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  1. d3athf1sh

    B550 vs X570 and chipset cooling question.

    So i've been wondering why the chipset for B550 doesn't need chipset cooling. It includes PCIE 4.0 and I thoughts that was the reason X570 was running so hot? So at this point why would someone want to go with X570 when you can get say msi's B550 tomahawk with the same vrm as the one they are...
  2. d3athf1sh

    Frag [H]arder RGB 24pin power cable! :)

    just came across this 24 pin cable from Lian-Li and thought it was kinda cool. Available at
  3. d3athf1sh

    New government issued android freephones (obamaphone) comes w/ permanent backdoor installed.

    According to the article Malwarebytes has already sent notification to assurance wireless (the distributor and service provider of government freephones) and has gotten no response. Maybe because it is purposely put on there...
  4. d3athf1sh

    "upgrading" to win10 cut memory throuput in half! help!

    So like i said i just upgraded one of my computers from win7 32bit to win10 64bit doing a clean install. System is AMD 1090t on 785 chipset with 6GB DDR2 800 4-4-4-12-16 2t running in dual channel. I use command prompt as administrator and type in "winsat mem" on win7 i was getting ~16000 MB/s...
  5. d3athf1sh

    No sound on audigy 2zs after updating to win10 1903 or 1909 or later *FIXED!!!

    found this awsome fix and figured i would share it here in case anyone else here is still running this card. (like i am on my mom's pc) original page can be found here...
  6. d3athf1sh

    Another TUF X570 problem. and also what asus support told me.

    so after purchasing the tuf x570 and figuring out that they had removed a bunch of overclocking options in the bios such as BLCK adjustment (yeah), all the spread spectrum settings, also all the memory settings in the digi+ vrm section (which helped me oc my corsair dominator platinum on my...
  7. d3athf1sh

    are solid state batteries the next big thing?

    When these hit the market they are going to change the world.
  8. d3athf1sh

    PSA: electric scooter rental can get you a DUI...

    Thought this may have been one of the main reasons to rent one of these... you know, so you're not driving your car? not sure if this is tech news? more of a public service anouncement. but the only way to rent one is through their app, so kinda tech related....
  9. d3athf1sh

    77 more intel vulnerabilities found and being patched this month.

    NOVEMBER 2019 INTEL PLATFORM UPDATE guess it's another round of perfomance hits for team blue?
  10. d3athf1sh

    AMD AGESA demoed brings performance boost for ryzen 3000!

    demo'd in beta bioses for certain asus and asrock boards. looks like ~100MHz all core boost. hopefully we'll all be getting it shortly. i apologize for linking a f***ing ad heavy "tom's" page but anyway here it is...
  11. d3athf1sh

    Windows 7 updates now working with Ryzen/Skylake?

    well seems like intel/MS (and probably the government) up to their nastiness again. looks like the only reason you can't get win7 updates for ryzen/skylake is because they want you to move to the less secure spyware of an OS that is windows 10. i was reading a thread at tom's...
  12. d3athf1sh

    Microsoft workers listening in on cortana/skype calls. Found this a little unsettling. but what do we expect at this point amazon, apple, and google all do the same thing.
  13. d3athf1sh

    anyone ever thought about using an industrial water chiller as res.?

    this thing looks kind of interesting. it's an industrial water chiller used for cooling the internals of laser cutters. if you didn't get the water ice cold you prob wouldn't have to worry about too much condensation?? thoughts...
  14. d3athf1sh

    critical vulnerability found in VLC media player

    not good it shows the attack complexity as low and on a scale of 1-10 it got a 9.8 (critical)
  15. d3athf1sh

    Micron has DDR5 in the works...

    Anyone else notice this page on Micron's site also if you look at one of their blog posts, they say "As CPU core counts continue to increase, bandwidth per core cannot continue to scale with DDR4. New memory architectures are required to meet...
  16. d3athf1sh

    Win7 EOL Jan 2020!!! really??

    just noticed this optional update in windows update --> but to recap: Windows 7 SP1 support notification Applies to: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Summary 0" style="box-sizing: inherit; outline: none;"> After 10 years of...
  17. d3athf1sh

    electrical shock from corsair M65 pro rgb mouse

    so today i turned on my computer and got ready to get going and BAM got the piss shocked out of me from my frickin mouse! Never had this happen before from any other mouse and been using same case for like prob 10 yrs now, so... WTF? want to know if anyone else has experienced this w/ this...
  18. d3athf1sh

    should Jimi Hendrix Valleys of Neptune be in the next AMD commercial?

    If you are a hendrix fan, go back and listen to "valleys of neptune"! If this track didn't inspire someone at AMD then someone should play it for them! :astronaut: idk maybe i'm just enjoying my beer a little to much? good song tho... wait for it... wait for it.... :)
  19. d3athf1sh

    does [H]ard have a hwbot team?

    just wondering if [H] had a team on hwbot and if not if anyone else on the forums does because i was thinking i might be able to get some descent scores but its just me... when you sign up they ask if you want to join a team. ok...
  20. d3athf1sh

    frozencpu back from the dead?

    so i guess i'm the only one that didn't know frozencpu was/is back in business? anybody ordered from them recently? if so how'd it go? everything legit?