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    NSA Software Fuels Rise in Crypto Mining Malware

    Make sure your tires are full of good intentions before heading out onto the road to Hell? :p
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    Sub Sims?

    I clicked on this thinking it was something to do with small memory modules haha. I had to read - and think about for a sec - the second reply before I figured out it was submarines. Use of the word "submarine" gave it away for me. <light bulb goes on over head> :p
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    US DOJ Sting Nets Darknet Arrests

    There's always that one guy that just has to go too far! "...and a grenade launcher." Wat?! :p Seizure of more than 100 firearms, including handguns, assault rifles, and a grenade launcher; Seizure of five vehicles that were purchased with illicit proceeds and/or used to facilitate criminal...
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    EPYC dual machine

    And I just went and built a system that costs $37,239 lol. I think I'll just go buy a new car at lunch instead! :D
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    Nvidia Has Been Sneaking a Slower MX150 Variant Into Some Ultrabooks

    How is it suddenly NVIDIA's fault if two OEMs happen to implement the MX150 in different ways? The specs on NVIDIA's website say this: "The below specifications represent the GPU features available. Actual implementation may vary by OEM model. Please refer to OEM website for actual shipping...
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    Flashback Dual Celeron Cooler Circa 1998

    I just recently put my 300mhz Celeron that I ran for a long time at 450mhz in the recycle bin. Maybe. That or it's in a drawer nearby lol, actually not sure now.
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    Ethereum and Bitcoin Mining Is Consuming as Much Electricity as a Small Country

    Nearly six hours from the post about how much energy cryptocurrency mining uses to where the discussion is polarized? We can do better next time - we can get to a point where nobody will agree about anything in less than 3 hours. We can do it!! Go! :)
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    IT Admin Leaves Backdoor Accounts for Benefit of New Employer

    Confucius say "Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance."
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    Las Vegas Casino Adding Amazon Echo to All Hotel Rooms

    There are already cameras everywhere in Vegas. Having something responsive to your voice commands in your room just gives you some benefit for the utter lack of privacy you already have in most places now.
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    Pornhub Running On A Refrigerator In Home Depot

    I was fridge shopping recently and looked at this very model and asked the "why" question. Sales woman hit a couple of things and showed me that the screen could show you what was inside the fridge. I demonstrated the more traditional way - I opened the door. She mentioned recipes which I could...
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    The Age of Apple is Over

    How is this not a branding opportunity for Samsung? Note 7: So chock full of features, it sometimes just has to explode!
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    Ugliest Tesla You Will Ever See

    Haters gonna hate hate hate hate, that's Taylor Swift! Eh, I think it looks good. Normal Tesla wins no beauty contest anyway, it's not like he did this to a Ferrari or some hand crafted car that is a work of art to start with. His now looks different than the ones the factory...
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    Monitors Are Vulnerable To Hijacking And Spying

    DEF CON Researchers Hack A Dell Monitor To Show Any Pixels They Want (Some details with pointer to GitHub repo containing the exploit code.) I thought this had to be BS too. It's not BS.
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    TOS Agreement Requires Giving Up First Born, Users Gladly Consent

    My policy is to always happily click, sign or state "I agree" to anything anyone ever asks me with regard to terms of any service I may now or at any point in the future ever happen to use in any circumstances. I figure this sets up so many conflicts with all the agreements I'm bound to by...
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    Oldest CPU pairing with a 1070/1080 GTX?

    I made a similar jump from a Q9650 to my current setup and it was a huge and noticeable difference in subjective performance. Boot times, load times, running Office, running games. Build that new system ASAP! :)
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    Retail RX 480 4GB to 8GB Memory Unlock Mod Works

    This is one of the most confusing things I've ever read on the Internet. Off to Google this phrase now so as to better understand the chicken ass situation. Edit: Google is confused about it too - and that's hard to do!
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    1996 Sega Test Department Training Video

    I want to see the "where are they today" follow up to this video! Seriously, I'm incredibly curious what they all did. :p One down, a lot to go: Tom Kalinske - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    100 CDs vs. Hydraulic Press

