), try some genuine Infineon or Samsung.
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    Which CRT?

    Right type of tube, but just by looking at the specs I can tell that it's very old. A high-end Diamondtron of recent manufacture should do 1600x1200@100hz. The dot pitch of aperture grille and shadow mask tubes aren't measured the same way, so you can't compare the two. Indeed tighter is...
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    Which CRT?

    Quite simply no. The Samsung may be a nice monitor but it's a shadow mask, and carries all the inherant pitfalls of a shadow mask CRT such as lower contrast, lower brightness, lower sharpness, and more colour bleeding. Another option if you don't want to buy used would be a monitor that has...
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    Battlefield 2 + Sensaura (m-audio 5.1) = nasty frame hit :(

    Hasn't M-Audio updated their drivers to the QSound engine like the other Envy24 card makers?
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    Huge disappointment. Wishlist for patch #1 of BF2

    Other games show a 33% spread between the 2000+ and 3000+, so it should provide a nice boost in BF2--but, I would try to get my hands on either a genuine 3200+ or a 2500+ mobile (and overclock it to at least 3200+ speed) to maximize the performance of your platform. The ram is still going to be...
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    Best music?

    The quality of game music in general has gone down, and the fidelity hasn't improved any since the redbook standard came to games around 1996. With an Audigy soundcard and a professional quality soundfont or a Roland GS wavetable card, even midi music can sound strikingly close to CD redbook...
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    Best music?

    Diablo, Starcraft, Hitman 1/2, Heavy Gear, Unreal Tournament, Rainbow Six, C&C, Deus Ex, Mega Man X, Doom 1/2, Duke Nukem 3D -- there are so many, but it's limited mostly to older games.
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    BF2 Demo 1st Impressions - Won't be buying

    DC has better gameplay, physics, and superior maps. I'll leave it to DICE to fix BF2's netcode and the mod community to make a good game out of it, because what's there leaves a lot to be desired.
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    Huge disappointment. Wishlist for patch #1 of BF2

    Still runs over 60fps at all resolutions and quality settings, so his point is proven. The AXP 3200+ is more than enough CPU for any game out there. It's stupid that people will spend all their upgrade dollars on a fast A64 and NForce3 mobo, and put a midrange videocard like a 6600GT in it...
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    BF2 game manual funnyness...

    It does take just two to down any aircraft. You have to hit them though :p
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    Crappy performance in BF2 :(

    Gamespot tested with 2GB of ram and the results were exactly the same. The hitching when high textures are enabled seems to be one of many crippling bugs.
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    Crappy performance in BF2 :(

    They are lying unless they have AF off. And another 1GB of ram won't do anything but lighten your wallet.
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    Canadian Retailers

    Depends what you consider high-end. Futureshop carries the entire Yamaha and Harmon Kardon lines for receivers; Polk, Infinity, and Athena speakers; Velodyne subwoofers. You can buy factory direct from Canadian companies such as Axiom. As far as upscale brands go you'll find that they aren't...
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    BF2 Weapon of choice?

    The tanks, followed by the APC's. Going out to the carrier in a submersible AFV and base raping the American team once all the flags taken is priceless. The assault kit grenade launcher also rocks. The most useless weapons have to be the infantry support weapons, the PKM and M249. Unless...