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    FS Alienware 55 OLED AW5520QF 4k120hz displayport (South Florida)

    Hello Senators, I am selling my AW5520QF, which is in great condition. This is the epic Alienware gaming monitor that does native 4k120 FULL RGB and retails for three grand! I am the original owner, bought directly from Dell and have the sales receipt. Due to the size and insane cost of...
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    I am now LCD free

    Last week sold my last LCD, the Acer Nitro 4k144 and am now 100% LCD free from my life rocking: Alienware 55 as my gaming/productivity display LG C9 as my Movie / TV / Console content consumption ROG 2 120hz Phone So far, life without BLB, IPS Glow, hideous VA smear, Shitty TN has been...
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    FS: Acer Nitro XV273k 4k144hz 10bit 444 monster!

    Up for sale is my Acer Nitro XV273k 4k144hz 10bit 444 monster! Monitor is in mint condition and includes the original box and cables. Price: $600 Please let me know if you have any questions. img post
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    Need a Slim Aftermarket 2080ti Air Cooler

    My Founder Edition 2080ti's fan is starting to make very annoying sounds, and I would like to replace it with an aftermarket air cooler. I have a pretty small Mini-ATX case, so the replacement needs to only take up two slots like the original cooler. Anybody have any idea what options are out...
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    FS: Acer Predator X27 4K HDR1000 + Gsync (mint condition)

    FS is my Acer Predator X27 27" 4K 144hz HDR 1000 (Mint condition). I am the original owner and this display is in excellent condition. 4k120 - 144hz HDR + Gsync is simply jaw dropping! The high PPI provides amazing picture clarity for seeing everything in competitive FPS! Auction includes...
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    DP 1.4 to Hdmi 2.1 Converter SOON!

    I saw this posted over on AVS Forums Oled C9 owner section 4k 240hz on a C9 OLED would give me longer than a 4 hour erection and I should probably consult my doctor on that!
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    FS: Wasabi Mango 4k120hz UHD430 $900 obo

    SOLD! THANKS FOR LOOKING AT MY AUCTION. For more cool stuff go to Thank you! For sale is my excellent 43" Wasabi Mango which does 4k120hz like a dream. Excellent for productivity and gaming, it is the perfect size. I am only selling because I am a dumbass and glutton for...
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    Sweet Baby Jeebus Alienware 55" 4k120 OLED Displayport Looks like a window of opportunity for Dell here, since we probably will not be seeing GPUs with Hdmi 2.1 until 2020! I wonder how man Touzaaands and Touuuuzaaannndsss this bad boy is gonna cost! Big screens aren't...
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    FS: Titan X (Pascal)

    ITS SOLD BITCHES! Dear Dudes & Dudettes, I am selling my Titan X Pascal as I have a 2080ti FE on the way (I think) lol you never know with Nvidia Anyway, I am the original non-smoking owner, and the card was never used for mining. The card was used for light gaming, medium work productivity...
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    FS: ASUS ROG Swift PG27VQ 27" 1440p 1ms 165Hz

    SOLD, thanks for looking For sale is my mint condition PG27VQ 165hz 1440p Gsync is smooth as butter and 120hz ULMB mode has clearer motion than a CRT. Its a wonderful display and I am only selling because I got an experimental 4K120hz display and do not have room on my desk for both...
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    FS: 27" 2560x1440 165 Hz G-Sync - ASUS PG278QR

    DISPLAY IS SOLD. THANKS FOR LOOKING For sale is my PG278QR The display is in excellent condition and clocks to 165hz like a dream. Minimal BLB, zero dead or stuck pixels. I do not have the original packaging. Only selling because I bought the new over priced curved model Perfect 24-0...
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    FS Samsung CF791 3440x1440 100hz VA 125% RGB (Excellent Condition)

    I have ordered the stupidly expensive Dell OLED display and need to sell this CF791 to make room on my desk! As you can see the CF791 is in mint condition and it comes with the original box & accessories. Asking Price is $725. Please let me know if you have any questions. upload...
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    FS: Dell S2417DG 165 Hz 24" G-Sync 2440x1440

