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    DVD or Blu-Ray drive

    For playing a disc, it only needs a speed of x1. Anything faster is only necessary for reading data from a disc. Read and write speeds vary based on media type. Standalone DVD drives should have equivalent speeds as a Blu-Ray model. The biggest drawback to external drives is the interface...
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    Stand up desk reccomendations

    That is the best desk option I've seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing.
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    Just got my first projector - Is this decent?

    You can't see/notice "input" lag when you are just watching. The "lag" is input based, ie: game pad, mouse, etc., where you make a movement and it's not instantly visible on the screen.
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    Best Buy 12TB WD Easy Store External HDD 179.99

    Yeah, it wasn't noted in the post, but it was a 24 hour flash sale.
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    Best Buy 12TB WD Easy Store External HDD 179.99

    For the 8TB, $139.99 is pretty much regular price. You can get the Amazon model for $124 on sale every couple of months.
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    Fan noise reduction on a Supermicro SC826

    I assume larger fans aren't an option? 80mm fans are always loud. I don't know that I've ever used any that I would recommend. But then again, I've always had the option to upgrade to larger models in my case selections. In regards to gimicky fan mounts, what about removing the mount...
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    Best Buy 12TB WD Easy Store External HDD 179.99

    179.99 this morning. The cheapest that I've seen in a long time. Got 4.
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    Samsung ZA model Soundbars - What are these?

    That is also done to denote the seller. For example, Costco and Best Buy will sell the "same" TV, but the model number listed will have a different suffix like that. It's likely just done to track the seller, but it also provides the seller a way to not have to price match.
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    need help badly with raid5 recovery

    I would agree with that assessment. You can lose a single drive and that's it (with a 4 drive array). And to top it all off, they have been mucking about with the drives. Gonna waste a lot of time and money for likely nothing. I'd suggest they spend that money on new hardware as needed...
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    Problem with Samsung TV, AVR and PC Mode

    Use a different HDMI port on the TV for the PC connection. If you have the AVR connected to the ARC HDMI port, then you will still get audio to the AVR.
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    sheeple cable

    And not because the women liked audio, they just liked how easily the men were separated from their money.
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    So for externals, leave on or turn off when not needed?

    Depends on how safe you are trying to be. For example, even powered off, if there is a lightning strike/power issue, the drive could be damaged by being connected to the PC or from the AC cable. My (external) backup drives are disconnected and sitting on a storage shelf.
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    BestBuy Black Friday deals on WD drives

    The BF sale prices on some items are not the same for online and the actual store. But yes, you have to buy it on BF (or whenever the sale starts) to get that price. Back in the day, you could buy it early, and go back on BF to get the sale price (or return it and rebuy it), but they put an...
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    sheeple cable

    ...but it supports 4K UHD! They have a whole line of just HDMI cables>
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    where do you people buy your speaker and XLR cables?

    Monoprice has various quality options for most cables. Just because they are cheaper, doesn't mean the quality is less. It would be more accurate to say they offer the same or better quality for less money. Besides, in regards to speaker wire, paying more is just giving your money away...
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    HDD detected in device mgr - not disk mgr

    That was my thought as well. I don't recall ever having a working drive, even a drive in a format that Windows can't read, cause a computer to not boot.
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    Xfinity: modem and cable vox from same cable port?

    Depends on the signal level. A splitter will reduce the signal level, so if it's marginal or low already, you will create issues. Also, I'm not familiar with Xfinity, but Charter for instance, used to run a dedicated line to the modem and a second line for TV/phone service. It's not standard...
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    Slightly OT?... looking for a programmable thermostat

    Your system and any possible changes also come into play here. I simply had my HVAC guys make a recommendation (assuming you have a relationship with an HVAC company).
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    8TB shuckable hard drive $121

    I have 4 of these that have been in use for 2+ years so far with no issues. They are in my media server and run 24/7/365.
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    Playing Blu-ray on Windows?

    PowerDVD or WinDVD are the best options. And you need a hardware support as well, depending on the age/type of the PC. ie: video card with HDMI output, HDMI connection to monitor/TV (for HDCP compliance). VLC doesn't officially support BluRay and after hacking, still won't play all discs.
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    Suggestions on new 5.1 PC speakers?

