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    Computer crashing when transferring files

    Hey guys. I have an external hard drive that I'm using to watch movies with my 360. I formatted with Mac drive. Now when I go to transfer files to it the speed starts decent but just continues to decline as the transfer keeps going. Also right at the end of the transfer my computer crashes...
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    FS Logitech G13

    Hey guys. Looking for some extra cash and figured I could part with this as I just dont seem to game as much anymore. Used it a handful of times. Looking for $40 shipped. Will take some pics and throw them up later. Thanks. Heat is under Bucken77
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    FS Crucial 2gb kit 6400 mem

    Hey guys. I've got some memory just sitting around so figured someone else can be using it. It is 2x1gb pc2 6400 memory kit cl4 Looking to get $30 shipped. Thanks
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    No PC Dead Space 2

    Well it looks like the PC community is getting screwed. EA is killing off the PC version of DS2.
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    FS DFI X48 and Q6600

    Hey guys. Cleaning out some older inventory. I have a lightly used DFI X48 motherboard. Will come with a TR Southbridge cooler(forgot the name HR05 maybe). It's the Lanparty version. Asking $80 shipped OBO Also have a Q6600 that has to go. It is...
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    FS Novint Falcon

    Hey guys. Have the Novint Falcon just sitting on my desk not being used. Only played with it once with HL2. Was pretty cool but I've just not been gaming as much as I was. It will come with the pistol grip also. $130 shipped Heat is under bucken77.
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    FS CH Products MFP

    Hey guys. I have a very slightly used MFP(Multi Function Panel). It is a great game controller especially for sims. The keys can be put in any configuration that you can think of so it is more comfortable than anything else. Comes with everything the retail package comes with. Sells for around...
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    FS Ibook G3 14.1" screen

    Hey guys. I have an older G3 Ibook just laying around and figured someone else can probably use it. It has a 700 mhz processor with a 14.1" screen. I wiped the 30gb hdd but have not put the OS back on. I have all the disks that came with it and also have an airport hub and a carrying case. Only...
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    FS CH Products MFP

    Hey guys. Took this out of the box to look at and just never used it. Comes with everything in retail package. Will take pics when my back feels better. Retails for around $200. Will let go for $150 shipped to your door OBO. Non CC Paypal Heat under bucken77 Here is a link to the product...
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    Can't reinstall OSX on Ibook

    So I'm going to sell my old Ibook and I wiped the drive and am trying to reinstall OSX. When it gets to the install however it gives me an error saying that an error occured and the system wasn't installed. Anyone know how I can get this reinstall to work? Thanks.
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    FS LL V2000

    Hey guys. I've got the LL Tyr PCX-2000 so I will not be needing my v2000 anymore. The case was powder coated black inside and out. Comes with a 2x120 rad and a 1x120 rad. Also has a fan controller built into the top of the case. Is missing some of the front bay covers and a few of the pci covers...
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    FS Logitech G15 version 1

    Hey guys. Decided I don't really use the keyboard to it's potential so I downgraded. I'm looking for $50 shipped. Non CC Paypal please. Heat is under bucken77
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    The L4D Tardy Teammate Thread

    Well I just got kicked in a game and I've had enough. Lets start naming names. First map played I got pounced early and was eaten alive while my teammate no more than 2 feet from me just meleed himself into a tizzy. So I said I'll keep playing everyone makes mistakes. So I'm infected now and...
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    FS Cosmos 1000 and Thermalright

    I purchased the LL X2000 so my case has to go CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000- This is the original. Very nice case. Nothing wrong with it I just liked the LL better. SOLD TR HR03 Plus- This is for the 8800 series- SOLD TR IFX-14- This is a monster cooler. I loved it it just didn't fit in my new...
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    FS OCZ Reaper X

    Hey guys. This memory wont fit under my new heatsink so it has to go. It is pc8000 2x2gb kit. Looking for $80 shipped OBO. Non CC paypal Heat is under bucken77.
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    FS Ballistix Tracers pc8500 4gb

    Hey guys. I just got these back from RMA so these are never opened. I have 2 sets of 2x1gb Ballistix Tracers pc8500. Looking for $40 shipped each OBO. Non CC paypal please. My heat is under bucken77
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    FS Motherboard and Mem and Case

    1) Gigabyte p35-DQ6 motherboard-SOLD 2) OCZ pc4800 Platinum LE(2x512)-$45 shipped SOLD 3) LL V2000 modded to fit 2x120mm rad in the bottom and 1x120mm rad on the top. Will include the rads and some extra's which include the LL 4in3 hdd module. The case also was modded with a fan controller...
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    FS 74 gb Raptors

    I have some Raptors for sale. Have decided to go with storage capacity over speed. Manufacture date for both is from 2004. Looking for $75 shipped for each. Heatware is under Will accept NCC paypal. For $150 for both I will throw in the G5 mouse and Age of Empires 3...
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    Big issue with Koolance

    I bought a Windy case from Koolance back in July. He said his buddy in Japan could ship him the case from there. Well I paid him through Paypal and by MO. Have had a bunch of back and forth PM's with him since and he has come up with nothing but excuses. Finally I told him I just wanted my money...
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    24 or 26 NEC