    I far prefer the cussing accented narration. Just watched the hockey puck explode and he giggles afterwards and says he might need a blast shield. Ahh countries with no safety standards and cool accents, we love ya! :D
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    How To Send An E-Mail In 1984

    Uhh lol. Haven't made it but 90seconds into the video and: I wouldn't want a washing machine with that many knobs on it, much less a modem. My USR 57.6k modem had zero knobs! Love how he talks about how simple the connection is - as he dials the rotary phone. Dude's password is "1234" :p Edit...
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    Girl Quits Being A 'Boobie Streamer'

    I've started wearing pants around the house almost all the time now - but that's mainly because my 80 year old aunt has moved in with me. I figure if I maintain a clothed appearance in the common areas of the house, she will do the same. Thank God that so far, she has.
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    Teens React To Windows 95

    Great. I just spent 20 minutes looking at funny neckbeard pictures! :p
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    Post Your Workstations 2016

    Don't think I posted this here before - damn Facebook tricked me into posting it there. Nice job Zuckerberg! :p Quad monitor setup without any two of the same monitor and only two are the same resolution. :p My OCD friend says this would drive him insane. I like it and do actually use two...
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    Naked ITX

    and for the ESD: notice this product detail!
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    Naked ITX

    I like it! For the cable management, you could cover anything left exposed in something like this - it comes in various colors:
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    Upgrade after helping son with first gaming pc

    I'm happy with the motherboard - no problems but I'm just running at stock speed. I have installed all the stuff for Thunderbolt but have no Thunderbolt devices. The USB3 is plenty fast and a nice noticable upgrade over older USB ports for reading large flash media used in a camera.
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    Upgrade after helping son with first gaming pc

    If you're really only using the motherboard, CPU and memory from your sig, I'd say don't bother tearing your sig computer apart and just build your son a Z170/6700k system because I doubt you'd notice significant difference in performance. If you could fit a Samsung SM950 Pro M.2 SSD into the...
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    Real 272HP Hoverboard That Costs $20,000

    Seems legit insomuch as this: is slightly larger than this:
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    Independence Day: Resurgence Official Trailer

    In 1996, everyone in Dallas was on Prozac. When that scene played, the whole theater yawned. :p
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    Germany Fires Up Bizarre New Fusion Reactor

    It's not 1,000,000C it's 100,000,000C but that isn't even close to the hottest plasma they've been able to make: (and this is kinda old - who knows what they've done now!) Neat stuff though for sure! :)
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    Poor SSD performance in Windows 10

    I'd look at Task Manager or even Computer Management/System Tools/Performance and capture all the CPU usage data during your test to see who is using the CPU. That high CPU is almost certainly related...
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    Z170 motherboards and M.2 slot questions

    Bunch of the questions here explained really well in
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    Geforce 1080 or Voodoo 1080? (VOTE)

    Don't be silly, the late 90s was six years ago.
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    When Can Quantum Annealing Win?

    Not disputing that the D-Wave can't run Shor's (thanks for clarification on that in fact!) but stuff is happening... "For those partners and vendors that have not yet made the transition to Suite B elliptic curve algorithms...
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    When Can Quantum Annealing Win?

    Best first reply ever! :D does this topic have barely two pages of replies while the 'OMG Microsoft is stealing my cat pictures' thread have 4 pages already? I read the Google blog post - which itself required some research on what the hell quantum annealing even is. It seems to...
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    How To Disable Windows 10 Spying

    Windows 10 being the root of all privacy problems is overblown. Google, Facebook, etc, etc, etc went down this road a long time ago. Microsoft is trying to compete (and actually making progress - which is nice) with what has been going on for some time now. At one time I was of the mind I'd...
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    Reinstalling OS on SSD

    Don't think the format matters much - the real predictor of where your SSD is at in it's lifetime is in the SMART counters. For reference I grabbed the counters off my 840 EVO just now - it's a couple years old and has 4.93TB written shown in Samsung Magician. It was the boot drive and OS drive...
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    Sony Might Have Unlocked The PS4’s 7th CPU Core

    [H]eadquarters of running 7 year old operating systems? Even my dopey XBox One runs Windows 10 now! :p