    SOLD THANKS FOR LOOKING Lightly used, very good blacks, hardly any BLB and zero stuck pixels. Comes with original box and accessories. $350 shipped from Florida.....local pickup available in South Fla image
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    FS Titan X Pascal & S2417DG

    Howdy yall, I am downsizing my crazy triple S2417DG / Titan XP SLI setup. Up for sale is: TITAN IS SOLD Titan XP: $1,050 Comes with original box and accessories! S2417DG: $360 Comes with original box and accessories! screen shot windows I have perfect 23-0 Heatware and Ebay Feedback...
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    FS (3) Eizo FG2421 $200 each

    ALL THREE ARE SOLD! EDIT PRICE DROP TO $150 I have THREE FG2421's for sale. Asking $150 each. Buyer pays shipping, I am located in 33308 zip I bought them to debezell and play around with in portrait, but have decided to go with some 165hz dells instead. Please PM for details.
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    FS Acer X34 3440x1440 100hz

    Up for sale is my beloved Acer X34 3440 x 1440. It is a beast and overclocks to 100hz like a champ! There are no dead pixels and minimal back light bleed. However, it does have the Wake From Sleep Issue. I never RMA'd the display because I did not want to risk getting stuck with acers RMA...
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    FS: EVGA 1080 GTX FTW (realistically priced!)

    SOLD THANKS FOR LOOKING! Up for sale is my EVGA 1080 GTX FTW: Asking $650 shipped to your door. I have only had this card for a month and a half....only selling cause I ordered a new over priced Titan X to replace it :) I have the original box and all accessories. I have perfect 22-0...
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    FS Dell 5K UP2715K, excellent condition + original box & accessories

    Dell 5K UP2715K monitor. Pixel perfect. Comes with original box and all accessories. Like new. Stunning picture. $1,000 I have perfect 22-0 heatware: Reviews/Feedback for L88bastard | free image uploading post images
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    FS: Nvidia Titan X + EK waterblock + original cooler & accesories

    Thanks for looking at my sale. I have two perfect Nvidia Titan X for sale which have been outfitted with EK waterblocks. I am asking $600 each. The cards are strong like bull as borat would say they make good plow, #1 in village! I am downsizing my rig to one GTX1080 as that is all I need for...
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    FS 32GB G.Skill F4-3000C15Q-16GRR XMP 2.0

    All RAM is Sold! I am selling 32gb of G.Skill F4-3000C15Q-16GRR ram. It all runs great and I am asking $150 total shipped to your destination. how to screenshot on windows Here is the product page link to 16gb of it
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    Sony Bricked my system, then banned my PSN, and I lost access to all my digital games

    So I posted before about how my PS4 worked perfectly until a recent mandatory PSN update bricked it and Sony said it was out of the 1 year warranty so it would cost $149 to repair. So I mulled my options for two weeks, deciding what I wanted to do. A week into that I got an automatic renewal...
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    FS Acer XB270HU 144hz IPS Gsync & Dell 5k

    ALL SOLD THANK YOU FOR LOOKING :-) I recently purchased an X34 and it fits all my current needs, so I am parting out my triple surround setup of Acer XB270HUs......and a Dell 5k for sale. I have perfect 20-0 heatware I purchased all three...
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    Last PSN update bricked my PS4 and SONY wants $149 to repair

    The firmware updated bricked my system last night. Everything was working perfectly fine for years until I updated. I just contacted SONY chat CSR and they told me to pound sand unless I pay $149 service fee. I then asked to speak with the CSR's supervisor and was put on with Supervisor...
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    Intel SSD 750 1.2TB not playing nice with SLI Titan Xs

    UPDATE: I updated the bios to 1401 and turned power surge protection OFF in the mobo settings and now everything is working hunky dory ;-) ===================================================================================================== My system used to be rock solid stable until I...
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    FS EVGA GTX980 SC & Gigabyte GTX980 Hoedown!