    Having read alot on these 2 displays I wonder what are the arguments for going with the 24 over the 26. The price difference is $100. Why would I go with the 24?
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    WTT AOE3 for Viva Pinata

    Hey as the title says. I just got the 360 and am looking for a kid friendly game. I have Age of Empires which I never play. Will trade for VP.
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    Connecting Prelude to AV Receiver

    Hey guys. I am having a very hard time connecting my prelude to my HK receiver. The HK is the AVR55 I'm trying to connect to it via analogue so I can have EAX...
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    Going for 360

    Hey guys. Am finally going to get a console. Now I need to pick which version. Is the Elite version with the 120gb hd worth it?
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    FS Games and hardware

    Hey guys. Have some games and some older hardware that I need to get rid of Battlefield 2142- SOLD BF2 & Special Forces- SOLD Oblivion- SOLD Fear- SOLD Sims 2 DVD-SOLD Athlon XP 2100 cpu & Asus A7N8X-Deluxe mobo. Sold as a combo- $60 shipped 2 sticks Samsung DDR333 256mg- SOLD Buffalo...
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    Need driver for webcam that came with Asus vid card

    Hey guys. I sold the vid card but still have the webcam that was bundled with it. Does anyone have the drivers for it? Driving me nuts everytime I start up my computer. Thanks in advance.
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    FS DFI Ultra-D

    I have for sale an Ultra-D. The chipset fan is pretty much shot on this. Works but is LOUD as hell. Sometimes needs to boot twice on a cold start. Otherwise perfect. Looking for $60 shipped. Heat is under
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    FS Iwaki MD-20RT

    I have had this pump for 2 years but have not run it for about a year. Worked awesome when I used it. Was almost silent. Looking for $90 shipped. Heat under bucken77 [/URL][/IMG]
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    FS Watercooled v2000 Powdercoated Black

    Hey guys. Need some money so have to sell my baby. This case is a Voyeur mods modded Lian Li v2000. I had them powdercoat it black inside and out. It comes with a dual 120 heatercore with blue uv shroud mounted on the bottom of the case. Also mounted on the top is a single 120 heatercore with...
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    FS TDX, DD dual heater core, D4 pump, Dual bay res

    Hey guys. Have the above parts for sale. TDX- Has the 5 pack nozzle set. Comes with a64 and Intel top Heater core- comes with UV blue shroud D4- has 1/2 inch fittings. Dual bay res Asking $120 shipped for the complete kit. Want to sell this whole for the moment. Will part out if I have to...
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    FS DD NV68 Waterblock

    This block cools both the ram and the core. Kept my 6800 Ultra nice and cool. Never saw temps above 53c. This block retails for $125. I'm looking for $70 shipped. This block comes with 1/2" barbs. Heat under bucken77 Email is Here is a pic of this block on my old 6800...
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    Chaintech 875 mobo problems.

    Hey guys. My wife's computer is giving me a hell of a time right now and thus so is my wife. She was on msn messenger 2 days ago and all of a sudden the sound started repeating and then the computer just froze. Since then it will not reboot. It gets to the windows splash screen but then it...
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    FS US Asus 6800Ultra PCIE

    Hey guys. Just got a 7800gtx so I am selling this card. I purchased it from OPB back in May. Looking to get $350 for it.
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    FS Iwaki md20RT

    Hey guys. Selling this beast of a pump. Purchased it about a year ago and used it for about 3 weeks. Ran almost silent. Could not hear it above my case fans. Has a max head of 14.1 feet. Looking for $125 shipped. Heat under bucken77
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    FS 2x512 DC OCZ PC3700EB

    Hey guys. Have the above mentioned ram for sale. Have had it at 250 3225 superpi stable. 240 3225 for 3d stable. These are my results and I am sure these can do better. I am not a very good oc'er. Looking for $200 shipped. Have heat under bucken77.
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    FS BBA Radeon X800XL PCI-e

    Hey guys have the above mentioned card for sale. It is a buddy of mines card but I have used it for a few weeks now. Overclocks pretty much the same as all of these cards. But I really did not push it so you may get more out of it. Asking for $240 shipped.
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    FS Matrix orbital lcd

    Hey guys have the above mentioned lcd for sale. It is this one right here This comes with a usb adapter and a usb cable. Looking for $75 shipped.
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    Fs Pny 6800u Agp

    Have the above mentioned card for sale. It is the retail box card so it will come with everything that the retail box came with. Looking for $370 shipped. Heat= bucken77
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    Dell 2005 LCD wont turn on

    Hey guys. I unplugged my 2005 LCD to move some stuff around. When I plugged it back in it wont turn on. No green light on the front. Just sits there. Anything I am missing? Anyone else have this problem? Thanks
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    FS PNY 6800 Ultra AGP with DD NV68 Waterblock

    Hey guys have the above mentioned vid card for sale. Looking for $450. email: heat: bucken77
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    FS DFI NF3 A64 3700 and 6800U with NV68

    Hey guys. Have the above titled hardware for sale. Newegg prices listed a64 3700- 329 at Newegg- $280 from me SOLD DFI NF3 mobo- 102 at Newegg- $80 from me SOLD PNY 6800 Ultra with DDNV68 waterblock- 489 +125for block- $460 from me. Comes with FarCry All prices shipped. All products are...