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  1. cybereality

    Best Way to Test an HDR 1000 Monitor?

    So my new LG monitor is HDR 400, and I love it, but I'm interested in at least seeing what HDR 1000 looks like in gaming. What would be the best way to test out a set to see if I'm missing anything? I usually don't like using store return policy as a rental program, but what options do I have...
  2. cybereality

    LG 34GN850-B (34 Inch 21: 9 Curved Ultrawide QHD)

    So I have purchased this monitor, the LG 34GN850-B: It's 3440x1440, 160 Hz, FreeSync 2 / G-Sync Compatible, HDR400, IPS w/ 1ms response. Overall I am enjoying the monitor, it just came in this afternoon and I have tested a few games. Note my...
  3. cybereality

    Recommend an HDR Ultrawide

    I'm currently using an LG 34UC89G-B, which is a 34" 2560x1080 IPS 166Hz panel. I am happy with the monitor, but I'm interested in HDR and also maybe going up to 3440x1440. I did some searching, and this monitor looks nice but it got some bad reviews...
  4. cybereality

    Mint Has Restored My Faith In Linux

    So I've been dual booting Win10 and Ubuntu for about 2 years, and switched over almost exclusively on Ubuntu for 6 months. At first, things seemed great but I have consistently found little problems with Ubuntu that made me question using Linux at all. Namely, I could not get smooth desktop...
  5. cybereality

    DOOM Eternal Tested on Low-end Graphics Cards

    DOOM Eternal Tested on Low-end Graphics Cards "When it comes to really old GPUs, AMD delivers the best results with relics like the HD 7970 never dipping below 50 fps in our test. The R9 380 was extremely impressive with an average of 70 fps. To think this GPU once did battle with the GTX 960...
  6. cybereality

    Ray Tracing Without RT Hardware

    Found this awesome video of Black Mesa with a post-process ray tracing shader. Honestly looks better than some "real" ray tracing I've seen. Amazing what can be done in a shader.
  7. cybereality

    SOLD: PS4 2TB $160 | UHD BD Player $80

    Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) w/ 2TB HDD = $160 Philips UHD 4K Blu-Ray Player (BDP7501) = $80 Prices include shipping, US only please.
  8. cybereality

    Nvidia and Asus unveil a 360Hz gaming monitor designed for e-sports

    Though I don't play competitively anymore, I do like that 360Hz will now be a thing. And, yes, before it starts, I have a 240Hz monitor and I can see a difference. Cheers.
  9. cybereality

    FS: Matrix PowerWatch 2 $200 OBO

    I have a Matrix PowerWatch 2 barely used I'm selling for $200 OBO ($500 retail value) Shipping to US ONLY (shipping included). PM me if interested.
  10. cybereality

    My Experience With Stadia (I Kinda Like It)

    Went in with low expectations (due to bad reviews) but the experience is actually pretty good. GRID looks and plays awesome! First I tried GRID and honestly I was blown away. I'm using a 4K HDR TV and the graphics looked great. From a seated distance, it looks like true 4K. Looking close up I...
  11. cybereality

    Now I Remember Why I Hate Windows

    Been using Ubuntu Linux straight for over a month and I am more than happy. Just had to boot into Windows for my school (they use software for the test that doesn't work in Linux). I am treated to Windows update which has taken an hour and is still not done. Then I got a friggin advertisement...
  12. cybereality

    Steam Remote Play Win 10 to Ubuntu Looking Good

    While Proton works pretty good, there are of course many games that are still Windows only. Since I have two machines running, my main one on Linux Ubuntu now and a spare Win 10 machine, I decide to try Remote Play (new name for In-Home Streaming). It actually works well. Here are some pics for...
  13. cybereality

    Proton is... Very Good

    Wow! I'm trying to switch to Ubuntu as a daily driver and have been giving the Steam beta and Proton a test. It is actually really good. I'm surprised how many games work, and performance is fine. I even found a way to get Flawless Widescreen to work with it, very surprised it's even possible...
  14. cybereality

    Linux Wifi Adapter Woes

  15. cybereality

    Navi RX 5700 to 5700 XT BIOS Flash

    Haven't seen this posted yet. Not brave enough to try myself, but maybe someone more [H] wants to give it a go.
  16. cybereality

    FS: Hercules DJ Controller

    Hercules DJ Control Instinct USB DJ Controller with Audio Outputs (Used) $20 Prices Include Shipping - US Only Please
  17. cybereality

    DirectX 7 on AMD Navi (Kega Fusion), Need Help.

