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    First ever Mac and email question

    Is it possible to just log onto the Internet and retrieve my Gmail / Hotmail / Yahoo account or set one up from there or does one have to have and Mac email account first ? New Mac Mini 2011 arriving soon and I don't know much about this OS yet Many thanks
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    Simple video card to purchase

    No gaming, no CAD work or the like, but using a 30 inch Dell monitor, I would like any one that has experiences with a good but not expensive nVidia video card for internet, Word, Email and the like. My sig show the rest of my systems spec's Thank you ;)
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    IPad/Airport Express/PC question

    I’m getting an IPad soon, but doing some homework first….. Questions for anyone in the know…. Since I have only a desktop PC, I must connect a USB Network Adaptor to the USB port (Using Windows 7 64 bit), so that I may connect the cable modem to the Airport Express input and hope that I...
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    IPad for Seniors question....

    Want to buy an Ipad for Older Parents and it has to be easy as Pie for them. I do not know much about them other then they look simple enough... They do nothing but surf the web, Email, Read books, Pictures, and Online banking perhaps. They will never have another computer in the house...
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    Reason why I stay away from fancy data phones

    This guy learned the hard way..... I prefer just a good old fashioned cell phone for talking. No data plans.....Ever :D
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    Brief loud screech from video card

    On shut down only, I get a brief screech from the speaker on the video card...... Two older power supplies tested and no issues, but with my new Corsair 1000HX, I get a screeeech very briefly from my 8800 GTX card on shut down only. Corsair 1000HX + 8800 GTX card (1) + 780i SLI Mobo...
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    Not happy with VelocityMicro today

    For those considering a VelocityMicro, be advised....:confused: Bios flash rant of the day. When a new Bios update is offered and it adds new capabilties or fixes, it is a simple procedure in flashing the bios, but not with VM this time.... My rant, then I will go away I needed a new...
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    New Velocity experience

    My new VelocityMicro system, and short Vista Experience VelocityMicro Gamers Edge PCX eVGA 680i SLI Version A1 E6600 2.4 GHz core 2 duo 2 Gigs Dominator DDR2-1066 mhz 850 watt p/s SLI Certified Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Heatsink eVGA 8800 GTX (1 only) WD 250 HD...
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    Which UPS should I get ?

    The system is not here yet, so its difficult to use the Calculator at this moment, but I would like to know if anyone has an idea what UPS from APC I should get for my new system with the below specs. I have a 750 APC back up now, but its over three years old. Only need a 10 to 15 minute...
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    Need some good advice for a VM purchase

    Down to the wire ( Few more days ) on my next purchase and I'm not to swift on some hardware that some of you maybe able to help with. Thinking of a VelocityMicro Gamers Edge with the following: 1. 680i SLI ChipSet... Is this so much better than getting the 650i SLI ChipSet with the...
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    Near purachase need input from you all

    It's now time for a new system purchase, and I'm down to two final systems. One is the Dell XPS 710 ( Red ) with one 8800 GTX card, do not wish to overclock anything, but the card later on, 2 gb of memory, and perhaps Vista Ultimate retail. And, second system will be the VM's Pro Magix PCX...