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  1. nxcess

    LG 32” GK650F 2560x1440 freesync 144hz monitor $225 free shipping!

    Try setting the "Black Stabilizer" to zero.
  2. nxcess

    WTB: Intel OEM Copper Core CPU Heatsink

    Looking for a few OEM heatsinks (see below). Willing to pay shipping or reasonable price. edit. added pic
  3. nxcess

    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Looking for a few heatsinks that comes stock when you buy a CPU retail. Doesn't matter what generation of CPU. Willing to pay shipping.
  4. nxcess

    Corsair K70 red LEDs to white

    :confused: It was cheaper to repair than to replace. Parts were $16 for switches n LEDs.
  5. nxcess

    Corsair K70 red LEDs to white

    Replaced the WASD keys and convert from red to white LED. Ended up down a rabbit hole troubleshooting the brightness of the LEDs. Found out the hard way, it's not plug n play with LED colors. The white weren't bright whatsoever. My google-fu failed me in searching to see if anyone else was...
  6. nxcess

    WTB: AMD Athlon II X4 651

    It's a shot in the dark. Gave a co-worker 13 yr old grandson some of my parts I had laying around to build a computer. The CPU I gave them is does not fit this board and I would like to see if you guys had one laying around. Let me know how much.
  7. nxcess

    [H]ot COSTCO In Store - $249 - Hisense 43” 4K 60hz HDMI

    Out of the box, this will not do 4K 60HZ 4:4:4 on Windows 10 without some driver modification. I finally got it working using instructions from avsforum. Link for those interested...
  8. nxcess

    Lucky Draw - SilverStone ST80F-TI 800W Power Supply

    I have no plans for adopting usb type-c unless forced to by the peripherals that I use on a daily basis or usb connectors go the way of ps/2, serial, parallels, etc.
  9. nxcess

    Raspberry Pi Zero $1 @ Microcenter (IN STORE PICKUP ONLY)

    don't need it but for a dollar, guess i'll swing by microcenter this weekend when I head into houston.
  10. nxcess

    Windows 10 adding blue light reduction

    Been using f.lux for a while. I have no problem sleeping with or without it. For me, what it does though is make the monitors less bright at night. Setting it on slow transition, you will hardly notice the change as it dims the blue.
  11. nxcess

    eBay - Refurbished Hitachi Ultrastar 2 TB $30 - Free 2 Day USPS Priority

    Same. Got an email order was shipped. only bought 3 though
  12. nxcess

    Windows 10 Updates other computers on Internet...

    There's an option under settings > update & security > windows update > advanced options to turn it off. I turned it off during installed and lo and behold, it's still active.
  13. nxcess

    ProjectFi is live to everyone and the Nexus 5X is $199 / $249 through it.

    Damn. Wish it was compatible with the iPhone. I would switch carrier in a heartbeat.
  14. nxcess

    Corsair Refurb 25% off

    It's on there. Did a query last night and more products showed up when searching for refurbished than on the main listing. Here's a link: Site Search Keyboards, SSD, AIO, USB Drives, Speakers, and more. Enjoy
  15. nxcess

    WTB: Minecraft Account

    So read up on the Minecraft Windows 10 Beta version and it appears to be similar to the Pocket Edition without all the mods capability. It will take some time before it catches up with the original Minecraft. Still looking for someone willing to part with an unused mojang minecraft account.
  16. nxcess

    WTB: Minecraft Account

    Might have to install Windows 10 on her Mac then. Hopefully it'll install on there. It's a hand me down mid-2009 version.
  17. nxcess

    WTB: Minecraft Account

    My daughter has been playing Minecraft on her iPad and would like to start using a PC for it. If you have a Minecraft account you're not using and would like to sell, let me know.
  18. nxcess

    huge TP Link router / switch sale @ Amazon "50% off"

    Came here to post this. I ordered one.
  19. nxcess

    Noctua 75% off from PPC!

    I wanted LED fans. Thermalright had none. Decision made. Yates.
  20. nxcess

    Noctua 75% off from PPC!

    It's better to buy multiple items. Shipping was 12 bucks for 6 fans. Picked up some thermalright 140mm and yate loon 120mm. Gonna change all the fans in my rig.
  21. nxcess

    FS Mint Ipad Mini 2 16gb

    Payment sent
  22. nxcess

    ... Wrong spot

    ... Wrong spot
  23. nxcess

    240GB Crucial M500 $89.99 @ zon
  24. nxcess

    30% off Dell outlet store -- I got a Venue 11 Pro for $286

    Bummer. Only applies to Dell Outlet Home units.
  25. nxcess

    WTB: Intel Nic 2 or 4 port

  26. nxcess

    WTB: Intel Nic 2 or 4 port

    Let me know what you have.
  27. nxcess

    SSD Deal of the Day

  28. nxcess

    2600k $145 Fry's in store (San Jose CA) i7 2600 non-k for $50.
  29. nxcess

    $100 cans with bass

    Might want to give this a try: Audio Technica ATH-PRO500MK2
  30. nxcess

    Chuggington Stacktrack sets & trains on sale. Lowest price ever

    Thanks. I shot an email to the wife. If she approves, my son will get a new train set. He keeps breaking the wooden on apart and I haven't had time to put it back together for him.
  31. nxcess

    FS: Xbox One Day One Edition

    Can I shipped $700 worth of nickels to your place on the back of a donkey? Might be slow but I'll add in a few pennies so you can keep the change.
  32. nxcess

    2000 to 13000 Free Riot Points for purchasing a Prepaid AMEX debit card

    Sweet.. Got my 10k RP for transferring from amazon to serve.
  33. nxcess

    2000 to 13000 Free Riot Points for purchasing a Prepaid AMEX debit card

    You'd be surprised.. :cool: I was finally able to initiate withdrawal from Amazon to Serve.
  34. nxcess

    2000 to 13000 Free Riot Points for purchasing a Prepaid AMEX debit card

    Still waiting on funds to be deposited in my amazon and paypal. Enrolled the amex on amazon on tuesday 8/27 and have not seen the confirmation deposit yet. Enrolled it with paypal and it's confirmed within 2 business days. Initiated $20 transfer from my bank on 8/27 to amazon and have not seen...
  35. nxcess

    can any one give me a steam key for any multiplayer game ?

    league of legend is free
  36. nxcess

    2000 to 13000 Free Riot Points for purchasing a Prepaid AMEX debit card

    I like these terms. I'll sign up for one. Free RP is a plus. *edit. That was quick. Got confirmed and should be expecting the card within 7-10 business days. In other news, I need to start playing summoner's rift again, but aram is too much fun.
  37. nxcess

    TODAY ONLY! Amazon Gold Box SanDisk memory/ssd up to 71% off!

    You can take out your dvd rom bay and put an hdd bay in it's place. I've done that on my Lenovo E520 and now on my Dell E6530. I can't remember the last time I used a cd/dvd.
  38. nxcess

    FS: Apple Macbook Pro 15 (latest), Dell Vosto 3460,Sony Vaio S15, Dell Latitude E6530

    Wanted to bump this for you and vouch that you're a good seller. Laptop arrived as described.