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  1. Unkn0wnUs3r

    Slow Internet In America

    I didn't even have access to the most basic DSL package until late 2009. Things even today aren't much better in my hometown, happy to see 800kbps down on a good day. Speeds are getting better in the US but I've been to deserts in the middle east with faster speeds than this.
  2. Unkn0wnUs3r

    7950 xfire: display drivers crashing problem

    Add youtube to html5 extension to the list of failure.
  3. Unkn0wnUs3r

    7950 xfire: display drivers crashing problem

    I have been bashing my head against this problem for many many months. With crossfire enabled I cannot have a game running and also view any flash media without my drivers crashing and recovering. This typically happens when I'm playing a game on my center screen and open a youtube music...
  4. Unkn0wnUs3r

    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    I just finished building this, still have some cable management to do.
  5. Unkn0wnUs3r

    Unsure what GPU solution I should choose

    So I've been researching for months now and I've pretty much decided every part for my new build but the GPU. I am going to be gaming at 5760x1080 which is the only reason this is a difficult decision. Will it be absolutely necessary to crossfire or SLI to have a pleasurable experience at this...