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    Good deal on pre-built PC or build my own?

    If you have a Micro Center near you I would go there and purchase your Parts... They usually have great MOBO/CPU Combos..
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    WTB: GTX 1080 TI or RTX 2070 Super

    look up thread saw a 1080TI for $420.
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    I just got an Galaxy 9S for Verizon. Works Great...using for 1 month. Seller has other Networks available.
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    Raid 1 questions

    Hum I was just going to do it thru Windows 10 Pro..Have OS on the SSD and will install the 3 drives.Go Disk Mgt to set up formats then on to Storage Space to set up the mirror(Raid 1)
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    Raid 1 questions

    Well, I am using my old computer (See Specs) and will be using a program called Blue Iris (Surveillance-Cams). My CPU is old in that one and I did not want to use up a lot of CPU power on using the "Storage Spaces" Dive option in Win 10 Pro. Although I am not sure how much CPU resources a...
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    Raid 1 questions

    Hey all.... I am new to this so bear with me.....Do not want to do pure Software Raid. I am looking to get a RAID CONTROLLER to install on my Computer. But most controllers that are in the $30-$80 range do not show Windows 10 or that large of a drive supported. Here is what I am looking at...
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    FS: Cisco and Aruba wireless AP

    If you have an Microcenter near you. I would go for the Inland 1TB NVME..... or an 970 Evo for 30$ more. I bought a used 1080 here..mining and it has run fine...just like...
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    Well, how do you like it ???
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    Which 8TB HDD for media storage?

    Agreed..BESTBUY drives..I just shucked 3- 12TB easystores with the EMAZ drives my self...for security camera storage. Price right now for the 8TB is $139...
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    WTB: Seasonic X-750 Sata Cable

    Dam thats what I get for not checking back.....Just ordered 1 from (slow boat) China...
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    Best Buy 12TB WD Easy Store External HDD 179.99

    Great info thanks for the fast response
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    WTB: Seasonic X-750 Sata Cable

    Looking for a Seasonic X-750 Powersupply - Sata Cable. Anyone ?
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    Best Buy 12TB WD Easy Store External HDD 179.99

    So does the EMAZ have 512 cache or just 256MB ? reason I ask is I have 3 - 12TB 2 are the EMAZ 1 EMFZ
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    Best Buy 12TB WD Easy Store External HDD 179.99

    So what is the difference between the 12TB drives I Shucked ?? WD120EMFZ WD120EMAZ
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    So I did a thing!

    I like it...
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    Best Buy 12TB WD Easy Store External HDD 179.99

    When will this sale come around again ? Before or after X-mass ?
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    What is best set-up for Security Camera and Storage

    Well, thanks for the info....
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    What is best set-up for Security Camera and Storage

    Already on there....thought I would get info from guys here also. How Beaffy ? I was thinking of using my old system.(second line in my SIG. And adding the 3- 12TB hard drives
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    What is best set-up for Security Camera and Storage

    Looking to set up my security system at my house..research Phase ATM...... So far looking at POE for Cameras... Maybe Blue Irus for software but open to ideas... Thinking 3-12TB Shucck'd drives from Bestbuy $179. 2 of the Drives in a Raid type config with the 3rd for longer term storage...
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    Critique my next build

    Now If the would only make the P350X with the front cover of the P400A(Not the RGB behind it)
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    Critique my next build

    I Still think the Case is way over priced and way over kill...Go with a Phanteks just came out..... Super Airflow for radiator or Fan cooling --- $79 you can get a non-RGB one in Black if your not into RGB lighting
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    Critique my next build

    If you live by a Microcenter I would get the INLAND Premium-- NVMe 1TB is $107... spec is close to the 970 EVO (see this thread
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    NEW- 1TB 860 EVO $48

    Well, I have gotten great deals from Typos and just sellers wanting to dump stuff...Live and Learn.... Yes, I summitted the Ticket last night to Ebay they removed the listing...Also when I looked at my transaction the money went to CHINA or some Asian country..
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    NEW- 1TB 860 EVO $48

    I will let you know in 4 days..but submitted a report about this listing from your argument and removed the link........
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    NEW- 1TB 860 EVO $48

    Well, Ebay backs it up....and the guys rating is really good
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    NEW- 1TB 860 EVO $48

    Like the title says..Ebay Deal..can only order ! every 10 days...I know i tried to get 2 OK looks like this was a SCAM...If I get the product I will post the link again...........
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    RIP Newegg, you weren't good lately anyway

    Microcenter COMBO deals for the WIN !!
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    RIP Newegg, you weren't good lately anyway

    True my bad...............
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    Windows 10 Pro. Gibson Acoustic Guitar. Office 2016 Pro Plus. Logitech Mice. Visio. WTB Note 8 or 9 Sprint. (can trade S9)

    Dam -1 week late. I just purchased this exact same computer off Ebay..around the same price point. A good little computer... Bump for you
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    WTB-Lenovo Y700, Y520

    As title says..... I am looking for a laptop..$450-$500 range AP514
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    Tried everything! Random shutdowns and black screens - Need help!

    Memtest86 has always rooted out my bad sticks....
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    Tried everything! Random shutdowns and black screens - Need help!

    My money is on.................. the 1 BAD stick of MEMORY
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    FS: EVGA 1080 SC

    interested.... A better pic of P/N and S/N ...Plz
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    Gaming Rig 2019: Budget 2k

    Buy a mining card 1080 or 1080ti off the For sale trade in forums. $340/$520. Then buy all the can look at my build in sig. Just built it a few months ago you can see my build and cost in this forum
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    Old man killed 4 laptops in 6 years

    my Vote is for the Lap Desk/the fans that attach to bottom of Laptop to help airflow/cooling
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    $2,700 Gaming PC Build, Any Good?,-gigabyte-z390-aorus-pro,-cpu---motherboard-bundle 9700K + Gigabyte Aorus Pro $539.. My self personally..I went with the 8700K and the Aorus Pro(Z390)...due to my my Sig. Now it is up to you on the Price point you...
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    AIO and freezing temps

    What do you keep your computer on the back porch ? :P or the House below 32.. even so I think they usually have a bit of glicole (sp) or the like to keep the Microbes down.
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    Lookin to start a new build from scratch...

    Hum there used to be a Sticky at the top of this forum. Was for people to answer Questionnaire when posting on new builds. It seems to be missing. Well, I guess I will have to ask you a few of them. 1) what are you going to use Computer for- Gaming, video edit, a work station ect. 2) what...