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    Western Digital Is Trying to Fool You

    its like people are completely oblivious to how WD and now HGST raise prices by rebranding
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    FS: Office 365 Personal $20

    Can either PM code or ship activation card for $5
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    Looking for a solid 4TB drive to buy -- need 24 of them

    Toshiba MDAxxx/MD0xxx model drives are my new choice now that Hitachi 5K3000 model is no more This is the must have drive and only $140 right now! 5TB/7200rpm/3yr warranty,200_RPM_SATA_III_60Gb-s_35_Desktop_Internal_Hard_Drive_PH3500U-1I72 only...
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    How much do you think a 1TB SSD will be in a year?

    retail under $300, sales $200-250 decent 1tb drives are already under $350
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    WTB: 8087 to 8088 bracket and 8088 cables

    looking for 2 sff-8087 to sff-8088 full height bracket, single or double works also need 1 meter 8088 to 8088 cables please PM me what you have I can pay with paypal or amazon payment heatware under same name
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    Intel Compute Stick -- HTPC worthy?

    I have had the non-intel-sanctioned version since November It plays 1080p@50mbps just fine and can even play tf2 at around 50fps using steam streaming I only paid $100 for mine and it came with windows 8.1 "licensed"
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    Intel Xeon E5603 Westmere-EP 1.6GHz Socket 1366 Processors

    That is why no one is buying, it would be a fair price 4 years ago but not today Just for reference, here is a whole server with 2 E5603 for $200 and could not even get that
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    Intel Xeon E5603 Westmere-EP 1.6GHz Socket 1366 Processors

    Is the ebay price for each or both?
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    Cheapest SFF system capable of Steam in home streaming

    Ive been playing TF2 with this little guy for a bit now MEEGOPAD Z3735F processor just like the zotac too, i wonder what makes the zbox so much more expensive
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    WTT: 2x3TB WD green for 3x2TB WD green

    PMd and bumpd
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    FS: IBM M1015 (LSI SAS2008) *Round 3*

    yes, STH has been good to me most have been sold, only a few left :) bump