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    LCD screen gets hot. Should I be worried?

    Hello, I have a 24" HP LP2465 that gets really hot, especially in the top right part at the back. I noticed that even the actual screen gets pretty hot. Is this normal? My room temp is around 86 degrees Fahrenheit. thanks!
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    over sharpened images on LCD - is it a common issue ?

    I recently moved from an old 21" crt to a 24" lcd screen (S-PVA panel). I really like it, except for the fact that images look over sharpen and pixelated, especially the one that are scaled down, like avatars. They look like a jpg image saved with very low quality settings or a gif with not...
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    Online calibration/tests?

    Hey guys, I just bought an HP LP2465, S-PVA panel. I am really happy with it so far, except how it handles grey and grey gradients. For example (254,254,254) is waaaay darker than it should be. This causes also some banding. I think I saw a website here on hardforum mentioned quite a few times...
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    Dell 2407WFP rev. A04

    Hello everybody! I've been trying to find a decent non-tn 24" or 22" inch monitor for a while to use it primarely for webdesign graphic and coding, maybe some movies etc. I was going to buy the Dell 2209WA but it is imposible to get one here (Romania), I called all the major stores and they...
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    How much does a typical 24" display's stand weighs?

    Hey guys. I'm trying to determine how much will weigh the display I'm about to purchase without the stand (Benq FP241W or HP LP2465 ~ 10.7 kg). I want to mount it on an ergotron lx stand that supports a maximum of 9.1 kg. Will this be able to sustain the weight? thanks!
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    Benq FP241W vs. LG L245WP-BN

    Hello everybody! I am about to purchase a 24" monitor and after reading several topics I narrowed my list to the following 2 models: Benq FP241W and LG L245WP-BN. I will be using it mostly for webdesign (coding and photoshop), office, browsing, movies and so on. I won't be playing any...
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    HP LP2465 vs Benq FP241W vs NEC LCD2470WNX

    Hello everybody! I'm about tu upgrade from my trusty 21" trinitron CRT and after reading loads of topics and reviews I ended up with these 3 models. I will be using the monitor for some semi-professional graphic design, web design, movies. No gaming (maybe just the new GTA IV :D). So I...