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    quick encoding question

    hey guys i looked through the general everything you need to know about editing watching ripping and burning movies but i am still left with a question. my girlfriend has to make these dvd's for a daycare it is just a simple slide show but she did it in adobe preimier and for some reason 3 out...
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    dont tilt it

    k guys my system is as follows, Gigabyte Ga7n400Pro 2 AMD athlon 2500 @3200 WD 80, 8 mb buffer maxtor 250, 8 mg buffer 1 gig kingston value mem ati radeon 9600 xt and random fans and stuff, but my problem is i got back from a lan today, and as i recall the comp didnt get beat up too much...
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    a quick question for you

    hey guys, i need a new heatsink for my 2500+, and the last heatsink i bought (volcanoe 11) wouldnt fit my board, because there was a capacitor was in the way, do you think a volcanoe 7 would fit on a ga-7n400pro2?
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    Mp3 Players?

    first of all, i hope this is the right forum, secondly i am looking to get a new MP3 jukebox for this summers trip to europe. I have been looking at the Nomad Zen Xtra, the 30 gb model. I have about 20 gigs of music on my comp, and would like to take all of it, and this one fits my pricerange...
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    Xp Sp2?

    some people i have noticed in their sigs are running sp2 of xp, where can i get it, because windows doesnt seem to have it in their update list. is there a beta, or somethin?
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    Is it clean enough yet???

    i think it looks pretty good now, and it gets good airflow.
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    4.1 cat question

    is the temp monitor in there acurate or is it based on some math problem wheree it only works if the overdrive is on? if it is an accurate temp gauge is 38C a good temp for running it at 570/660? BTW: this is on a 9600XT
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    WTB Ram Sinks for 9600XT

    i need 8 ram sinks for my 9600XT, i can only send money orders, please e-mail me at with offers please.
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    NFSU probs

    ok i dont know what is happening, but whenever i go into the game all of the textures are not there, and like where it says the name of the song, is unreadable, and same with the speedo, and racers names and times while in the race, no res changing, grpahics changing or anything helps, is there...
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    internal with optical?

    what is the best internal sound card with optical? obviouls with a resonable price of like 200 or under.
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    stupid AMD oc'ing question

    ok i have a 1800+, with a gigabyte 7n40Pro 2 with 1 gig pc2100, what is the fastest i could make it go with stock cooling? and how do i do it???? iv been looking and people tallk about doing it in the bios i jsut cant figure out a way to up the gigahertz.
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    AGP Bus Speed?

    what is a good AGP Bus Speed for a 9600XT?
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    XP Problems

    ok, basically my copy of XP wontstart on the first try, you have to turn the comp off twice for it to work, and iv tried multiple reformats. any ideas?
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    New Board Problems

    hi, i am posting this for my freind, he just got a Gigabyte Ga7n400Pro 2 board, Bios revision F5, we set it all up and everything, but it recognizes his 2200+ as a 1500+. also some times it will not boot into windows, and freezes ant the bootscreen. he is Running a 2200, 512 XMS ram, a WD160...