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    Corsair Giveaway - Force Series™ GT 180GB Solid-State Hard Drive

    I would be the happiest enthusiast in the whole world,except that my rig will be blazingly fast,cause my hdd is killing me and can not afford one of these beauties.
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    Dell U2410

    Just bought 2410 ,and very satisfied with it. :)
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    So? Is Dell U2410 worth buying?

    I bought 2410,for my raw editing,and I am satisfied. Overall very good monitor,only drawback for me is very hard coating,but getting used to it.
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    Intel Sandy Bridge 2600K and 2500K Processors @ [H]

    More than satisfied with 2500k... :)
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    Who is waiting for the Core i7-3770K

    Just bought 2500k, and if it will be justified price vs performance,I will buy it,till then ..... :)
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    Cause its only chance to start again believe in nvidia`s gpus,since my faulty 8800gts,now have 4850x2,and Galaxy is the one of few best ways to go. And I need a new gpu. :)
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    Case Advice - High End

    Good choice,you wont regret it,neither would with any high end lian li or silverstone.
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    Case Advice - High End

    for gpu,i am amd fan,but it rely does not matter which card of these two,just look for those unusual models with large fans on them.... :)
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    850W PSU Recommendations Please!

    any ax model is gold version its about the efficiency,from worse to better,80+,80bronze,80silver,80gold... bronze is good enough,everything over that is phenomenal. It depends on component qualities and the ripple.
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    Case Advice - High End

    I would not skip to look something made by antec like p193,cause i have p182se and its phenomenal. My criteria for cases is that they have to be excellent built and quiet ones. I would not buy anything that is not lian li ,silverstone or antec p series. On your list you cant go wrong with...
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    850W PSU Recommendations Please!

    You have corsair tx950 for a little extra more than the price of tx850,only drawback is that they are not modular. You have also in this tread SeaSonic X750 Gold,Damos posted a new egg link,its even better than any of the corsair`s psu`s. And you have antec,hcp 750 and 850...
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    Hi, and sorry for disturbance. I would like to know difference between coating on u2412,zr24w...

    Hi, and sorry for disturbance. I would like to know difference between coating on u2412,zr24w and e228wfp,cause i have the last one and that kind of coating i got used to,do not like any glare type(like on laptops,hate mirror image). thanks in advance.
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    Dell U2412M

    How does u2412 and hp zr24w comapre to dell`s e228wfp in term of coating?
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    Which one I should buy?

    I have dell e228wfp,and what kind of coating he haves,and how does coating of these two compare to each other ? Sorry for the mistake of putting u2410 it`s out of my price league.
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    Which one I should buy?

    I am undecided about these ones: Dell U2410 ~390e,U2412M~240e,U2312HM~180e,U2311H~170e,2209WA~270e,HEWLETT PACKARD ZR24w~295e . e - euros I want ips panel,i will use it for all kind of thing + occasionally photography editing (have nikon d5100). Do I rely need 8 bit panel,or 6 bit will...