    No. Optical out into an amp/Receiver/AVR and then out to the speakers. So as noted above, the Logitech or move to a HTiB (Home Theater in a Box) with an AVR (Audio Video Receiver). The Logitech will be the smaller, easy to use system, and likely cheaper. The HTiB will take up signifcantly...
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    NetGear R7000 cant do 1gbit WAN

    It wouldn't be a cable issue. Speed is auto negotiated between the modem and router ports during boot. If you look up the modem info, you should be able to see what speeds are supported on the LAN port.
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    6 monitor setup advice

    You could use another card, as you noted above, or use USB video cards. The preferred method would be a video card. And for best results, the same chipset brand (ie: nVidia).
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    Are there any desktop monitors which allow Windows to adjust the brightness?

    I've not read up on how it's implemented, but is it actually dimming the back light or just adjusting the output signal? Like how audio works. You adjust your speakers to whatever volume you want to be max with Windows volume at 100%, and then use Windows (or software) to "control" the volume...
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    Advise need in building a 15x8TB Raid array.

    Same brand, model, chipset, and firmware in most cases. With software Raid, you can break the array, move a disc to another computer, and still access the data. Plus the performance is only limited by the actual speed of the drive, thus it's faster in most cases. Not popular as of late, but...
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    Is it easy to shuck this WD external drive?

    I was referring to this drive: When I posted Friday morning, it was $125 and I ordered two. They contain the new White Label "Red" drives. The 6TB Essentials that I purchased a few months back also...
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    4k VA Panel tv advice

    No need to get upset. I've never seen "DTS" mentioned in regards to a TV purchase. I personally don't use my TV for DTS (or DTS-HD) support, that is all handled by my Receiver. I also don't plug USB into my TV. In any case, there are other options (as noted above) if the Samsung in your...
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    What to use to fully test a drive?

    What leads you to believe there is an issue? I use Seatools on most drives, but as noted, the drive manufacturers tool is the best option. Having said that, I've had drives start throwing SMART errors and even have read issues while the drive still passes testing. I'm at the point where once...
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    Is it easy to shuck this WD external drive?

    The 8TB is on sale at Amazon today (9/6) for $125
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    NetGear R7000 cant do 1gbit WAN

    What modem is being used? Two options here, the firmware on the Netgear or the modem port don't support 1G.
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    Best display mode for gaming on Acer XF270HU 27" 144hz IPS

    I agree. If you want accurate color, you need to calibrate. There are several options, such as the X-Rite i1Display Pro. Or you could just perform the basic Windows calibration or just select what looks good to you. Settings vary across units to produce the same calibration.
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    4k VA Panel tv advice

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    Why is display/monitor market such a shite?

    Monitor selection, like with audio gear (ie: speakers/headphones) is very user specific. Even when you find a model that is popular with good reviews, it gets bashed by a group of users because they don't like that type of monitor. After using TN panels for years, I finally moved on to IPS...
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    Related question: useful comparison of Intel and AMD chipsets?

    You already know most of the features that you want or need. You can select those options on the newegg page to shorten the list. By the time you add your brand preference, price range, or warranty term, there isn't likely to be that great of an abundance of options.
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    MSI warranty service check

    Now I'm second guessing my decision to buy a MSI MPG Z390 Gaming PRO Carbon board. Maybe I will go with the Gigabyte board after all.
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    realtek x570

    What is the motherboard brand/model or if OEM, the computer brand/model? nVidia being listed is often related to the video card HDMI output. So you really need to know the motherboard info, then get the drivers from the motherboard manufacturer.
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    Monitors for Bright Office

    For me, it depends on the location of the windows in regards to the monitors. And it usually isn't that the monitors aren't bright enough, but the reflections on the screen (at least for me). I can have the blinds open and/or the lights on, just not behind me (ie: towards the screen).
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    Interesting - Seagate Rebranding "gaming" drive as "compute" drive

    There are now faster devices available. Current spinning drives are ALL just storage. For an OS, or from a performance standpoint, it would be SSD or M.2 drives. But if it works for you and you are happy with it, stick with it.