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    WTT A Bunch of Random new DVD's/CD's for trade

    Im not looking for anything in particular so let me know what you have Everything is new and still wrapped except for triumph of the will The Simpsons Movie Inspector Gadget - the complete series Scarface - the platinum edition The Who - Amazing Journey MXC Season one MXC Season two leon...
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    WTT TomTom XXL 540s for a Sprint phone

    Im tired of my pos Instinct so i need something else.. Pm me with your offer or post them on here....Im to lazy to post pictures so if anyone wants any ask for them and ill post them Thanks
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    WTB iPod Nano

    Im looking to buy an ipod nano preferably 2-4gb. I dont care what gen :o
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    Buzzing noise from speakers are driving me crazy..Please help

    Im using a 3.5mm to rca cable to connect my computer to my tv so i can get sound. When i do this i get this loud buzzing noise. First i thought it was the surround so i disabled those and turned on the tv speakers. The buzzing noise got louder when i did this . Then i thought it was the cheap...
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    WTB Wireless Keyboard/mouse combo

    For my htpc. :) heatware: charger89 i also have fable 2 & lips for trade if you're interested
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    WTB/WTTF - Computer parts "keyboard/mouse combo,wireless card etc.360 games for trade

    i want Desktop wireless card to go with this wireless keyboard/mouse combo and maybe a 2.1 or 5.1 surround sound for my computer i have lips & Fable 2 for trade if you are interested "both new and sealed" thanks heatware - charger89
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    FS: FS: 2 360 games games "Fable 2, Lips"

    Fable 2 - $43 shipped OBO "$54 on Amazon" Lips - 50 shipped OBO "$67 on Amazon" Both new and still wrapped will also consider trades for a HDD or a Keyboard/mouse combo Heatware - Charger89 thanks
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    FS: 2 360 games games "Fable 2, Scene it"

    Fable 2 - $43 shipped OBO Scene It? Box Office Smash - 40 shipped OBO Both new still wrapped will also consider trades for a HDD or a Keyboard/mouse combo Heatware - Charger89 thanks :)
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    i need 2 HDDs for my HTPC :). one smallish size where the OS is going to be installed and another 400gb+ for the media.i'd rather trade this stuff + money to get the stuff i listed above but feel free to pm me with any offer thanks! 360 wireless adapter $65 shipped...
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    WTB/WTTF HTPC parts// stuff for trade include "360 wireless adapter,games,movies,cds"

    i got tired of having 2 threads so heres an updated version of my last 2 threads merged into one.I already traded for a case so now what i need is a cpu/mobo combo,ram,video card, and two HDD one small for just the OS and the other one big for the media.i posted the prices in case you don't feel...
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    FS - a bunch of random stuff "Movies,CDs,Games,Recorder"

    360 stuff HD-DVD drive with 3 movies - 30+ Shipping Guitar Hero 3 - 12 shipped Guitar Hero 2 -12 shipped Gamecube/Wii zelda collectors edition - 33 shipped ps2 SNK vs Capcop 22 shipped pc2-4200 512mb 3-3-3-8 ram 4sticks - 22 shipped MXC Season 2 *NEW* - 20 shipped...
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    WTB HTPC Parts

    I need everything except a DVD/RW Rom which i have.The only requirement is that i want to be able to stream 720p HD stuff. in total im looking to spend around $250 on it :). So post what you have or send me a pm thanks! oh i also have a bunch of stuff for trade here is the list 360 stuff 2...
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    WTB/WTTF Laptop/ or HTPC "price around $220"

    Im looking for a laptop or HTPC to do school work/watch movies/browse the internet i have feedback on other forums i can give you guys and i also have an ebay account. thanks i can trade a couple stuff + Money too. Gamecube with a couple controllers zelda collectors edition which works...
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    WTB Laptop "price around $220"

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    civilization revolution

    any of you play it? :)
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    What can i build for around $250

    Im looking to build a low/mid end htpc to watch movies and browse the internet but im poor atm because of school.:o is it possible to build an htpc for around that much if so what should i get. i already have a dvdrom & 4 sticks of pc2-4200 512mb dual channel 3-3-3-8 i just need the rest