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  1. J

    Anybody have a launch 360 and not have it die yet?

    I have a launch one, was fine until last wednesday. then the rrod happened... I almost cried.
  2. J

    Wii Fit

    you'll just need enough space to be able to do the lay down excercises and raise your hands in the air. ceiling fan caught me yesterday.
  3. J

    Wii Fit

    I checked bb, target and toysrus on my lunch break in deptford s. jersey.. no one had them.. I don't think I've ever had a problem before finding a game on launch day, this is pretty crazy.
  4. J

    Wii Fit

    it's monday, any one have any sightings of it? I'm thinking of trying to hit a few places at lunch to see if I can grab one, in the South Jersey area
  5. J

    Was I out of line? (GTA4 related Story)

    Great job! you should start a movement to have people police the stores and notify parents of a games rating. I'm sick and tired of hearing prepubescent children on xbl playing +17 older games(using racial slurs, singing, etc). I wish they had an adults only part of xbl.
  6. J

    thought id post too

    that just happened to my friends 360.. did you get it fixed? if so how much did it cost?
  7. J

    Top MUST PLAY games for a "true" gamer....

    mechwarrior 2 x-com ufo defense
  8. J

    i just bought mass effect

    Rub it in. :p
  9. J

    i just bought mass effect

    mini games were hacking..
  10. J

    i just bought mass effect

    I think the complaints about the game are universally agreed to: Mako sucks big time: every planet looks the same, the controls suck side quest missions get repetetive: all the bases are the same design first 3 hours were really kind of dull mini games were boring inventory system blows...
  11. J

    good 42" HDTV for consoles?

    A friend of mine just bought the 46" in vizio and he loves it.. I went w/ a 40" samsung LNT4061F and I'm head over heels crazy for it.
  12. J

    Mass Effect is coming to PC (May 2008)

    my god that's awesome.. maybe I'll have enough time to upgrade before it comes out
  13. J

    Ideas for adding 5.1 surround to my 46" aquos

    I got this: Pioneer 600W 5.1 Surround Sound System For XBOX 360 - HTS-GS1 for x-mas. It actually sounds pretty damned good, and it only cost around 120 dollars. as long as you can live w/ the xbox branding on it, it has two optical inputs in the back and again the sound is pretty good...
  14. J

    PS3 Media Server: How-to?

    wmp worked fine for me on my xbox, but not on the ps3, tversity worked fined on ps3, but not on the xbox lol.. any way after the latest tversity patch everything works and is better than before, so if any one has been having a problem try updating tversity.
  15. J

    PS3 Media Server: How-to?

    I use tversity.. works pretty well as for some reason when the ps3 tried to stream from wmp it would crash my pc. Tversity was easy to set up and does everything I need it to do currently.
  16. J

    Resistance 2. 60 man MP, 8 player coop, 2 campaigns

    I thought the single player was pretty damned good for the first one.. never played it online, though. As of right now this seems like a dream game, I'm excited.
  17. J

    Vader & Yoda in Soulcalibur 4!

    wouldn't a lightsaber be a little overpowered though.. they should just be able to cut through all the other swords/weapons.. the only way to block a lightsaber is w/ another lightsaber.. would make the fights quick, lol
  18. J

    Vader & Yoda in Soulcalibur 4!

    I think it's awesome that they'll be in the game.. BUT wow is that just totaly random and kind of ruin the continuity of the game? star wars and soul calibur..
  19. J

    Buzz! The Mega Quiz

    Do you know if there is anyway to get the controllers/game to work on the ps3?
  20. J

    I've determined that the new gen(360/PS3) is a joke.

    I have to completely disagree w/ the OP on this.. I think this past six months of gaming has been the best 6 months of new games in years.. It started w/ eternal sonata, bioshock, moved to halo3, metroid p3, cod4, mass effect, rockband, etc for me.. the quality of games is absolutely superb...
  21. J

    Is Xbox Live down right now for anyone else???

