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    Windows 10 2004 - Microsoft removed the defer feature update setting

    Link Wonder how long before they modify GP so you can't change it? Just more beta testing for MS.
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    Linux Mint 18.3 to 19.x upgrade

    I still use windows 7/10 but gave Linux Mint a try a few years ago with version 18.x on a spare laptop. After upgrading from 18.3 to 19.x, I noticed that version 19 seems slower than my old 18.3, especially it's noticeable during booting. So my question: should I have performed a clean install...
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    It's a bumpy road for version 2004 rollout

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    FS: MSI NX8800 GTS -SOLD

    I have 2 of these cards for sale. Asking $10 each plus shipping ($13 flat rate) to the 48. The cards were given to me by my brother so it's only the bare card. I tested them in a spare motherboard at the BIOS level only and they both work. Specs here...
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    Why You Should Remove DOOM Eternal (Denuvo Anti-Cheat)

    Saw this posted in another forum.
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    FS: GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1060 6GB - SOLD

    DirectX 12 GV-N1060G1 GAMING-6GD REV 2.0 6GB 192-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 ATX Video Card Pic Specs: NOTES: Card Dimensions (L x H) 10.94" x 4.49" Fans do not run all the...
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    0Patch: Free security updates for Win7 for next 3 years

    This was on Security Now: is a service that's offering micro patches for critical security flaws in Win7. They just patched the serious JScript.dll flaw that Microsoft isn't planning to have a patch for until patch Tuesday next week. It's free for personal and home use - they make...
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    Black Mesa Beta

    Anyone here playing Black Mesa Beta? I got it from Steam, and they made some great improvements. I forgot how challenging this game was back in the day.
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    Anyone using Brave browser?

    It's based on Chrome and has built in ad blockers, but I ended up having the settings enabled as Ublock Origin works better. I felt that enabling those broke some sites I would normally log into. There are 5 settings for ad blocking in this browser: I must say, this...
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    FS: Samsung Tab 4 SM-T230NU Tablet

    Specs: Model: SM-T230NU Android 4.4 Kit Kat OS, 1.2 GHz quad-core processor 8 GB Flash Memory, 1.5 GB RAM Memory WXGA Display (1280x800 Resolution) Display Size: 7 inches Wi-Fi Tablet, Android 4.4 Kit Kat OS, 1.2 GHz quad-core processor 8 GB Internal Memory, 1.5 GB RAM Memory Camera resolution...
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    Duke Nukem 3D remake using Serious Sam

    I can't seem to get this to install. I followed these instructions: You need to have "Serious Sam Fusion 2017 (beta)" installed which is free if you own Serious Sam 3 or Serious Sam 3 BFE. Then go to "Serious Sam Fusion 2017 (beta)" in your Steam Library, click on "Community Hub" on the right...
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    Here we go again - MS confirms problem with update halting systems from starting Microsoft has confirmed an issue with the latest update for Windows Defender for both Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. The update was released earlier this week and due to...
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    Microsoft's killer Windows 7 patch: Breaks networking, bricks legit 'Not genuine' PCs So from now on, all of my pc's will have updates turned off. I'm running Malwarebytes premium and ESET so I'll take my changes.
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    Windows Defender Now Offers Ultra Secure Sandbox Mode, Here’s How To Turn It On

    Windows 10’s built-in antivirus can now run in a sandbox. Even if an attacker compromises the antivirus engine, they wouldn’t have access to the rest of the system. As Google’s Tavis Ormandy puts it, “this is game changing.” In fact, Windows Defender is the first complete antivirus product that...
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    Windows 7 Updates

    I had to do a fresh install of windows 7 x64 with SPI for my daughter who is in college. Since I have it installed fresh, now comes the question: should I simply turn off updates? She has ESET Internet Security and Malwarebytes installed and active. I just question the updates that are simply...
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    FS: 3 Desktop PC's

    Price drop to $75, and willing to drive 50 miles. I have 3 desktop PCs for sale. All 3 have been reformatted with a fresh install of the OS including the updates. All 3 for $75. NOT SHIPPING THEM. I live in the Sacramento area in California (Woodland next to Davis). I'm willing to drive ~50...
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    WTB: SODIMM DDR3-1600 (PC3-12800) 4G

    Looking for one 4 gig stick for my Lenovo T510 laptop. PC3-8500 would also work. bought a stick from BrownThunder. Thanks
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    Robo Linux

