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    Intel NUC Skull Canyon i7 BNIB NUC6i7KYK1

    I have a Brand New Sealed in Box Intel NUC Skull Canyon NUC6i7KYK1 Intel's website states warranty valid until 10/12/2022 $525 Shipped
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    **SOLD** ThreadRipper 2990WX Aorus X399 Pro 64GB Ram EK-Supremacy EVO Waterblock

    My Buddy built this system for a customer that bailed. The SSD's I pulled showed 3 hours power on time. -ThreadRipper 2990WX - Aorus X399 Pro Motherboard all SSD Screws and case cable organizer included. -EK-Supremacy Evo Waterblock -Trident Z 64GB RGB Memory 3000mhz CL15 I ran about 10...
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    Phanteks Dual 1200w Power Supply

    I have a boatload of stuff for sale. Most of it has minimal use. Phanteks Revolt 1200W Dual Power Supply (Brand new no box) Has all cables (in bag) $175 Shipped **SOLD** WD Black 512GB NVME SSD...
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    Samsung C34F791 and Asus PG348q side by side.

    Well I have both monitors on my desk right now and am torn :) The Samsung has virtually no black light bleed and looks great. The text on the Samsung is definitely a touch sharper on the other hand because of the more pronounced curve the Samsung looks like a 32" monitor compared to the Asus...
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    Asus ROG PG348Q BLB

    I just picked one up from Microcenter the salesman said if it had bad BLB come back and exchange it. I know all of them are going to have BLB but for the people that have one what do you think of mine?
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    Do all gaming monitors look like crap?

    I'm on the hunt for a 1440 G-Sync gaming monitor and just picked up a Dell 2716DGR yesterday from Best Buy and even after the tweaks listed online it still looks like crap to me. Black levels and contrast are horrid coming from a Philips 4k 40". The colors are also bland and have no pop at all...
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    Same Windows 7 Ultimate Key used on 5 Windows 10 Installs

    I have a buddy that told me he was given a copy of Windows 7 Ulitmate (says not for resale on the plastic case) and he just installs windows 10 from a USB and activated 5 pc's now with the same windows 7 key listed on the box! all are online and activated and idea how this is possible?
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    Alienware Laptops

    Located in Saugus, MA which is 10 minutes north of Boston. As for feedback Ebay same username over 600+ Positives. Heat Alienware M17x R2 Laptop - Space Black Anodized Aluminum $1199 6X Blu-ray Disc Combo (DVD+/-RW + BD-ROM)...
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    Alienware M18x and M17x R3

    [/COLOR] Located in Saugus, MA which is 10 minutes north of Boston. As for feedback Ebay same username over 600+ Positives. Heat Ebay M17x...
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    Alienware M17x R2

    [/COLOR] This is a like new refurbished with a FACTORY 1 year warranty good until 11/2013. Core i7 Extreme processor, Dual Crossfire Ati 5870 graphics cards, and the sought after 17" 1920 x 1200 RGB Screen. This computer orignaly sold for close to $4,000 $1299 Alienware M17x...
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    Help me Choose please M17 R2 / R3

    I usually hate when people post these threads but I ordered both and need to cancel one :) The R3 is $30 more but appears to have a lesser build quality from what I have read and also has a lower resolution screen. The Screen is not really a deal breaker for me as this is a desktop replacement...
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    New Dell XPS13

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    Black Ops so far let down

    WTF is going on MW2 looked much much better. I just waited in line for 30 minutes @ 12:01am to purchase the PS3 Version and pre-ordered the PC version through far my 10Y/O and me think it stinks! Mac
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    Dell XPS M1730

    No trades I need to get $2100 net out of this or it will not be sold! Smoke Grey T7700 120gb 7200rpm HD Intel® PRO/Wireless 4965a/g/n Mini Card 2gb Ram 2x 8700gt in SLI DVD Burner Refurbed with 1 year of warranty remaining. Bluetooth Webcam Remote Control Component out cable...
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    E6750, Maxtor 320gb, Logitech G7,

    I have a 1 week old e6750 retail for $160 shipped 2x Maxtor 320gb drives for $65 shipped each.SOLD G7 wireless gaming mouse in box used 1 day $65 shipped
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    150gb Raptor, 300gb +20gb Free Sata II, XP Pro

    Ebay 400+ Feedback same username. Many sales here on the board. I do not have Heat. E6400 with brand new retail E6750 heatsink. Never Overclocked $106 Shipped SOLD 150gb Raptor purchased from NewEgg a little over a year ago. Has seen 6 months of use. $140 Shipped (US) Can include...
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    8800GT SLI results

    Well I did some upgrading because of the Damn Crysis game :) Specs Before -E6400 -BFG 8800GTS 640MB OC2 -2gb 533mhz memory -37" Westy 37w3 1920 x 1080 rez With this setup I completed Crysis at native rez of 1920 x 1080 but had to set everything to low and averaged around 30 FPS...
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    2x 7900GS (Dell OEM)

    Card are as new $100 each shipped. *SOLD* Thanks Mac
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    New Retail Raptor X 150gb 10k rpm

    Brand new sealed in the box. $200 delivered. Paypal only *****SOLD***** Thanks Mac
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    New Retail Raptor X 150gb 10k rpm

    Brand new sealed in the box. $200 delivered. Paypal only Thanks Mac
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    Dell 30" 3007WFP

    Brand new Dell 30" LCD monitor 2560 x 1600 resolution. Monitor is brand new. Price is $1200 I will not go ANY LOWER. All offers will not be answered. Monitor has a 3 year warranty. No dead pixels that I could see when I powered it up! Ebay same username for references. Local pickup or...
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    BF2142 SLI Question

