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    new whs build, need help with ipmi.

    I use an IP KVM at work. It's made by avocent. Pretty nice unit... Each server gets a dongle that plugs into VGA, PS2/usb. That dongle then plugs into a cat5. This is proprietary CAT5, not switchable. So dedicated CAT5 runs to each dongle. Then your put your IP KVM on the network...
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    Need to program a Dell L2 switch with some VLANs...

    I know how to work with Cisco switches but I need to program a Dell switch with a few VLANs and some trunk ports. If anyone is good at programming Dell switches please PM me with your contact details. I'm willing to pay to have this programmed. Thanks.
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    Fastest Remote Desktop Application

    YeOld wins But citrix XenApp is very nice too.
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    EoPL- ethernet over power line .. please recommend

    Wireless sucks for gaming. The powerline and coax seem like the best options (assuming that running cat5 is out of the question). With that said, I'm going powerline for my customer based on the fact that it is $80 cheaper and there isn't a coax outlet near both machines. So I'd be stringing...
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    WinXP Pro - Cannot Ping anything but localhost

    One of my clients has a WinXP Pro x32 machine based on the nForce2 chipset (asus board) and using the onboard nvidia networking (without the crappy nvidia firewall). The network card can get an IP ( from my fios router. I can ping localhost I cannot ping the router I cannot ping...
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    Question about internet security

    No, don't put your computer in the DMZ. He was just asking if you had done that.
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    EoPL- ethernet over power line .. please recommend

    I am looking at setting up some eOpl in an apartment. What model do you guys recommend? Or what are your experiences with various models? I'm kinda new to the EoPL thing
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    Exchange 2007 - Delay mail if from address?

    Mail is designed to get there as soon as it can. I don't know of any sort of delay short of a custom script. Personally, I have our alarms set up with Nagios and for people like you that don't need to be bothered at 3am I have a time window set to only send during certain hours.
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    Networking questions for a new room.

    If you go the seperate AP route I highly recommend a Netgear ProSafe AP. They support POE so you can put it where there isn't a power cord if you want and they are ROCK solid. I leave them running for years at a time with no reboots required. I can just rely on it to work. When I use regular...
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    edimax repeater won't get internet

    The repeaters are finicky. They only like to repeat certain routers. I've tried repeating some routers and changed it to b,g WEP64,WEP128, WPA/TKIP, etc etc and only very certain combinations work and only with the right hardware. Best of luck, but this repeater stuff is definitely for...
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    edimax repeater won't get internet

    I've had terrible experiences with repeaters. Not that I can't get them to work...but that I can't get them to work reliably. Here's what I'd recommend. Buy a EoPL (ethernet over power line) adapter. Plug one side in by your current router, and another in a far away spot in the house. Then...
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    Recommend PCI-E 1x SATA Card

    No raid, just some extra sata ports for my WHS. So far my best contenders are: They are...
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    Best cheap workhorse SOHO router

    I have had nothing but problems when I use a single SSID. 90% of people won't have any problems, but then they'll invite over a friend or family member who is using an old 802.11b based laptop that doesn't roam properly. Then I get a call asking how to make it work and why it doesn't work and...
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    Best cheap workhorse SOHO router

    I have a computer consulting side business and I run into wireless issues on a regular basis at various customer sites (normally homes). If someone just wants to hook their home up with wireless I'll install a typical Linksys N router. They never give me any problems. If someone already...
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    windows 7 antivirus

    I was using AVG Free 8.5 on Win7 x64 and had nothing but headaches. I've moved to Avira and it's working great. I'm even contemplating paying the upgrade fee to get rid of the popup advertisement that it shows.
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    Cable Splitter questions for my internet and tv

    Right. Main Line -> 2 way splitter ... path 1 > cable modem path 2 > additional many way splitter path 1...x > tv's
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    Cable Splitter questions for my internet and tv

    Have the strongest signal / least splits going to your cable modem. That box is the touchiest out of the bunch as far as signal quality
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    Best remote login tool for Windows 7 64 bit?