    I've tried a few different distro's but always come back to Mint. Today, I had an opportunity to install Robo Linux as VM under windows 7. I downloaded both Mate and Cinnamon. Seems very impressive distro. I need to find a way to change the font of Mate, as I like the Cinnamon font better...
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    Windows 10 update (and retirement) calendar Here we go - windows 10 as a service. It also mentions Windows 7, January 14, 2020, but the comment: "With that in place – and the strong likelihood that massive...
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    GUFW - SAMBA - Windows 7 Shares

    Having the GUFW (Linux Mint Fire Wall) enabled, does not allow me to view my windows 7 shares. I thought it was a SAMBA issue, but after I disabled the firewall, I was able to see my windows 7 shares. Since I have now turned the firewall off, how can I enable it, and have it ignore my Windows 7...
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    Flickr and Mint 18.1 - can't upload or drag files

    I have Mint 18.1 x64 installed on a Lenovo T510 laptop with 8 gigs of ram and a SSD. Works great. I recently signed up for Flickr account. I have some pictures in the picture folder that I would like to upload to Flickr, but when I select "Choose photos and videos to upload", I select my...
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    Virtual Box vs VMWare Player

    I started with VB first with Win 7 installed. Seem to work fine, but after a few days, I began to have issues with copying files back and forth between OSes. I have the guest additions installed and it worked fine for the first few days. I also wanted to increase the size of the OS, but it...
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    Image backup

    I'm running Linux Mint 18.1 on a Lenovo T510 laptop on a SSD. I'm still getting use to the OS, but I'd like to make an image of the drive like I do in Windows with Acronis. Is there a free utility that can image a Linux OS?
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    WTB Desktop ram: DDR3

    Looking for DDR3 ram KIT of options below: 1. DDR3-1600 (2x2) 2. DDR3-1333 (2x4) 3. DDR3-1600 (2x4) Payment method is Paypal. FOUND: close thread Reviews/Feedback for Executioner |
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    Windows 7, 8.1 moving to Windows 10’s cumulative update model

    This is an interesting move. So those running 7 and 8, how do you feel about this move? Windows 7, 8.1 moving to Windows 10’s cumulative update model
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    Now getting this on my Samsung 5+ yr old Plasma

    On a LCD, it would look like dead pixel column, but sure on a Plasma display if it would be the same issue. I'm assuming this is probably not worth fixing considering the age of the TV - 5+ years.
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    MSFT to Start Charging Users for Windows Upgrade

    MSFT to Start Charging Users for Windows Upgrade (MSFT, AAPL) | Investopedia So if you don't upgrade before July 29, anytime after July 29 will result in update charges? Wow. I guess they are pulling out all the stops to get everyone to upgrade. What if you bought window 10 say in 2020. Would...
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    Chromebook with Linux

    There are several help articles on how to do this, and I was able to get it installed using Crouton. I followed these instructions: I used XFCE desktop which installed just fine, but no apps were installed...
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    Pale Moon Browser

    Anyone here using Pale Moon? I just tried Pale Moon yesterday on my laptop - the x64 version. Seemed to work great, except when I click on my mouse button to go back a page, it does not work. The function works fine in FF and Chrome, so not sure what the issue is with my Logitech mouse. I also...
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    WTB: Small SSD -- FOUND!

    Looking for a small SSD between 60 and 120 gigs, preferably a 120 would be best.
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    PIN number analysis

    Everything you wanted to know about PINs: PIN number analysis Funny to see people still using 1234 as a pin.
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    Looks like Win 10 is slowing down in adoption

    Windows 10 growth hits the brakes
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    Microsoft’s telemetry U-turn?
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    Windows 10 will be automatically offered to even more people as a "recommended" updat

    Here we go again round 3. Windows 10 will now be a recommended update, being very aggressive on pushing Windows 10. I'm sure most users will be clueless that are not tech savvy and having it installed automatically, rebooting their pc and going WTF is this? Microsoft needs to accept that if a...
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    Massive Windows 10 News Hides 5 Nasty Surprises So there you have it folks. What a bunch of crap from MS. This pretty much puts a nail in the coffin for me on using 10.
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    Software with the most vulnerabilities in 2015: Mac OS X, iOS, and Flash
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    Looking for free software to erase old HD

    I'm looking for a free utility that can run on windows 7, where I want to erase a HD connected via USB. I know about DBAN, but was looking for something easy to use via Windows desktop.
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    This chart will infuriate anybody who pays for broadband in the US

    The internet was invented in the US, but we are at #16 in the average speed. :mad:
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    Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse

    Amazon has the M510 Wireless Mouse for 64% off at $14.24...
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    Upgrade now" or "Upgrade tonight."

    Here is the latest prompt by MS: Upgrade now" or "Upgrade tonight." I'm so glad I turned off updates to avoid this harassment. This is getting rather annoying now. If you've been blocking the Win10 upgrade...