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    Lexip Ceramic Glide Feet - $9.99 Normally 19.99. Bought for same price at Bestbuy (9.99) On cloth pads these glide great and are quiet. Hard...
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    Control pc requirements revealed The mins seem high... Makes me wonder how good an older maxwell gpu might play it.
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    Just bought a HP 15-CX0077WM gaming laptop for $749 b4 tax, good buy?

    Good buy or bad spec to price? This will be the first Laptop for me. Been a desktop user going on forever now. Got it from wally world so if I don't like it I should be able to return Seems like the best GPU/CPU I could find for the money. Manufacturer webpage: HP 15-CX0077WM Specs...
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    Ms refunded hevc video extension out of the blue.

    I bought the extension a few months ago. Today i got a email that says: I didn't make the request. Anyone else get a notice? Weirdly enough it looks like it is still installed on my computer.
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    Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, a new quake 1 engine game from 3drealms Wrath: Aeons of ruin is coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch in Summer 2019. I am hyped. Love me some old school shooters.
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    What happened to ceramic mouse skids?

    Recently found someone talking about ceramic mouse feet being great but this looks like they died off at some point. Where they really better and if so why did they die?
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    Axiom Verge on Epic game store free feb07-21

    Axiom Verge maybe once I beat cagy to post something ;)
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    Nvidia 417.71 drivers up.

    New 417.71 drivers up Get to testing those freesync panels!
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    My Kryonaut results (not good)

    I paid $20 bucks from amazon for a tube after reading some reviews along with a new Scythe Mugen 5 Rev. B Finally got both in my hands for testing out and figure why not share my results. love'em or hate'em. Additionally I am using a Cougar Vortex 120mm PWM Fan instead of the included Kaze...
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    Subnautica 12/14-12/27 and Super Meat boy 12/28-01/10

    Set to be free on Epic Game Launcher Epic Games Subnautica Super Meat Boy
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    Wtb: noctua nh-d15s

    Anyone got one for sale? Needs 115x brackets and supplies. LMK thanks for looking.
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    Evga 1070 ti $350 atfer instant coupon Click add coupon. Looks like free shipping.
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    Got win 10 stutter?

    Just saw this. I don't endorse it but maybe it can help someone out. One of the programmers is also part of ddu. Maybe snake oil. Maybe not.
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    Anyway to block "app" notification links in chrome browser?

    I don't install apps usually and sandbox through the browser, but i'm sick of websites recommending me to install apps in chrome. They take up lots of space to link to the app and leave a tiny space to say no to it. Can they be turned off?
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    FS: MSI GTX 970 GAMING 4G $115

    Up For Sale: MSI GTX 970 GAMING 4G Will include Box and Mouse Pad. Asking $sold. US only Original Owner, bought on 9/24/2014 Home is smoke/animal free and card barely ever hit high 60's C Heatware...
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    Worth using a killer m1 nic on windows 10?

    Got one from an [H] member years ago and never used it. Wonder if its worth using over a onboard intel nic on a gigabyte ga-z87x-ud4h mobo? Thanks.
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    Guess they aren't kidding about the name firestick

    I picked up a 2nd gen firestick tv last friday when best buy was selling them for 20 bucks. A mere week and a day later I play some hulu on it (barely used it during the week) and the device just shuts down and tv shows no signal. I start it up again and 10 mins later it shuts off again...
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    Pc games on sale at voidu plus extra 18% with code.

    Saw this at vg247. Use code summer18 for an extra 18% off. Looks like base version of gta-v is cheap at 17.89 before discount. Activates at rockstar club. Mafia 3 looked like 11.xx before discount.
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    Some Steam Themes eat CPU...

    Small PSA. Has anyone noticed when using steam themes and just having the window open will eat cpu time? No games loaded. I noticed this tonight while task manager was open that 1 cpu core would have about 75% load with window open, load would go away when steam is minimized to tray. Using...
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    Windows 10 unbootable after kb4056892

    Decided in my ultimate wisdom to upgrade an old Athlon x2 system with an ssd and Windows 10 pro. Already had a iso of win 10 1709 made by me on 12.22.17 Windows 10 installed fine. Got some updates installed but kb4056892 installed and asked to restart so clicked restart. Eventually after...
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    Favoritism towards xbox version of Forza Horizon 3

    Am I just unlucky or is there more favoritism on the xbox version of this game. A few months back I was at a guys house that was playing it on his Xbox One S and while watching him he seemed to be getting cars (and good cars at that) when doing the wheelspin of luck each leveling of XP. During...
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    WTB: AMD Mobile Athlon 64 4000+

    Looking for AMN4000BKX5BU. Skt 754. PM me. Thanks
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    DS4 controller $40 @ NE

    Not the cheapest but not bad.
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    Anyone think the vram amount will taper off?

