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    Im at 6-7 in Trauma Center - Is it worth going further? (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)

    The ending isn't mind blowing, although the final level is definitely an accomplishment. Afterwards, you access super hard versions of GUILT in the game. Good luck!
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    Wiimote/sensor bar range sucks!

    When in doubt, you can also try adjusting the sensitivity in Wii Settings if possible. Outside of that, there's attempting to make your own sensor bar with stronger IR LEDs. Bowling is pretty much the easiest game to pick up on in terms of Wii partying. Rayman's "Bunnies don't give gifts" is...
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    Has anyone received their replacement Wii straps?

    I got the 2 replacement straps I ordered yesterday I believe. I only used one because I tried using my DS wriststrap one day, and I prefer the fastener on that one better. The thickness of the DS strap and the new Wii strap is about the same from just looking at it as well.
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    DS games that use the touch screen

    Lost Magic - you cast runes to cast spells, and you can use mulitiple runes to combine elements. There's also a slight RTS angle with using Monsters you capture along the way.
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    Now a Nintendo gets Native web browsing its praised!

    It wasn't that great for me, unfortunately. It kept freezing on me quite a bit, with the pointer actually frozen in place. I'll reserve judgement when the final version comes out.
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    IGN Head to Head: Twilight Princess superior on the GC

    Gamecube Components are very rare: you could only buy the first party ones available online, and no 3rd party cables were made. and further evidence of 30 dollar cables - Straight from
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    Game Manuals Not So Good...

    Manuals are pretty nice to read when I'm on the toilet. edit: Grammar
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    Trauma Center or StarFox Command??

    I'd go with Trauma Center if you were thinking about getting both down the line... Starfox is most likely going to around for a while, whereas copies of TC are rarer... And TC is very challenging.
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    Super Smash Brothers Brawl

    Kid Icarus is in Brawl. His real name is Pit. His bow splits into 2 short swords for double slashing goodness. I heard they were considering 2 additional characters for Brawl that were 3rd party. It's nice, but I'm pushing for more obscure additions to the roster.
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    Super Smash Brothers Brawl

    When you think about MGS series, there's a lot of "silly" stuff that you see in the games, especially in the very first one (Psycho Mantis's Scene pops up as he reads your memory card, and Calling people on the codec while using the box, for example). As with what has been said before, The other...
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    Electronic Arts tells Sony the PSP is sucking.

    2 things 1) EA's Recent portable games were of poor quality. Releases were buggy as heck. I'm bitter of Rogue Agent for DS. They need to take portable gaming more seriously if they want to make anything profitable. 2) PSP just has high price of entry. 200 for the Core pack (if that doesn't...
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    Tekken:Dark Desurrection is sweet

    How's multiplayer with this? Is gamesharing possible?
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    Gameworld: "RIP PSP"

    Well, A price drop for the PSP would be a smart move. Just enough to for people to say, "For (20-50) dollars more than a DS Lite, i could get a PSP." Offering PS1 library sounds like a good move, but it will require a good implementation. Although if the PS1 library isn't enough to start an...
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    Vote for Warcraft in Best.Series.Ever Contest!

    Bah, winner of this matchup to take on Mario Series.. GG. Voted Warcraft anyway :P
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    IGN's Worst Coin-op Conversions

    Kinda weird as I LOVED Strider on the NES.
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    Wario Ware Twisted on DS?

    The regular DS has the slots in the same place (GBA slot on the bottom).
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    Favorite puzzle, mini, reaction games of all time?

    Wario Ware, Any Version.
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    DS lite US Release Date

    Wow... nice price... If the N-shield screen protectors work on the Lite too, then I'm sold.
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    Nintendo DS Demo Downloads straight from the net

    If I recall correct, Opera's DS browser will use a GBA expansion module that will come with the browser.
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    Nintendo DS Demo Downloads straight from the net

    The NDS holds Downloaded data (say from a single card play session, or a demo) on memory as far as I know. Since there isn't any longterm storage on the thing, demo's go away on power off. The demo station probably consists of a DS with a special cartridge running said software (i'm totally...
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    DragonBall Z for Revolution

    I remember when we got DBZ 3 for the SNES (mostly characters from Buu saga)... my friend would always fricken run away and just do the super blasts, and I'd have to chase the bastard and put some smack down on him... good times. Since then, the only anime/manga based games i've played since...
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    E3 Poll: Which company are you most looking forward to?

