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    Thoughts on Battletech (2018)?

    I'm thinking of picking up Battletech (or putting it on the Christmas list) and was wondering if any of you had opinions or feedback about the game. X-com + MechCommander doesn't sound like a bad time at all. Thanks in advance.
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    desktop media

    So, I'm brainstorming a linux desktop for work. Currently on windows we have a program to display images of upcoming events on the desktop, and on macOS we have GeekTool. Is Conky still my go-to for "extra stuff/fluff" on the desktop?
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    Fleet Commander

    Have any of you been tracking Fleet Commander? production ready declaration blog post I think that's with a Gnome focus. I've been working with Ansible to do such things, but this might make such tasks a bit more accessible to some coworkers, and maybe work a bit better with transient machines...
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    Linux for Grandma

    So, my grandma's computer may have bit the dust. She's remote, and I haven't seen the machine yet so it may be a simple fix. However, if it is dead, it'll be time to look at a new one. Since it's a disruption, I figured I'd explore some options with the rest of the family before just getting...
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    What have you been playing?

    Thought it'd be fun to make a thread on what we've been playing on Linux. So... What have you been playing? Lately I've been doing a bit of Rocket League and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I'm about to start up some Xcom-2 in order to brush up for the new expansion. I've been thinking about...
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    Ryzen based APU relase date?

    Ok. Possibly a dumbass question since I haven't been paying attention, but ... Do we have a date for zen based APUs? I'm thinking about a new HTPC/couch gaming box and was thinking they're probably the next target to look for.
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    We are the 3%

    3% and up 14% from last year! :D
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    Doom 2016 in Wine

    I might have to grab a copy if it's on deep winter sale.
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    SteamVR for Linux

    I'm excited to see where Steam Dev Days takes us. :D Tweet by Pierre-Loup Griffais ‏@Plagman2 I would definitely pull the trigger on the Vive as soon as the support materializes. (original source)
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    XCOM 2 coming to PS4 & Xbox One

    It's a really great game. I'm glad it's finally coming to consoles (unless you count SteamMachines.) Things I'm excited about: coming September 6th (omg an actual release date!) Shen's Last Gift controller support (that I hope flows back to the PC. even Steam Controller default configs could...
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    Packt Publishing - $5 tech ebooks Hard to beat $5 technology books and videos. I'm not sure on the end date though.
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    Doom3 with dhewm3

    Thought I'd point out another game since it's Halloween'ish. I tried dhewm3 and have enjoyed the hell out of it (pun). On release, I remember complaining quite a bit about the flashlight and monster lockers, but they really don't seem so bad now and actually kinda fun. :p For getting it up...
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    Alien Isolation coming Sept 29th

    source = Facebook through Reddit I'm tickled to see this happening. :cool:
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    LogMeIn style remote desktop solutions

    I’ve been using LogMeIn to provide remote desktop access support to some of my relatives (Grandma being a primary person.) If you remember, LogMeIn went “weird” last year and closed all of their free accounts and offered a discounted rate of ~$60 for one year to existing...
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    SteamOS getting more polished

    The initial beta of SteamOS didn't work with the extra hardware I had lying around, and I just wasn't feeling [H] enough to hack on it at the time. There was a new release in January (don't remember if it made the front page or not) that baked in a lot of the community modifications that...
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    Valkyria Chronicles 3 released (jpn)

    So yes.. today was squeal like a girl and jump up and down delivery day. Just curious if anyone else was fan enough of the Valkyria series to pick it up. Kurt Irving better not turn out to be a giant vagina...
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    Suicide Linux

    Thought this was masochistically cute: From just have to be sure to bring some aliases with me or else I'd pwn myself quick. :P
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    mini pcie SSD to *whaterver* converter?

    I just ordered a larger mini pcie SSD for my dell mini 9. Since I'll have a leftover 8GB SSD, I was thinking it'd be nice to put it to some use. Perhaps replace the monowall box with something beefier or something. I was trying to find a way to convert the mini pcie to something easier to...
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    iPhone remote admin tools?

    Googling hasnt turned up much (which may mean it doesnt exist), but I was wondering if there were RDP &/or SSH clients available on the iPhone?
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    SCO files chapter 11

    Evidently "Sue everyone" is not a viable business plan.
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    Unusable Media w/ DW-D22A BYS2 *fixed*

    Just thought I'd drop an information nugget incase it can help someone else. Story format: I've been using a Sony DW-D22A (BYS2 firmware) since 2004 and have had no real issues to speak of. However I don't really burn a lot of discs and have stretched a spindle of Fujifilm media quite a long...
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    XGL playtime with Kororaa

    I thought I would pass along a fun link to the Kororaa XGL Live CD. It's a gentoo based livecd and claims to detect and configure itself for a fairly wide range of video cards. Worked great with a generic intel P4 system with an FX 5200. :D I would recommend the .torrent as most of the...
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    Classic copy protection

    yes.. an "old fart" thread. :D So I was digging around WAY back in the junk closet looking for something to load on this 486 laptop I unearthed and came across this: Ah.. Alone in the Dark... It may have been the begining of the survival horror genre. I know I spent way too much time...
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    Webapps for the enterprise

    At work we have had users requesting that we deploy "trendy" and "hip" webapplications like blogs and such. One of my personal crusades in life is to try to keep as many systems as possible on the same username/password base so I don't spend most of my time reseting passwords and monitoring a...
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    Newegg RMA Address?

    ok.. so I ordered some ram from newegg, found that it was bad, and have setup an RMA. However, they've now confused me with two mailing addressses that they say to return the product to. on the RMA section of the website: 132 South 6th Ave. La Puente, CA 91746-3026 ATTN: RMA ##########...
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    recommended card for TV-out?

    Short version: What videocard would you recommend for a Linux based HTPC? (search didnt reveal a thread that answered this question very directly) Long version: Well I just finished a proof of concept for a MythTV HTPC using a bunch of spare hardware. Athlon 800mhz 256MB RAM Avermedia...
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    SuSE 9.3 ISOs are out

    Pretty tall download @ roughly 4GB Check here for mirrors, though they dont all seem to be populated yet.
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    Rasterbation on the web...

    (waiting for the false 'In Before The Lock' posts) :D It's probably an oldie, but I found a great site where you can blow up pics to poster+ size. Give it a try at . I probably spent ~$20 on supplies (project board for mounting, spray adhesive, etc..) I...
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    Divx DVD player a good option?

    Well.. I've come to the conclusion that my only real reason for building a HTPC is to play DVDs and encoded video types. I've noticed some set top players can play DivX and can be had for a really reasonable price. For example: this Philips. (web order only) Another contender is this JVC. It...
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    Steam survey stats

    Well. I went to fire up HL2 and Steam offered me the opportunity to participate in their datamining. They have some interesting results (provided they're accurate.)