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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    I could swear I posted this before, but I can't find the post anywhere. Here's my year old 17" MBP and a 24" Dell.
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    Macbook Pro killing wireless network?

    Be sure and go to 10.5.1, I had a few wifi issues on my MBP with the initial release of Leopard, but the newest update seems to have fixed them.
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    Macbook Pro DVD-RW DL Possibility?

    I have a year old 2.16ghz Core Duo 17" MBP and it'll burn dual layer. +R DL only though, no +RW DL.
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    Recovery software, needed or not?

    I see vendors selling hard drive recovery software. Do any of these work? Are they really needed to get files off a failed hard drive? Which programs work better than the others? Thanks.
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    Aqua Computer or Dtek

    <gets some popcorn ready, sits back and watches the show>
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    Where is all the [H] folders! MIA?

    Here, when is the [H]ardFolding server going to update?
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    I have a few questions for my first watercooling job

    Yeah, I suppose they are ok, but for the vcore (1.45) I see many people with much better temps. If I go to 4ghz (which was my original goal for 24/7 use) the vcore is so high the temps get out of control quickly.
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    I have a few questions for my first watercooling job

    The cpu idles at 42, gpu idles at 42. Load for the cpu is 62, gpu load is 47.
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    I have a few questions for my first watercooling job

    I think you'll need another single rad in there, or find away to go with a triple rad. I have the MCR320 cooling an X6800, 680i north bridge, and an 8800GTX and my temps are not great. If you will be doing no overclocking then you should be fine.
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    I have a few questions for my first watercooling job

    I went with a t-line on my first water cooled build, then went with a res on the second build. If I could do it all over again I would have gone with a res from the start. The bleed time is reduced to minutes instead of hours (12-24+). Go with a res!
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    Zune Software won't install on Vista

    Sorry, but this is classic! LOL :D
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    E4300 Superchip!!!

    Edit: double post. I love how the button says "Edit/Delete" but we can't delete.
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    E4300 Superchip!!!

    I have my E4300 at 3.25ghz with 1.45 vcore, nice and stable. It's been folding 24/7 for 3 weeks now, never gets above 60C water cooled.
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    Asus customer service is #1 ( out of a possible 10)

    For the same reason people spend hundreds and thousands on hobbies. Some people buy cars, boats, motorcycles, and some people buy computers. It's a fact of life, get over it and move on.
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    E4300 Stablity Test

    Sounds like you've reached the max with the stock cooler, time to consider an aftermarket cooler or drop the overclock down slightly. As we hit the warmer temps of the summer months inadequate cooling becomes apparent. Try setting it at 2.5ghz and run Orthos for a few hours, then check the...
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    E4300 Stablity Test

    Download Orthos or OCCT and run some stress tests, I'd be willing to bet it's an unstable overclock, you may need to up the vcore. Keep a close eye on temps if you go that route though.
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    Clean install of XP on a tablet?

    My friend has a Gateway tablet pc that is in dire need of an os reinstall. I've done some searching and apparently you can't buy a copy of XP tablet edition. The comp didn't come with any recovery media, and it has no recovery partition. Gateway and the Geek Squad want over $200 each to...
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    noob question, spray paint gone bad

    The only way you'll get it flat again is to sand it.
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    Can Someone Please Help Me Pin Mod the E4300

    What motherboard are you putting the E4300 into? I have one I purchased recently and it does 3.25ghz with no problems, and I didn't have to pin mod anything.
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    Lapping for the lazy...

    How would you keep it flat with a Dremel? Flat is kinda important when lapping!
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    Can bad RAM cause random BSOD's and random instability?

    Possibly, download and run Memtest with all ram sticks installed. If you get even one error then pull all ram sticks and test one by one. Faulty memory causes all kinds of weird issues. For me it was random hard locks, blue screens, and random reboots.
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    Summer Overclocks :(

    Yeah I'm not too bothered with the increased temps either, my c2d has spent the last 2 weeks 24/7 at 60C and I've had no problems.
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    Halo 3 Beta

    Still waiting for my damn code! :mad:
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    New Rig - NTune

    Right, the cpu and memory can be done in bios. What speed is your memory?
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    New Rig - NTune

    Ntune blows, uninstall it and make your cpu & memory settings from BIOS, use Riva Tuner for the video cards.
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    680i shutdown temperature

    I have the same board, I couldn't find a temp shutdown setting either.
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    SpeedFan crashes my PC!!

    Motherboard Monitor doesn't list my 680i either, but I'm running it. I had to find 2 plugins to get cpu and gpu temp, but now it works great!
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    Beware of

    Seems pretty cut and dry to me, you didn't get what you ordered, the retailer should pick up the return shipping. I ordered Tiger Woods 07 for the Xbox 360 from Dell, I received Splinter Cell for the GameCube, should I just suck it up and say "oh well", f*ck no!! They sent the wrong damned...
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    Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Always On?

    Hmm, that's good to know, thanks.
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    Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Always On?

    I have an E4300 on an intel D975XBX2 that does the same thing, even with EIST disabled and power mode set to always on. I also have an X6800 on an EVGA 680i and it doesn't exhibit this behavior at all.
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    Watercooled P180B

    Keep hoping, you'll still have noise from vibration. Get yourself one of these:
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    small watercooling for video card and CPU

    Yeah I thought about adding the RadBox in there, but he mentioned he wanted it internal. Add another $15 for the RadBox if you decide to mount the radiator externally.
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    Oy, don't even get me started! This is my 3rd motherboard from EVGA. Mike from Corsair wants me to try another set, but I don't see what difference it's going to make.
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    small watercooling for video card and CPU

    There are some ok kits out there, but why not just buy exactly what you need? Lets see for $300 in a mid tower with room to oc: (specs would be better, but here's a rough list) Swiftech MCR220 radiator $45 Laing DDC-2 w/ Petras top $100 Swiftech Micro Res $15 D-Tek Fuzion cpu block $65...
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    EVGA 680i Working memory list.

    I have been through 2 sets of the Dominator 1250's on my EVGA 680i board. All settings were made by me in bios, 5-5-5-18 2T @ 2.4v, just like the Corsair specs say. I can't get mine to boot at 2.0V, I'll definitely give it a try with the next rma replacement set though. I agree that it can be an...
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    Post Your Temps for OC'ed QX CPU's

    Isn't that info for C2D though? The Quads have higher thermal capabilities.