    I've read a few posts here and there that older Nvida drivers will not have a BF2142 profile so SLI will not be enabled or will not have optimum performance. Someone said just rename the BF2142.exe to BF2.exe and you will see a big performance increase, other said just create a new profile. Also...
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    Brand New Sealed Logitech G7 Cordless Gaming Mouse $60 Shipped Please no trades, Paypal only. Thanks Mac
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    Whats up with Cordless Mice

    I picked up a G7 from CompUsa yesterday and I'm returning it today. I have purchases 3 top of the line cordless setups in the last few days and none of them are acceptable to me. So far I've tried the Revolution, The Mx5000 Bluetooth, and the G7. All of them do not track even remotley as smooth...
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    Dell 2407 Rev. A03 $675

    As new in box...powered up for 5 minutes tops. I'm selling because I was going to replace my Westinghouse 37" monitor with this one and just can't :) Ebay 400+ positive feedbacks same username. Mac
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    2GB 1gb x 2 Patriot DDR667 $165 shipped

    Apparantly this memory isn't compatible with my Dell so up for sale it is cheaper than the Egg. Lifetime warranty this stuff is supposed to be an EXCELLENT overclocker. Paypal only Added New Dell 2407 Rev A03. Monitor was powered up for 2 minutes only. As new in box without the problem of...
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    Patriot DDR667 XPS700 Bad results

    My XPS700 came with 1gb of Nanya DDR667. I can overclock to a 300mhz bus and the system is stable. Since I heard that these ship with crappy ram I picked up a 2gb set of the patriot memory that everyone is loving for the price and overclockability. Bad thing is I can't even get to 300mhz with...
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    Nanya 2x512mb DDR667 + Samsung 2x512mb DDR533

    Nanya 2x512mb DDR667 New pull from a Dell XPS700 $90 delivered Slightly used Samsung 2x512mb DDR533 $50 delivered. Paypal only Thanks Mac
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    Well I got a great deal on a XPS700 :) $1500 E6400 1gb Ram 2x 7900GS in SLI 16x DVD + 16x DVD writer Xi Fi sound 4 year warranty Played with a little overclocking last night and got 300fsb 7900GS's @ 550/800 3dMark03 30,000+ 3dMark06 7850 Not to shabby :) Mac
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    What the!! EVGA 7900GT 256mb in a 512mb BOX!

    I have a brand new factory sealed EVGA 256mb card according to the serial number window, even the box serial number label states 256MB when the box has 512MB in every corner. I guess I'll have to give EVGA a call tomorrow :) Mac
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    New Dell 2405FPW $750

    I purchased this then found a sweet deal on a 50" Plasma so I can't keep the Dell. The monitor is new in the box and has never even been turned on. $750 picked up or plus shipping. You get the brand new monitor and recipt for warranty purposes. Mac Ebay cmacclel = 350+ positives...
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    Dell 9300 Battery / Targus Laptop Docking Station

    I have a brand new Dell 9300 53w battery which also fits Dell Inspiron 6000, 9200, and XPS 2 laptops $60 Shipped. I also have a Brand new Targus USB 2.0 Mobile docking station. $60 Shipped Specs Here
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    eVGA GeForce 6800 Ultra PCI X 256MB $275 Shipped!!!

    I have 2 used cards that where in a SLI System for a few months. $275 Each shipped. Mac Ebay username cmacclel 350+ feedback
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    PCI-E Evga 6800 Ultra and AGP 6800 GT

    Evga 6800 Pci Express Ultra New sealed. $475 shipped Evga 6800 GT AGP New Sealed $350 shipped Ebay same username 375+ feedbacks cmacclel at comcast dot net Mac
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    FS Brand NEW 8x AGP eVGA GeForce 6800GT 256MB DDR3

    I have 2 of these for $330 shipped each. I'm leaving on vacation for 4 days starting tomorrow morning so If you want one and get the payment to me by tonight I will get it shipped first thing in the morning before I leave. Same username on Ebay 350+ positives.
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    AMD 64 3000+ System 6800GT 1GB Mushkin

    MSI NEO FIS2R Motherbaord 1GB Mushkin Level I PC3500 RAM AMD 64 3000+ Processor Enermax 460 Watt Power Supply Antec Case Modded with 2 Delta 120mm Fans PNY Geforce 6800GT (runs past Ultra Clocks) Sony 8x DVD Dual layer Burner Sony 3.5 Floppy Nexus Fan controller PAL 8150T Heatsink with...
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    PNY GeForce 6800GT New

    Card is brand new. $325 cmacclel at comcast dot net
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    eVGA 6800 Ultra 256MB PCI-E

    I have 2 of these cards brand new. $575 each. 350+ positives on Ebay same username. Thanks Mac cmacclel at comcast dot net
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    IBM M50 3.0Ghz and 17" Matching LCD

    Computer was a Company Spare and was just powered up by me a month ago. Computer specs are : Pentium 4 3ghz Hyperthreading processor 512MB Ram 80 GB 7200 RPM performance Hard Drive Intel 865p Chipset with integrated Intel 3d Graphics Windows 2000 License is included (Currently has XP...
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    Athlon 900Mhz With MSI Board $50 shipped

    This was a working pull... MSI 6191 Mainboard Athlon Slot A running at 900 or 950Mhz I believe it's a 750Mhz core that has run at 900 or 950Mhz since day one. Vos32 mack daddy slot A cooler modded with a copper insert that sits directly on the core!!! This was before there was even a...