    I would say everyone, but this isn't a checkbox poll. To be honest, I'm too deep in schoolwork to get really excited.
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    Newbie Animal Crossing Help

    I am going to assume that this is the gamecube version... in the GCN version, The train station is used to visit towns saved in other Memory Cards. This is done by 2 methods: 1) Have your friend's Town Data in Slot B, your Town Data in Slot A. Talk to the monkey and you should be good...
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    What does everyone see in Nintendo?

    I see awesome party games that are mostly easy to pick up. Donkey Konga (1 and 2), Mario Kart, Warior Ware, Smash (except when my "pro friends" turn off items and play Fountain of Dreams, Final Destination, or Battlefield >_<), and Mario Party Series (although heavily milked this gen). I...
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    Nintendo Revolution SPECS OUT!

    With the money you'd have to spend on "peripherals" to match Revolution Functionality (new controllers, bigger mem card for downloaded games, wireless network adapter), I'd speculate that it would be more beneficial to buy the new console anyways. Not to mention, such an idea would splinter the...
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    Guilty Gear

    Well GGXX is very stylish, and has a pretty complex fighting system. although there's the concept of chained combos, specials, instant death moves, there's also the whole Roman Cancel Thing, which is basically resets the animation to neutral so you can continue a combor or whatever. You can...
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    Tales of Symphonia (GC)... any good

    Battles: except for boss battles and maybe the beginning (where you don't have a good healer), quick and not too difficult. the system is realtime - you "fight" with one character and the others are set to a strategy (or you have a couple of friends to play as them). Most Battles end within a...
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    DS Lite: Carnage in Japan!

    Heh, you're not alone. On a sunny day and outdoors, it's pretty hard to actually see what's going on unless you're out of direct sunlight or if you find some sort of shade to play under. Edit: fixed what i meant about sunlight.
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    Metroid Gets Voice Chat!

    Probably to determine match settings (number of lives, gametype, rules, etc.). and to save smacktalk for postmatch (or maybe share Friend Codes). My guess on no ingame voice is probably a bandwidth or performance issue... and possibly protecting against shrieking terrors rolling around in ball mode.
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    Best final fantasy game

    Actually, on FFIV Advance, they kept the secret developer room, porno mag and all.
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    Best final fantasy game

    Oh yea! Put a vs. for that and it'll be the best ff EVAR.
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    Best final fantasy game

    if by FF3 you mean ff6j then i concur, although i can concede 7 being up there too.
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    Actual pics of the Nintendo DS lite

    It's likely that its a prototype unit, the shiny and the pretty will show up in time I bet. Black one would be nice. Fingerprints can be wiped off. Edit: Too bad it uses the micro plug. Looks like i'll have to look into a GBA -> GBA Micro Adapter so i can keep using my USB Charger.
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    Has anyone beaten TMNT?

    ... Until you got hit by an effing bird, which knocked you into the abyss... >_< Disclaimer: I love Ninja Gaiden.... Although hardest game in my history was NES's Bart vs. The space mutants... 2 hits per life and to fight the boss you had to collect a predetermined number of objects... never...
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    Anyone try Ouendon for the DS? I was thinking about importing it.

    I just imported it, and it's a GREAT play! As a forewarning, it's a lot harder than it looks on those videos(there are videos on YouTube). If you got any questions, post them here and i'll try to answer them...
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    Castlevania: Dawn Of Sorrow

    Are you talking about 100% map? If that's the case, try getting using the Peeping Eye soul... If its 100% Souls you're talking about, you can find that on the enemy list screen on the menu.
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    basketball game for ps2?

    I can't really talk about Ballers, but the Street games are pretty good if you enjoyed NBA Jam back in the day.
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    Post your Mario Kart friend code!

    I posted my Friend Code in the [H]ard Karts thread, but I'll add mine again: 150383 335404
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    [H]ard karts

    An [H] Guild Sounds like fun... here's my Friend Code: 150383 335404 Hopefully I'll see you guys around!
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    MarioKart DS TV Commercial

    The commercial with the ninjas is mildy funny too... haven't seen a video link for it, unfortunately.