    LMI and LMI rescue both work on Win7 x32 and x64 fine for me.
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    Nagios - What to monitor on Cisco Catalyst 3650

    We have a catalyst 3650 that is essentially the hub of our entire company (~20 servers, voip shoretel phone system, 70 clients, slave switches, etc etc). Right now I simply have nagios set to ping the switch to check it's host-alive status. Should I set up some SNMP stuff or anything to check...
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    Need a glorified FTP, something like -- no Sharepoint

    in realty there is winforms online. Very nice online interface. I'm sure they make a non-realtor specific version. look into it.
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    Nagios - Checking Public IPs by proxy

    so $10-$40 That's a neat site. I like the fact you can make a publicly accessible page with your stats. That way I can set my nagios install to scrape that page for all the information it needs.
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    Nagios - Checking Public IPs by proxy

    Or should I just hire an outside service to monitor my public IPs?
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    Recommend me a punch down tool

    Don't forget to fill any holes you make with fire resistant foam. And do know that drilling down walls takes a pretty mighty drill. So expect only an 18V cordless or a pretty decent corded drill to work. And don't forget that there are fire breaks in the walls. So you may need to use...
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    Recommend me a punch down tool

    Fish tape/ Poles I forget the brands but.... for home use, fish tape is almost pointless. I use fish tape much more often for building conduit. If you do get fish tape, get a 12" flexible leader on the front I'd get a set of green lee thin glow in the dark fiberglass rods, a roll of...
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    Recommend me a punch down tool

    66 is for phone.
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    Recommend me a punch down tool

    I like my paladin punchdown tool. It has a clip on LED light so you can see in dark server cabinets too. Plus a storage area for a spare bit. Very comfortable handle. I do 90% of my work on the low impact setting and just some of my work on the high impact setting.
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    Nagios - Checking Public IPs by proxy

    I have a few of these problems but they all follow this basic format: the machine can be pinged from the internet the machine cannot be pinged from the nagios box The nagios box needs to determine if the machine is responding How can I do this? Is there some nagios service I can set...
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    recommend a print server

    I don't do the dedicated workstation route anymore. I like the built in permissions issues to deal with, lower power usage, always available, no software issues that effect everyone on the network. Get one with built in networking for sure :-) The remote USB thing is nice, but...
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    Untangle Guest OS Stability

    Guess I'll go the dedicated route. I have some P4 hardware laying around I can toss together.
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    recommend a print server

    Get a wired printer, not a wireless printer. When you install the drivers... use the corporate drivers, not the full featured drivers When you install the printer, set a static IP outside the DHCP range.
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    Untangle Guest OS Stability

    I'm thinking of running Untangle as a rerouter on my WHS machine. The WHS machine is pretty beefy... AMD X2 2.6Ghz, 2GB memory, fast hard drives, etc... Dual AMD NICs. I realize Untangle prefers intel NICs, so I'll get a Pro1000GT in there to make untangle happy. Now the question...
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    just curious about the internet grid?

    Just for instance, every person out there who has a full T1...that's a private circuit. They pay extra to have that circuit connected to the internet. But I can get a T1 at two offices and tell the phone company to connect my offices together. It's like a really expensive piece of patch...
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    Nagios Services question - HTTP check

    Perfect. Here's what I put in my commands.cfg file...
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    Nagios Services question - HTTP check

    If you notice, the quote has two lines in it. Part 1: Check to see if is listening on port 80. This works Part 2: Check to see if is listening on port 80. Then send the string 'GET / HTTP/1.0'. Google should reply back with 'HTTP/1.0 200 OK' Part 1 succeeds. Part 2...
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    10Gbe Questions

    Do testing and find out what your real bottle necks are. My bet is that you are going to be hard pressed to bring a single gigabit link to its knees unless you have some very nice storage hardware. If you do have very nice storage hardware then as mentioned, look into gigabit etherchannel...
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    Nagios Services question - HTTP check

    I am trying to get the following nagios command to work. I'm running this in the command line for testing purposes before I wrap it into a service check. Note: I took this example out of 'Building a Monitoring Infrastructure with NAGIOS' by David Josephsen
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    FS: 3Ware 9650SE-8LPML + BBU

    This is a new (used once) 8 port RAID controller with the optional battery backup unit and battery. I decided to go with the Windows Home Server built in storage, so I don't have a need for this VERY NICE card. I don't have all the packaging anymore, but I have the important parts (2 x...
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    WTB: Registered PC133 DRAM (512MB or 1GB sticks)

    I have a supermicro server that current is populated by 2 x 512MB CL3 Registered PC133 DRAM. I would like more RAM for this server. Does anyone have any RAM they would like to sell. If you are curious if your RAM will work with my server, the board is a: Supermicro P3TDE6 This RAM is...
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    External Security Scan

    We just tightened down the hatches on our firewalls and now I want a full security scan against my network across all of our IPs Anyone know of a good website to do this for me? Or how I should do this?
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    confused! have linksys G now...want wrt610n..what do you guys use?

    What transfer rates are you getting with your current connection? What signal strength are you getting? What are your transfer rates if you are right next to your current WAP? (100% signal strength)