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    FS: GTX 260 w/XSPC razor block

    Looking to sell my EVGA GTX 260 SC card with XSPC razor waterblock installed. Card has been used for 2 years in a gaming rig, no folding or benching, temps never exceeded 50C. Does not include the original heatsink/fan but has original box. Price will be 140$ shipped via Paypal in CONUS...
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    Samsung, you're killing me.....

    Where the frick is the Galaxy S2 in the US.... What a joke samsung......... You release a phone in EUROPE 6 months before the US, that's smart thinking.
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    Where is the Maximus IV Gene-z

    Been waiting on this board since January, and it has been almost 2 months since the press release........ Guess I might be finally going over to MSI or Gigabyte after all these years.... Pretty failure Asus.
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    90gb vertex 2 120$ after rebate.

    Title says it all. 90gb vertex2 from tigerdirect. Might be able to get 10$ off with VISA as well. Double Post sorry.
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    Netgear WNDR3700 119.99$ free shipping.

    Pretty good deal for one of the top dual band gigabit routers on the market. 129.99$ from being a free member, and then SUBSCRIBER will give 10$ more off.
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    Motorola SB6120 Extreme Docsis 3 cable modem

    79.99 at Amazon with free shipping. Been looking at getting one for over a month now, and this is the lowest price I have seen.
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    Anyone planning to buy Global Agenda

    I just noticed on steam that you can buy the 4 pack of global agenda, and get beta access right now and all the preorder stuff for just 34$ per game with a free month included. What does everyone else think about this game?