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    50pk DVD+R DL Memorex $29.99 + Free Shipping (

    It's hard to deny a good deal when it comes to DL discs but Memorex is simply junk. Low quality dye's = low quality disc. DO NOT use these to backup any of your critical data.
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    DIR-655: widely different user experiences?

    I've had mine for about a year now and haven't run into a single issue. The only time I've had to reboot it was for firmware upgrades or router settings changes. * Using both wired and wireless with WPA2 enabled * 4-10 hours of use a day * Monthly bandwidth use (internet only): 200-250 GB...
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    Possible to make keyboard macros on windows?

    It sounds like you're looking for something really simple so I have no suggestions there. I would however checkout AutoHotKey: Take a look at their forums, you'll be amazed at the number of scripts out there etc.
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    a good Surface test/Spinrite replacement?

    Whatever drive you're trying to run the test on isn't compatible with SpinRite. Go to the drive manufacturer’s website and download their utility. Seagate: Western Digital:
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    Home security/surveillance - best software?

    WebcamXP is excellent overall. You're right, the newer versions are full of issues. I had been using a previous version (4.7?) for some time and never ran into any issues. I upgraded and immediately went back for the reasons you listed among other things. Search the net for 4.7 or send me a PM...
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    Strange new program "Downloads" running on my computer

    It's not in the startup items etc but have you done a general seach to see if that file exists?
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    Can't dual boot?

    MrGreg62 is correct. EasyBCD will solve your problems with the menu.
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    BAD_POOL_CALLER (0xC2) -Windows XP Pro-

    You need to do some analysis on the memory dump. This will tell you what the issue is. Google is your friend.
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    Vista network issue

    Did you try a release and renew?
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    Is there a free HD recovery software? (after quick format once)

    Please utilize the search function. There are plenty of previously threads discussing this.
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    Need File Hosting Service Recommandation

    If you're uploading files to access at another location yourself, it's perfect. if you're sharing files with another person, they'd have to have premium services, otherwise there's a 'wait time'. There is no additional software required. Everything can be directly linked.
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    Need File Hosting Service Recommandation Cheap, fast, reliable, no BS.
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    Cable modems that support DOCSIS 3.0?

    With Cox being mentioned, I did some poking around on the Motorola 6120 and found: "I'm sure this is a very good product, but neither Motorola or Cox Phoenix are willing to help actually use the product, so unfortunately this review cannot be better. The Issue - This modem is not...
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    Need help Purchasing a Modem for my 655

    I'm running the same router with the SB5120, never had an issue. I do recommend purchasing your own modem as Comcast will charge you monthly to 'rent' their modem ($6.00-8.00 I believe?). I'd recommend checking e-Bay.
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    Autobackup software recommendations?

    As far as paid software, I personally love Syncback SE. There's also a free version of Syncback but I'm not sure which features are limited.
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    Laggy Context Menu on Desktop in Windows 7

    Did you also try disabling the NVIDIA control panel? Disable that and see what the results are.
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    Small Footprint Antivirus

    As much as i hate to say it, Symantec's Norton Antivirus 2009 is great. They completely redeveloped it from the ground up and it shows. I guess customer feedback does eventually reach exec's.
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    Best way to check for viruses/spyware

    You could take any suspected application and run it in a virtual machine first to see what damage it may do, if any. Be aware though as some of the new malware can detect the presence of a virtual machine and will seem harmless initially.
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    How do I remove these files?

    Check out Autoruns or Process Explorer from Microsoft (previously Sysinternals). From what I recall one of them will allow you to disable to DLL from being put into memory on boot or remove the DLL from memory there by allowing you to delete it. As for the context menu, check out...
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    Best way to check for viruses/spyware

    I know exactly what vitalym is talking about. I've had a number of people (friends etc) forward files to me that were infected. I'm currently running NOD32 version 4 as well and NOD often won't detect the presence of a trojan etc. Mind you this is on default settings which includes scanning for...
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    What's a good software to change attribute (prefer in batch)?

    Attribute Changer (freeware)
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    How to remove Prevx?

    Try Revo Uninstaller. It's free. Look for a portable version as well.
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    Recommend motion detection security software for home use?

    WebcamXP I've been using it on a daily basis. You can set it up for remote monitoring/access. Also captures in JPG format.
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    W2K HD Error Msg: The Disk in Drive D is not formatted, Format is Now?

    Corrupted partition table?
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    I used NOVABACKUP to backup...

    Does NovaBackup encrypt the disc or what? It sounds as though it would just create it's own file and burn it to disk, no? What manufacturer made the DVD media? Things to consider: > Switch the DVD-ROM or DVD-RW to an older model > The dye in the burned DVD may have degraded to a point...
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    download every thing for a website

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    Email Alternatives to AOL

    From reading your statement, they're canceling AOL altogether? If this is the case, they can still keep the AOL e-mail accounts for free and access them via Setup a bookmark right in Internet Explorer or Firefox to give them quick and simple access to it. Show them how to...
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    Can two modems and two routers be used on one cable connection to your house?

    Sometime in early 2007 I ran into a very similar problem. I had Comcast at the time and didn't see a reason as to why they couldn't let me run a second modem with a seperate IP on the same service. After being told, "No, we can't do that." by 4-5 reps at Comcast, I called back and got another...
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    Windows doesn't think my DVD has data on it

    Who manufactured the media the video was burned to? Any idea as to when it was originally burned?
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    [HOT[ 50 PK Memorex 8x DVD+R Double Layer Media $32.79 FREE SHIPPING!

    Joe Average gave facts in regard to these discs. Bottom line, these are junk. It's not so much whether they burn without failing, it's also about how long the data will remain readable on the disc itself. Memorex's manufacturer uses lower quality dye's which means shorter disc life. If you're...
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    What is U3? How does it work?

    Also checkout:
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    So, thinking of refunding my AVADirect

    If you purchased it with a credit card, you have billing dispute rights. Contact your card issuer (bank) and ask for their 'billing disputes department'. When you speak with a rep, ask how many days after a transaction will you retain your dispute rights. That way you know what kind of time you...
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    New Lenvo PC w/ Vista Business - No Internet at all

    Well, if it worked initially after removing some reg keys, why not run a registry cleaner like the one from CCleaner?
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    Segate ST31000340AS Issue

    TestDisk will fix your problem.
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    New Lenvo PC w/ Vista Business - No Internet at all

    Problem solved. Run Symantec's Norton Removal Utility
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    Free Back Up Software

    There's no need to shutdown any applications if the backup solution uses Shadow Copy.
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    Alternative File Search Utility?

    Edit: scratch that, it's not free. Fast and efficient: Effective File Search.
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    Firefox 3.0.4 = garbage

    Not having any issues here. Run Firefox in Safe Mode to determine what's causing the issue. Do a Google search for instructions.
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    90 gigs used on main drive but how?

    Check the infamous WinSxS folder. It's usually pretty large in Vista.
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    Vista CD-Key and lenguages, Need help.

    There is a piece of freeware out there that will do exactly this. As Keiichi mentioned, I don't believe you have the option to change the language in anything but Vista Ultimate. Do a Google search for the application, it's easy to find.