    For awhile it seems like we getting more Vram on videocard's each generation. From 1GB to 2GB to 4GB and now 8GB with upcoming gen. 16GB Vram sounds crazy for even 4K resolutions and more than even system ram currently recommended. So does anyone think we will get a couple more generations...
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    Wtb: win xp sp3 keys

    Looking for up to 2 retail key. Prefer xp pro. Thanks
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    Who installs windows optional updates?

    Ok, the short of it. Had a BSOD of PFN_LIST_ERROR yesterday night, did a system file check which said corrupt files it couldn't fix. Followed up with DISM restore health which said I had bad component store. I just fixed it and found it was related to optional update KB3022345 which was a...
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    razer surround pro free at newegg I purchesed one but havent checked it out yet
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    What version of Metal Gear Solid 2 to play?

    I beat MGS on PS1 a couple of months ago and enjoyed it. About ready to start the next one but wasn't impressed on the PS2 version as it was quite dark. Should I play, MGS2 HD PS3 or PC I read something about the PC being a port of XBOX original which was a port of the PS2 so I'm...
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    WTS: Nvidia GTX760

    Looking for interested buyer. MSI N760-2GD5/OC G-SYNC Support GeForce GTX 760 2GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 SLI Looking at $200 OBO shipped in Cont USA. Purchased on 2/1/2014 on Newegg. Still have box missing UPC code. No overclocking and kept dusted with a metrovac duster. Preferred...
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    WTS: 4770k on the block

    Just upgraded my CPU and out the old one goes. Intel I7 4770K Haswell 3.5GHz with box/hsf and booklet. Ran most of its life at Stock clocks at 1.11v which kept temps cool! Price $260 Shipped In Cont. USA. PENDING Paypal or Amazon Payment Heat: roguetrip Thanks for looking!
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    WTB: DDR3 1600 4GB

    Looking for a deal to get a computer running. Please PM me. Heat roguetrip Can pay paypal/amazon. Thanks
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    Retro gamers/collectors how common is this? Silkscreen wrinkling

    So tonight I arrived home all happy about a ebay purchase of Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes (for nintendo gamecube) arrival. To my dismay upon looking over the discs I found that Disc 1 has wrinkled silk screening, yet the aluminum foil looks ok I guess and the bottom of the disc has like no...
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    When do you retire a PSU?

    Do you wait till it goes *poof* or out of warranty or just upgrade before long? Today I was just thinking about my PSU, a Corsair TX850 V1 and found it was purchased back in April, 2010. Still working great and after looking up a review revealed it has a 5yr warranty so it's gonna be up soon...
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    Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Ep. 2 out now

    9.1GB download off steam for me. Can't wait to play it, and then maybe play BS1 and BS2 for the first time after that. :)
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    FS: Ass Creed IV, GTX 570

    Just upgraded my videocard. 1x Ass Creed IV redeemed at code for $18 1x MSI GTX 570 OC 1280MB for $105 Shipped Bought the 570 around a year ago from another forum member here. Runs games great. Will...
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    Humble Bundle Winter Sale Did you miss some game sales on Steam or Amazon? They might still be for sale on HB:WS. Shadow Warrior $9.99 Guacamelee! Gold Edition $3.75 Papers, Please $4.99 + many more
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    FS: I5 4670k

    Would like to deal with Amazon Payments Non-CC in Con. US Heat- roguetrip I5 4670K Retail box with Heatsink/Fan assy. Bought around mid august and upgraded last month. Only ran it up to 3.8ghz on all cores. Asking price ......SOLD.... Lid Pin side
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    Will the Dual shock 4 be improved on the PS3?

    The Dual shock 4 looks impressive over the DS3. I am seeing it currently only works wired to the system and also has no shock capability with the PS3. Will these items be fixed by Sony soon? Still got a few games I want to play on my PS3 and use either the DS3 controller or a 360...
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    steam drive through SSD USB3.0?

    Got a USB 3.0 enclosure and a couple older 64GB SSD drives. Thinking about plugging one up as a steam drive cause I'm running low on my 256GB SSD (Strictly steam game drive) and my WD 640GB Black chuggs with some games, like Portal 1 was taking awhile to load on the 640GB. Current setup...
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    Warm Nzxt kraken x60 99.99 at microcenter B&M

    Saw this yesterday at local MC in NE Ohio. $50 instant ssvings