    I've been having problems since the friday before xmas.. takes for ever for my profile to load, marketplace won't load, almost impossible to connect to any games in cod4. It sucks that I just had a ton of free time that I could have been playing and I missed out on prime playing time. The bad...
  22. J

    Eternal Sonata

    I enjoyed the game for the first half of it and then it just seemed to get really boring and the story got really lame (I did finish it though). It aggravated me that your characters never changed appearance w/ any new items. constantly fighting the same enemies over and over using the same...
  23. J

    Xbox Live

    I get lag in at least 1-2 cod4 games a night.. Lag is dependent on your conection to the internet and whoever is hosting the match of what ever game you are playing.. soo it's kind of a crap shoot. For the most part though it works great and I couldn't live w/ out it. I love spending money on...
  24. J

    Blizzard MMO

    Universe of starcraft please.. on second thought, NO! I have no life as it is and I would be compelled to play a starcraft mmo. I do actually wish they could put an mmo out for the consoles, as I really don't want to have to build a new pc.
  25. J

    So I am getting my PS3 today....

    Resistance FOM is a damned good fps, download super star dust, too
  26. J

    Prototype -- Who else is excited about this game?

    the spiritual successor to Hulk total destruction.. sounds good to me, I loved that hulk game.
  27. J

    ps3 games rent or buy

    blockbuster is like 5 dollars for one game for 5 days.. the 2 game plan at gamefly is only like 23 dollars a month.. so that's like getting 1 game at blockbuster for like 3 weeks.. if you only want to rent 2 games and keep them each for only 2 long weekends a month then you'd be better off...
  28. J

    Pleas be true: Dreamcast 2 in the works?

    IMO there's no way that this gaming economy could support a fourth console.. development costs too much, most people already own a "now" gen console, sega doesn't have the mindshare it used to (except for the few of us who fondly remember their past consoles {hell I loved my genesis,saturn and...
  29. J

    God Of War II Titan Mode

    Holy mackarel! that was some wacky response.. any way, did you get any special ending for beating on titan mode?
  30. J

    Lair + Time Crysis - PS3

    I loved time crisis in the arcade, and I really wanted to get this. Was going to wait until you could buy a seperate guncon, but maybe I'll hold off until i can try it somewhere. I really miss gun games.
  31. J

    DIVX on ps3 woot

    just divx.. I don't think they are doing xvid yet, but they should just do everything for the sake of competion
  32. J

    DIVX on ps3 woot Soon to the 360 and soon to the ps3.. this is awesome news, I hope they add even more codecs in the future.
  33. J

    DivX coming to Xbox 360? Perhaps...

    if they do this and it works well, would be awesome.. I got too tired of having to reencode everything to make it work on the 360 so I stopped media sharing.
  34. J

    Uncharted Demo discussion

    played it on Sunday, I was really impressed w/ the graphics. I was expecting more puzzle elements, but hey, it's just a demo. Combat seemed ok, cover system seemed pretty good, but I don't think I'll purchase. This one is going on the gamefly queue behind mass effect and possibly before...
  35. J

    To those who own all three consoles - Which do you like best and why?

    I have to go w/ the 360.. I have all three systems and enjoy them all, but the 360 has the majority of games I want to play. add to that xbox live, movie downloading (just downloaded a high def movie on frid) and all the great arcade titles and it consumes most of my time. also, all of my...
  36. J

    Uncharted Demo discussion

    ergh I wanted to play this last night but it was taking too much time to download. Being a friday and all I hope i'm sober enough to turn my ps3 on so that it can finish dl'ing and I'll get a chance to play it before i pass out.
  37. J

    Short RPGs

    you could check out odin's sphere for ps2.. kind of a weird action side scrolling rpg w/ awesome animation.. I never finished it, but it was interesting. Did get a little repetitive though.
  38. J

    What has Video Gaming taught you?

    it's a good test to see if your girlfriend is wife material. If she gets pissed off if you want to play for an hour when you aren't doing anything together get rid of her. also I've learned that looking in barrels and boxes can often lead to surprises. one of the great misleading myths of...
  39. J

    COD4 Multiplayer Discussion

    I freakin love it on live! Just got my m4 b4 I went to bed last night, it was my favorite weapon in the beta. can't wait to play tonight.