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  1. She loved E

    Remote file access on Synology NAS w/double-NAT & static IP

    I need to preface this by saying that I'm not a networking guy so please excuse some fumbling of terminology below. :wacky: I'll do my best to clarify anything that doesn't make sense. The environment I'm in is a shared workspace, kinda like WeWork but without any IT infrastructure or...
  2. She loved E

    Stuck trying to setup NAS remote file access

    Just got my DS1618+ going. Local setup was a breeze, but I am completely stuck getting remote access to work. Honestly I never thought it would be this complicated. Fair warning I am bad at this stuff and have no networking experience so please use small words and dumb everything down til even...
  3. She loved E

    NAS for small business

    Hi Everyone, Currently speccing out my first NAS & wanted to run it by some experts before buying everything. It's pretty vanilla: I don't want this to be a project... just something quick and reliable. It's for my graphic design studio. I want a shared file drive plus archive for files that...