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    Ryzen 2200G vs i5-4590S graphics for desktop 4K?

    I have an HP desktop with i5-4590S integrated graphics 4600 at my work place. I recently got a 27" 4k display to replace my 27" 1080p old one. The new monitor seems somewhat laggy in desktop use although it is running at 60 Hz. I also have a new HP Ryzen 2200G PC. I am wondering if it is worth...
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    PWM vs ULMB

    How come everyone hated PWM and demanded NON-PWM monitors because flicker was bad for eyes and now everyone wants and demands ULMB? Are they different as far as eyes are concerned?
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    Time to update my Sm215TW - advice?

    My Samsung SM215TW has been serving me very well for 6 years and is still going strong. Good colors ,no dead pixels, minor corner bleeding (only seen if you look for it) which I completely forgot about for 6 years. This is a home monitor with no professional use, I use it for games, internet...