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    Crypto Friend made this Room

    Had to edit since it was 13x1080ti's first shown mining on Windows. Also decided to post on this forum first as this is where I heard about crypto because of F@H and Boinc miners. Some things you see are baby USB Scrypt Asics, Hashaltcoin F1 Mini FPGA's, a few 2990 Threadrippers, a bunch of...
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    Crypto Friend made this Room

    I have watched this in the making over the last year. He was the first to show 13x1080ti's could mine in Windows way back on bitcointalk. Slowly amped it up to run masternodes, which turned into buying a blade server and just running a bunch of wild things together in a custom room he built.
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    Hit a WCG (World Community Grid) milestone? Post it here:

    Getting more comfy with linux command line. My achievement is finally running WCG on a threadripper 2950x ubuntu server.
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    Vox Media Goes After YouTubers That Mocked The Verge PC Build Video

    I hadn't seen this before. So I started watching the linked vimeo video and was curious what the original was about. To my dismay the linked video was the original. At least I got a good laugh out of Lyle's take. Jackson Pollack painting thermal paste application.
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    Panel Makers to Shift Focus to 8K LCD in 2019

    When I got my 4k 40" monitor, I remember thinking, I cannot wait for 8k monitors. Surprised there aren't more people mentioning productivity of a PC and a high res huge monitor. Learning to code, but I work on plans for my business and this is probably very close to working on 1:1 plotted plans...
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    World Community Grid Christmas Race 2018

    Whats the best site to see WCG stats with members rankings for this?
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    World Community Grid Christmas Race 2018

    Oh yeah they werent enabled.
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    World Community Grid Christmas Race 2018

    Hoping i recruited my first, and they are from the crypto community. :)
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    World Community Grid Christmas Race 2018

    Am I on the correct team? Name: [H]ardOCP Created: 11/18/2004 By some chance I just setup windows on my threadripper 2950 and BOINC right now. edit: I see was on the wrong team this whole time. how sad
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    T[H]readripper Crew

    Not on 18.04 because the crypto thing uses 16.04 for now. Too lazy to figure out how to compile on 18. For now I am just sshing into the desktop.
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    T[H]readripper Crew

    Just put together a 2950 with 96gb of ram, loving this thing. Its doing some crypto chores, but thinking of running some BOINC in the background. As an ubuntu 16.04 newb, how hard is BOINC to setup and use just some cores?
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    Formula-BOINC 2018

    I pretty much only have GPU's available. This one is CPU only right?
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    10 Million Point Challenge

    Started up a little boinc the other day, hit over 10mil on collatz. Next up to get moo over 10mil.
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    So, what privacy coin(s) are you buying?

    DNR and XSH move fast and should have some form of privacy in the near future.
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    WTB: Multiple Radeon R9, RX, and Nvidia Cards

    I have 2 MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G cards that I was just about to put up on ebay. I also have 2 XFX 7950's. Interested?
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    Samsung Pours Out Galaxy S8 Information

    After switching from Samsung to a Pixel, would never go back to a Samsung phone. Found no reason to root/custom rom the Pixel as it actually works out of the box compared to the garbage Samsung lays on top of android.
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    AMC Plans Ad-Free Streaming Service

    Check out Into the Badlands. You won't be disappointed.
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    CORSAIR Unveils Its Fastest Ever SSD Range

    Is there any reason that there aren't more m.2 ports on a motherboard? Just upgraded to an Asus z170a and love how easy it is to put the OS drive on the motherboard. Hopefully in the near future SSD's can be stacked on the MB like ram. Somthing like 4 500GB SSD's on MB, and 1 2TB spinning disk...
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    AI Traffic Signals Will Make Driving Less Boring

    Synchro and simtraffic are much more complex than that cheesey video of a few one way streets with no pedestrian traffic. Traffic signals could probably be timed purely on iOS and Android phone GPS signals at this point, but its still complicated.
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    Sharp Unveils Prototype 27-Inch 8K IPS 326 PPI Display

    When I got my 40" 4k 60hz monitor I was excited for the 8k future. People who draft plans get a lot of benefit from this. I imagine actual work being done, can get quite a boost from these. 50"-60" 8k? Will be an early adopter again.
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    The 30 Best Video Games of All Time

    In no particular order, Diablo 2, Civilization, Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition, Gran Turismo 2, Warcraft, Privateer or Wing Commander, X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, Baldurs Gate, Mega Man, Baldurs Gate, River City Ransom, Super Mario 3, Gauntlet, Chrono Trigger, Monkey Island 2, Loom, Quest for...
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    Nintendo Investors Realize It Doesn't Actually Make Pokémon Go, Shares Plummet

    Doesn't google own the company making this game?
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    Robots To Replace Fast Food Workers

    Posting that link is like me posting a video of Clinton barking like a dog. All out of context, but easy to make memes for the foolish that can't do their own digging of facts. At least you did help me find something about illegals are not always illegal. WTF...
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    How To Send An E-Mail In 1984

    I am the same age, Orgeon Trail Gen. Had an Apple IIC to start my computer adventures. First email address was through a BBS. That was a really fun time period as you couldn't really talk to many people about computer anything. One of the people I ended up meeting in HS, was taking over one of...
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    Is Amazon Prime Really Worth it?

