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    The UK Wants To Make An Olympics For eSports

    Its why its called esports, not a traditional sport. This.
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    Map Shows All Writs Act Orders For Assistance From Tech Companies

    I don't think the government is overstepping there bounds, they are legally getting a search warrant for the device, as far as I am concerned when you break the social contract you should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. It would be different if the government was just hacking the...
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    Map Shows All Writs Act Orders For Assistance From Tech Companies

    I still don't see what the issue is these are all criminal cases mostly related to drug/child trafficking not sure why it should be an issue to have the phones unlocked.
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    Need a laptop for a mobile IT pro

    Take a look at Dell's Latitude 15 5000 series line stay away from the Inspiron line its just trash. I got my wife one and she loves it compared to her last two Inspiron units.
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    Amazon Has More Than 100 Amazon Dash Buttons Now

    Are trolling? Do you understand how a distribution system works? Amazon has 28 distribution centers, and the volume that they run allows them to offer low shipping and unit prices, me ordering Clorox wipes has little impact on their delivery process, let alone the route of the FedEx or USPS...
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    Amazon Has More Than 100 Amazon Dash Buttons Now

    What? Why would I order anything online, I don't need the product the same day, if I did I would go out and buy it. How is it a waste of resources, I would venture to guess that using Amazon for the delivery would be a negative carbon impact versus me driving to the store. Its a waste of my...
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    Amazon Has More Than 100 Amazon Dash Buttons Now

    We have a Dash button for Clorox Wet Wipes. When we start to get low on them we press the button and 2 days later we have more. You confirm the order via notification from your phone where you can verify the price. We got 5 bucks off our first order with it and the Dash button was 5 bucks. The...
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    Recommend some Steam games for an 8 year old?

    AI so realistic it drives around in a van offering free candy.
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    Looking to buy a tablet and move away from my laptop Surface 3 vs Dell Venue 11?

    We have been using the Venue line for quite some time now at work, and I can categorically say they are not very reliable and have issues.
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    FCC Unveils Proposal For Low-Income Broadband Subsidy

    I see your problem you did the math wrong, currently 12 million homes take advantage of the service at 9.25 per month that's 111,000,000, and then annually the program would cost 1,332,000,000 each yeah, so the government is running the program with an overhead of only about 11% or 168 million...
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    The Man Who Made 'The Worst Video Game In History'

    I would consider the worst game I played to be Bart vs The Space Mutants on NES. My Friend had ET on ATARI but would never let me play it because it was the worst game he had ever played. Shack Fu was also pretty terrible on Genesis.
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    Apple CEO Opposes Court Order To Help FBI Unlock iPhone

    The government should have tools available that allow it to preform legal searches of computer systems. Just because a lock pick exists does not mean that Russia is breaking into my house while I am at work. It is the same thing. If the government does not force Apple to comply, company's...
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    Apple CEO Opposes Court Order To Help FBI Unlock iPhone

    Anyone can break into my house, how is this any different? They need physical access to the system. So someone has to steal my iPhone and have access to this tool.
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    Apple CEO Opposes Court Order To Help FBI Unlock iPhone

    It's a user generated password, it erases the device if you fail to log in properly 10 times. Let's try an analogy and see if it makes sense. If I am a terrorist who just shot up a community center, and I have booby trapped my house with a product from Company ABC. If you incorrectly enter...
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    Apple CEO Opposes Court Order To Help FBI Unlock iPhone

    The statement made by Tim Cook where he said they provided all the data in there possession, which if you apply logic would include any stored passwords they had or had the ability to reset.
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    Apple CEO Opposes Court Order To Help FBI Unlock iPhone

    That is totally different, the FBI has more than likely received any passwords that Apple has access to for this user. They are trying to crack the device itself with Apple does not have the password for. The FBI wants a tool they can use to override the security fail-safes on the device so they...
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    Apple CEO Opposes Court Order To Help FBI Unlock iPhone

    They are trying to crack the password, but they only get 4 chances before the device cleans itself. If the detective does their job they can provide proof to a judge that they need keys to the door and the judge will grant them access to break the door down. This is nothing different, the FBI...
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    Apple CEO Opposes Court Order To Help FBI Unlock iPhone

    Isn't this already covered under the 4th amendment? Seems to me that Apple should comply with the court order. To throw out that the SCOTUS can not rule against the government is an asinine argument.
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    Apple CEO Opposes Court Order To Help FBI Unlock iPhone

    This seems reasonable to me if there is a court order for the data.
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    Is A 2 Hour Game Worth $18?

    I watched a couple of streamer play the game and I would say I have no interest in buying the game, now that I have seen this interactive novel. That's all this game is a very basic interactive novel, not really as much of a chose your own adventure as the Tell Tale games. I think for a first...
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    $100 Video Card Help?

    750ti for new.
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    Doom’s Box Art Is Terrible

    It's Randy from accounting.
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    Might change OS

    I just let M$ mine the crap out of my data, rather than deal with the headache that is living with Linux. Google already does it on my phone, not like they really get any good information of me other than I play video games and watch
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    Fallout 4

    That's freaking hilarious.
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    France Rules Out Negotiating With Google Over Back Taxes

    And your solution to the problem would be a global government? Google should have to pay the taxes owed.
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    NYC Uber Drivers Going On Strike At Noon

    Do these people fail to understand that this is ultimately going to drive prices into parity with taxi service?
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    Run Windows 95 In Your Browser

    It's a UNIX system! I know this...
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    Star Citizen Free to Play this weekend.

    Yeah it was pretty good for the 30min or so I had to play it, a bit laggy but that probably has to do with my video card. Going to take another shot at it tonight when I have some more time.
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    Star Citizen Free to Play this weekend.

    Okay got it working just had to restart my computer and re-download the game.
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    Star Citizen Free to Play this weekend.

    I'm stuck at the installer any recommendations? Guess I needed 12 buckets.
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    Star Citizen Free to Play this weekend.

    Oh cool, I thought that this was supposed to be some hardcore HOTAS only game. Good to know it can be a bit more casual than that.
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    Star Citizen Free to Play this weekend.

    can the ship be flown with an xbox controller?
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    Who has the better 'current tech'?

    So what your getting at is if Nvidia cared to compete in the sff market they could easily trump AMD just like they have in every other market segment that they compete in? One at that point would have to surmise that Nvidia is ahead in both performance and technology.
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    Tesla Unveils Vegan-Friendly Car

    I have had cloth in all my cars most recent cars, no issues and you can bust out a carpet cleaner to clean up the seats once a year. Saab went out of business because they refused to follow GM designs and wasted all there money on R+D for stuff that GM had already provided them. If they had...
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    Man Hit By Car While Playing Fallout 4

    Its totally fucked up, I got tboned in my car by an illegal without insurance a few years back, police arrested him, and my insurance covered my car, but then a few months later the town sent me a bill for the light post the guy took out after he hit my car. I called the township and they...
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    Use Your Phone As A Lightsaber In Chrome

    lol. I will try this on my S6 when I get home.
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    Plex, Kodi, Media Portal, Windows Media Center or what?

    Plex for me has been the easiest experience, it was decent on Linux but it was a bit more work keeping it running than I would have liked. Just re-imaged the box to Windows and installed the Plex Server and it just worked, was great.
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    Will Technology Progress Enough To Save Us From The Dying Sun?

    Man no one played Soma I guess.