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    Notion Ink Adam

    this is an interesting tablet for sure. Since it has a dual core ARM and Tegra2, I think it has a leg up on the competition... need to wait for actual reviews on the iPAD for comparision though (A4 chip performance). Also interested in the JooJoo (crunchpad) for comparision when it become...
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    Whos in the Radeon 5850 club? has comparison of 5870 and 5850 card in single and xfire mode.
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    OC'ing an XFX GeForce 9300 (MI-9300-7AS9)?

    EasyM3, what BIOS are you running in your XFX 9300? I went and got the latest BIOS from the XFX site, and I dont get any OC/voltage options. I am interesting in boosting my Q6600 a bit as well. Sorry for the old bump :-x Thanks
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    HTC Touch HD

    Im actually waiting for the HTC Touch PRO as I am a fan of the slide out keyboard... makes it a bit more bulky, but i dont mind... I was a early buyer of the Cingular 8125 (HTC as well).
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    A few pics of that 19" SLI beast...

    more pics...
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    Upgrade to a single 7900gtx, or go sli 7800gtx's?

    7900 GT SLI will run cooler than a 7800 GTX SLI and cheaper no? I think 7900 GT SLI keeps up with or beats single 7900 GTX 512MB iirc...
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    A few pics of that 19" SLI beast... also has a 19" SLI model for $3600 (see specs below), but its a 7800 GTX 256MB SLI solution. I purchased one and should have it next monday (The [H] review on Hypersonic-pc was right about the response time/support levels...) The alternative was a 7900 GTX SLI lappy...
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    Laptop cooling for a 19" SLI - Need advice

    yeah that makes practical sense, lol. Ive used laptops for a long time and they always heat up so was trying to get some upfront feedback so I'd know what to expect with a 19" lappy. I dont think any coolers are designed for 19" yet...
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    Laptop cooling for a 19" SLI - Need advice

    I recently purchased a 19" SLI (yeah its pricey...). What I am looking for is a laptop cooler to help regulate the temperature on this guy. Most of the cooleris I have found are only 15-17" in size. Also, I am looking for superior cooling over the extra "noise" from the fans. I could not...