    ALL CARDS SOLD!!! Thanks for looking. For Sale Mint Condition EVGA GTX980 SC = $450 shipped & insured to your door Gigabyte GTX980 = $440 shipped & insured to your door or $875 for the pair! My heatware is a solid 17-0 full of my many past indiscretions so buy with confidence...
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    FS LG 31MU97 & ROG Swift

    ALL SOLD THANK YOU FOR LOOKING. I am selling a flawless ROG SWIFT as I am downsizing my surround setup :cool: Rog Swift = $625 Shipped. One Rog Swift Sold, ONE LEFT! LG 31MU97 = Sold I am also parting out my gaming rig and would like to sell everything all together if possible as currently...
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    How can you set a Rog Swift to 75hz???

    I am trying to match the resolution & refresh rate of my Rog Swift to match my Oculus Rift so I don't have the bad jitters that you get from differing displays with different refresh rates when I run the Oculus in Extended mode. I thought setting the Rog Swift to 75hz would be a simple task...
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    FS Asus Rog Swift

    I'm pulling these off the market. Holy Cow at all the KUNTY PMs that I have received...not only here but also on other forums. FUCK THAT SHIT....I'll just keep these for my flight & racing sims. Thanks to all the decent folks who gave me good bumps though, I appreciated it guys. I bought...
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    Debezelling the Rog Swift (Photo Tutorial Odyssey)

    So I am a portrait orientated whore. Many of you know me for my copy cat debezzeled 5x1 Vegamatic display setup that shook the entire planet a half degree off its rotational axisa few years ago.
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    FS Optoma HD141X $500 (like new low Bulb hours)

    I am selling my Optoma HD141X 1080p 3000 lumen DLP projector. The unit is like new, comes from a smoke free environment and has less than 25 hours on the bulb. I bought it to play PS4 but discovered that I much prefer PC gaming so I am selling this to help fund a 4k monitor. Asking $500...
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    Pick Up a new PS4 for $360 (Newegg Ebay)

    $360 for a brand new PS4. Free shipping + no tax seems like a pretty hot deal even if it is from Newegg the Devil :p
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    FS XFX R9 290X $310

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    FS Evga TITAN GTX & XFX R9 290X

    Titan has sold and Im removing the waterblock from the R9 for a quicker sale. Please close this thread as I will start a specific R9 FS thread.
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    Should I bother with a Benq XL2420Z or keep waiting for Vapor Rog Swift?

    Ok, I'm bored and sold my gaming Qnix today and am having sellers remorse as my 34UM95 just does not cut it for FPS gaming lol. I can always drag my FW900 out of the closet to game on, but I also miss the option of playing in 3D like I did on my old Asus VG248Qes... I am interested in the Rog...
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    FS R9 290x /EK WB & Qnix Evolution II 130hz overclocker!

    I am selling one item, the qnix has sold: An XFX R9 290X, which is watercooled with an EK copper block. I have the original box & accessories, which will include the original XFX air cooler. Asking $550 shipped. A Qnix Evolution II tempered glass 2560x1440. I have owned this display for a...
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    VG248QE fixer upper $100 shipped

    I have a VG248QE that got a botched matte AG removal job which caused the screen to have many dead looking pixels. Also, the clip that connects the control panel's cable ribbon to the pcb broke so I had been using tape to hold it in place,which works but is not the best solution. The monitor...
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    Samsung U28D590 UHD Monitor 3840 x 2160 Pixel @60hz! (AMERICAN SELLER)

    Monitor is sold, thanks for looking! I am selling a pixel perfect Samsung U28D590 native 4K 60hz display that is in "like new" condition. I only...
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    SOLD THANKS FOR LOOKING I bought two U28D590s, one for me and one for the wife...but she does not like it :mad: <sigh> apparently she has had her eye on some stupid apple thingy that one of her girlfriends has so now I gotta look into that and find exactly what she wants :rolleyes: I'm...
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    FS EVGA TITAN (Mint)

    I am selling my EVGA Titan. The card is in mint condition and has been rarely used in my backup rig. The card is on air and has never been watercooled. The sale includes the original box, packaging, cables, wires, etc, etc. Asking $700 I have perfect Heatware so buy with confidence...
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    FS: Seiki Digital SE39UY04 39-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED TV $300

    Display is gone, thanks for looking.