    I don't know about that. There was a deal on 5qts of pennzoil synthetic oil for $15 shipped. I don't remember seeing synthetic priced so low for years. Just bought 2 windshield wiper blades for cheaper than the store too. There is quite a bit stuff that ends up being cheaper with Prime...
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    How To Block Windows 10 Upgrades

    What was the equivalent to the SP3 by Apple and why was it better? My Lenovo laptop just bit the dust and need to upgrade. The SP3 looks to be similarly priced to a Macbook Pro 15" which we recently got. But I need Windows on either to run some older engineering software. Windows 10 has been...
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    Apple Shares Drop Below $100 For First Time Since August

    Not a fan of Apple but can see why people like their stuff. I still remember when Apple was not doing so well when they let Jobs go. Whenever the real crash happens a lot of these overvalued companies won't be around. Apple is smart sitting on a bunch of cash. I would think FB and AMZN go first...
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    PrimeGrid - Makar Sankranti Challenge (1 of 9 in the challenge series)

    I was looking closer at my stats last night and saw that 19 and 20 give much more credit for the time than the lower ones for this challenge. For the noobs like myself, In BOINC click Primegrid->Your Results->Click on each GFN at the top middle of webpage to see how long it takes in relation to...
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    Warner Bros And Intel Sue 4k Content Protection “Stripper”

    Do these really fix HDMI handshaking issues? Can you link? I want one on a matrix switcher. I hate this stupid protection that makes home theaters such a PITA to setup.
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    PrimeGrid - Makar Sankranti Challenge (1 of 9 in the challenge series)

    Yeah a 970, bummer. Is this even worth doing with Nvidia?
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    PrimeGrid - Makar Sankranti Challenge (1 of 9 in the challenge series)

    I am noticing that my points are way down when I switched to just the GFN stuff. Does this give less points than PPS Sieve? Currently BOINC says Running (0.116 CPU's and 1 NVIDIA GPU).
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    PrimeGrid - Makar Sankranti Challenge (1 of 9 in the challenge series)

    Thanks GFN-18 is taking about 25 minutes on a Nvidia 970.
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    Report: Galaxy S7 Will Cost More Because It Has An Iris Scanner

    And yet PC's are still moving forward, and mobile feels dead. I am surprised I am ready to upgrade my PC, yet have no reason to update the phones or tablets. I have quite a bit of year end money to spend and won't. I think you may be on to something since my microwave is newer than my phone...
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    Report: Galaxy S7 Will Cost More Because It Has An Iris Scanner

    I have been really happy with the S5 on MOAR rom. Had a way to trade this for an S6 for free and didn't. How is the Nexus? That will most likely be my next phone in about a year. I do some stuff that needs as fast of a phone as possible for my business so getting rid of the bloat matters to...
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    Report: Galaxy S7 Will Cost More Because It Has An Iris Scanner

    Didn't go from an S5 to S6 because of the SD slot. I don't want an iris scanner, but would like that SD card slot. $700 starts to get up there for 2-year throw away tech. And why can XDA peple debloat the Android OS while Samsung releases a bloated OS? Can't wait for phones to have pin pricks...
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    Destroying A Hard Drive Permanently

    Just saw a German movie called Who am I and it appeared they used something like acid to dissolve the hard drive to cover their tracks. What if you just took the HD apart and threw pieces into different dumpsters? Or can a loose platter still have info pulled from it?
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    Seagate: Hard Disk Drives Set To Stay Relevant For 20 Years

    I went with 3 SSD drives and then storage goes on a Freenas server. My first WD Red died in that 5x3TB config within a year. Wish I went more out there and had doubled that storage from the beginning. Crashplan & Freenas are my photos and videos best friends. Is there a reason the 3.5" drives...
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    Philips Hue Excludes 3rd Party Bulbs With Firmware Update

    Not just motion sensing stuff, but check out iRule for some more home automation. Play movie, dim lights, pause, turn lights up, etc. Also nice to setup lighting with IFTTT to turn on and off things based on if the sun is up or down. You can also make a house appear at night like someone is...
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    mobile hotspot devices?

    I used this, with an alfa wireless usb adapter to create a hotspot from my laptop. Works well when travelling.