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    Being Port Scanned and ISP will not help

    I'd agree with you on "welcome to the internet" but I wouldn't say "it's a waste of time to read firewall logs."
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    how do you pronounce Gnome?

    I was at SCALE (so cal linux expo) this weekend and there was a Gnome booth. The people working the booth called it "geh-nome." I've always called it "nome", with a silent g, though.
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    reformat hard drive (preparing for sale)

    deleting partitions != securely deleting data
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    rsync two directories on seperate disks on the same host

    If there was anybody that came across this thread looking for an answer, well... I haven't found one for rsync, though I did find this neat little tool, JFileSync. It is really simple and easy to use and has a GUI.
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    rsync two directories on seperate disks on the same host

    Ok I've been trying to figure this one out, but I just can't get it right. What I need to do is sync two directories on two different disks on one computer. I'm running Cygwin on my Windows machine so I do have rsync installed. For example, I have a "Ripped CDs" directory on D:\ and X:\...
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    AutoPlay not working right...

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    Endian IDS

    IIS is Microsoft's web server, "Internet Information Services" if you don't have IIS up and running, don't worry about it
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    Endian IDS

    basically, what's happening in double decode is an exploitation of URL canonicalization. from Wikipedia: Now, onto the question of whether or not you should worry... Well, do you even run IIS web server? and do you have all patches applied to IIS?
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    Endian IDS

    taken from Snort docs "README.http_inspect" * double_decode [yes/no] * The double_decode option is once again IIS specific and emulates IIS functionality. How this works is that IIS does two passes through the request URI, doing decodes in each one. In the first pass, it seems that all...
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    Server works internally, can resolve external DNS, but cant ping or get to pages?

    Firewall rules. Chances are, how you "get into" the network, there are rules that allow you only that way... and the firewall is blocking direct external traffic going to your server.
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    Best SSH Practices?

    then /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny
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    Security-wise, is it okay to have a file server and router in the same box?

    alright, if you're defending against bots, then fine.. I'll give you that. Though, you can easily mitigate SSH bot attacks by PermitRootLogin = no, and iptables rule sets
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    Security-wise, is it okay to have a file server and router in the same box?

    lol, no it doesn't. I would try and separate the two as much as possible. Your router gets pwned, your files do too
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    What proxy are you running 500+ users?

    Squid or Blue Coat
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    Seagate SATA/300 16MB Buffer 500GB Retail box HD for $149.99 *No Rebate* at Frys B&M

    I got the 7200.10 from newegg, same price. (but i have to wait.. which is worth it since it's perpendicular!! )
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    1000 Xbox 360's $100

    because everyone's hammering HTTP
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    1000 Xbox 360's $100

    i'm waiting for my pages to load still.. i doubt it. fucking waste of time
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    1000 Xbox 360's $100

    good luck people... i can't believe they bogged down so much. :rolleyes:
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    1000 Xbox 360's $100

    I doubt it! they have one of THE most robust architectures and network infrastructures around. I would really be surprised
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    Another free AMD shirt (first 3,000)

    too simple. thanks!
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    Network Security Magazines

    Here are some I feel cover a wide range of topics in security... it's not everything, but it's a nice start :)
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    Network Security Magazines

    Information Security Secure Computing Hackin9 2600: The Hacker Quarterly Blacklisted 411 IEEE Security & Privacy and I subscribe to none. I pick up a HQ or a Blacklisted 411 whenever I get a chance. I REALLY want an IEEE membership to Security & Privacy... that has probably the most...
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    best network card for xp64

    Intel are the best
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    Post Your Networkdiagram

    can please you post the *.vss for those HP systems? :cool:
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    Post Your Networkdiagram

    for a home network? i call bs, unless it's like an apartment complex or hotel. and that network, is NOT complex. that is super simple. Try managing environments where you have 1000s of servers and even more workstations, faxes, printers, etc..
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    Post Your Networkdiagram

    mind posting your visio icon set?
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    the post with the most truth in this entire thread
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    Packet Sniffing!

    ethereal, ettercap, tcpdump, snort, snoop, and other specialized network taps.... what I do with the info? analyze what kind of traffic is on my network and try to identify malicious activity and attempt to block it.
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    Increase disk space on C drive

    any reason why you need more space?? how about storing log files and installing things onto a different drive?
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    A random AMD and ATI logo Idea

    Titanium is understood universally.
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    Odd mouse behavior - Single Click sometimes Double Click

    Thanks, but it didn't work for me. :(
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    Odd mouse behavior - Single Click sometimes Double Click

    no, nothing happened to it physically. I think I solved the problem though by reinstalling the mouse drivers and iTouch software
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    Odd mouse behavior - Single Click sometimes Double Click

    ok, I have an odd problem that just started happening this morning. I have a Logitech MX Duo and Windows XP Sp2. The problem I'm experiencing is about every 5 or 6 "single" clicks, the next click is a double click. Like, when just clicking on icons on the desktop. i can select 5 icons no...
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    Datacenter Question: How to organize servers

    if there's more than a single row, face the servers front to front and back to back. you'll manage cooling better by creating hot and cool aisles
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    Over 100m length. . Solution??

    Cheapest way to solve this is to install a hub at about the 75m mark.
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    TCP Port 27? NSW User System Front End I've tried searching RFCs for it, but no luck. Could be a military system, I see lots of references to minicomputers and such.