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    Scriptable VOIP Softphone?

    I'm looking for a piece of software, which may or may not exist. My Google-Fu hasn't turned up anything that really fits what I'm looking for (and maybe it doesn't exist), but then again maybe somebody here has some thoughts. In a nutshell: What I'm hoping for is something like a softphone...
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    Keep old Equallogic PS100 running

    As the title states, I have an Equallogic PS100 iSCSI array that I need to keep running (for at least a few more months before I can officially retire it). The array's no longer supported by Dell, so I can't get parts through them anymore. Fortunately, the only thing wrong is that I have a...
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    Third party drives into a Equallogic PS400 Array?

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried to put non-Dell drives into an older Equallogic PS400 series array? (Yes, PS400, not PS4000) The reason I ask is because we have one of these old arrays still in service, and Dell is EOL'ing the unit (no more support / maintenance renewals after April, so I'm...
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    Router Simulation / Throttling software

    I'm looking for some software that can act as a router and simulate different network speeds (or I guess a real router that can throttle connections speeds would be OK too)... We'd like to test an application that must communicate over a VPN and need to see at what point/speed performance is...
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    Memory for Celeron-D

    I'm trying to build a (very) budget system for my son's b-day... (He's only going to be 5, he doesn't need much yet!) I'm going to build with a Celeron D processor and was looking at the ASUS Terminator2 T2-R barebones system... I picked up one of the MadDog DVD-R's the other day for $9...