    I'm trying to get a Genesis emulator working on my AMD Navi box. The emulator is Kega Fusion and looks like it uses DirectX 7. However, it only displays a blank screen. On my Nvidia 2080 Ti (separate machine) it works perfect no problem. I think I have narrowed it down to DirectX 7. I tried...
  18. cybereality

    NVMe M.2 SSD Not Detected Anymore

    I have a Gigabyte B350 motherboard (GA-AB350M-HD3) and a Corsair Force MP500 M.2 NVMe SSD drive. Everything was working perfect, then all I did was swap the 1600X for a 3600X CPU with no other changes. BIOS was updated to latest before installing new 3rd gen Ryzen CPU. Now the SSD cannot be...
  19. cybereality

    AMD Radeon™ Image Sharpening

  20. cybereality

    FS: Ryzen 3600 $180 | 1600X $80 | EVGA 1660 Ti $180

    SOLD!!! AMD RYZEN 5 3600 - NEW $180 SOLD!!! AMD RYZEN 5 1600X - USED $80 SOLD!!! EVGA GTX 1660 Ti XC GAMING - USED $180...
  21. cybereality

    AMD’s Navi GPU coming July Radeon RX 5700 OFFICIAL
  22. cybereality

    SLI is Dead. Well, Try 1,280 GPUs!!!
  23. cybereality

    Radeon VII & GeForce RTX 2080 using Ryzen 7 2700X & Core i7-8700K Interesting test. Looks like the Intel / Nvidia combo is still ahead (as everyone expects) but AMD is not too far behind.
  24. cybereality

    ASUS VP28UQG - Budget 4K 28" FreeSync + G-Sync Compatible

    Apparently this Asus monitor (VP28UQG) came out in 2017, but I didn't see anything posted here about it. Was looking for a budget 4K monitor to test some things with, and this one was cheap at around $300. And it's not bad. It's only...
  25. cybereality

    GTX 16 Series Owners Club

    Just got my GTX 1660 Ti from Newegg!
  26. cybereality

    SOLD: PowerColor AMD Vega 64 ($250)

    I have an AMD Vega 64 card I'm selling (I got a Radeon VII). In perfect working condition, no mining. ***SOLD*** PowerColor Vega 64 $250 Shipped: US buyers only. Please PM me with your HeatWare link. Thanks.
  27. cybereality

    AMD Navi RX 3080 $249. Leaks & Rumors. If this is true, OMG. AMD is going to kill it.
  28. cybereality

    Any Experience With M-Disc?

    I recently bought a Blu Ray burner (LG WH16NS40) and I'm liking it so far. I've burned some BD-RE discs and those work fine. Will probably use them in UDF mode for file backups on my projects. However, I got some Verbatim M-Discs and they don't seem to work. Tried burning using Windows file...
  29. cybereality

    166Hz Has Ruined 60 fps Forever

    So, I have 2 setups. One with a 55" 4K TV and another with a recently bought 166Hz Ultrawide. I've enjoyed 4K 60Hz gaming for the last year or so, but decided to try 1080p ultrawide for a change. OMG, it is so much better. I had a 144Hz screen before, but 166Hz is a noticeable improvement for...
  30. cybereality

    FS: Sold Out

    Sold Out.
  31. cybereality

    Decided To Ditch Surround and Go Ultra-Wide

    I've had a triple 1440p setup for like 4 years now, and driving 7680x1440 was always a struggle. Been thinking about ultra-wide for a while, but the setup was working so I left it. Recently one of the side monitors developed a blurring issue (evidently common on these Asus panels) and I'm out of...
  32. cybereality

    Cryorig H7 Plus on my 8700K Rig

    I just replaced a cheapo $20 Enermax cooler with the Cryorig H7 Plus. Much better results than before. Idle I'm getting 30C, in CPU stress tests it hits 60C, and in gaming it's just under 50C. With the Enermax I was getting 45C idle, so this is a huge improvement. Of course, it's no water...
  33. cybereality

    GeForce RTX 2080 Ti in NVLink: 4K 120FPS Gaming Is Now Here
  34. cybereality

    2080 Ti NVlink/SLI Reviews

    Just watched this video. Looks like NVLink is not a huge leap from standard SLI, but still has some nice wins with a proper implementation like in Sniper Elite.
  35. cybereality

    Samsung Q7F 2018, Stuck On UHD/No FreeSync in OSD

    I have this 2018 Samsung Q7F 4K TV as a monitor. It's been working great but now there is something up with the OSD. It always shows as 3840x2160 60Hz in the OSD, even when I set to other resolutions. I thought it was a Windows glitch, but Windows is reporting 2560x1440 as both desktop...
  36. cybereality

    ADATA XPG SX8200 Is Awesome!

    I've used Samsung on the last few builds and decided to try something different. Went with an ADATA XPG SX8200 and I'm really happy with it. This machine previously had a Samsung 840 Pro SATA OS drive, replaced it with the ADATA M.2 and things are blazing. I installed 7-Zip and the installer...
  37. cybereality

    Don't Sleep on Old Games, New Life in 4K/Ultra-Wide

    So, I've revived my Nvidia Surround rig in preparation for Turing. Decided to try some old games, that can run in 7680 x 1440 144Hz. Tested with Half-Life 2 and now I'm playing F.E.A.R. Really nice to see these older games with full max settings, 7680 x 1440 and over 200fps (great on my 144Hz...
  38. cybereality

    Battlefield V Gameplay with GeForce RTX 2080 Ray Tracing

    Looks like 60 fps to me. :p Sorry if this has been posted, just found it on YouTube.