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    FS Alienware 55 OLED AW5520QF 4k120hz displayport (South Florida)

    That girl on the tracks must not realize trains are dangerous. Free bump for you, that monitor is pretty freakin slick. I use an LG OLED with one of my PCs , and its pretty awesome the color that OLED kicks out.
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    WTB Old Alienware/Chieftec/Antec Dragon Case

    Pretty much exhausting every forum I can, no dice yet.
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    WTB Old Alienware/Chieftec/Antec Dragon Case

    Another day, another sad guy looking for his highschool case crush.
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    WTB Old Alienware/Chieftec/Antec Dragon Case

    Bump, Really want the alienware version with no window.
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    WTB Old Alienware/Chieftec/Antec Dragon Case

    Bump looking for an old case.
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    Whats everyone using for HTPC remote these days?

    I was in the same boat, I had 4500 dollars worth of AV equipment in my living room at my old house. Sound was great, and it worked in that setup. New house is 14ft vaulted ceiling in my living area, and my kitchen is open to the living room as well. I just said to hell with it, sold off my AV...
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    WTB: PSU 550w+

    I scoured the internet far and wide looking for the same thing. Only place that really had anything available within the next few days was bestbuy. Good luck bump.
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    WTB Old Alienware/Chieftec/Antec Dragon Case

    Looking for an old Dragon case from the late 90s , early 2000s. They were sold by Antec, Alienware, Chieftec, and ChenMing. Really hoping to find an Alienware one that someone has shoved into a closet, or basement. Let me know what you have, Im itching to get my hands on one, and relive my teens...
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    WTB: RTX 2060+ or RX5600 XT+

    I really like my Pulse 5600XT that I got on sale a couple weeks back for 250 after rebates. Its faster than my 2060 founders thats in my ITX build, and its also one of the quietest cards I have had. Bump for you, good luck in the hunt.
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    FS/FT 2016 Macbook Pro 15 excellent shape - price drop

    Bump, The last of us part 2 your reasoning lol?
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    Found one.

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    Found one.

    CPUs Sold, now looking for a GPU.
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    Found one.

    Bump added CPUs
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    WTB: Geforce 1080 Ti or Titan X (Pascal)

    There is one about 15 post down for sale. Gigabyte Aorus 1080TI . $475.
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    FS: Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Ti 11GB - $475 USD Shipped

    I just built a rig with the Aorus GTX 1060 in it, I am pretty sure Aorus has surpassed EVGA FTW cards in terms of cooler ability, and quietness. Bump for a super awesome looking card.
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    Found one.

    Bump, added ITX system
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    WTB GTX 1050/1050TI/RX560

    Bump, PMs replied too. Really hoping to find a 1050ti.
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    WTB GTX 1050/1050TI/RX560

    Bump, looking for an Ipad Mini.
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    WTB GTX 1050/1050TI/RX560

    Looking for a GPU with displayport that doesn't require any power other than the PCI E slot. Might play an esports title from time to time on it @1080P. Budget of 75 dollars shipped.
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    FS: EVGA 1080ti FTW3 Hybrid [Sold]

    Bump for you. I had the same card a couple years back. The 1080TI Hybrid was considerably better than that of my 2080TI Hybrid. I remember the temperatures were always really good on that card, and it slayed everything I played @1440P.
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    Question for the veterans of PC gaming: why was the Radeon 9700 Pro such a big deal?

    My first real "Gaming PC" had a 9800 Pro in it with an AMD Athlon XP 2500+ and I think I had 512MB Ram. I was hooked from the get go. I had previously been playing PC games on a Athlon 1000, with a MX440. The 9800 PRO destroyed that thing. Was pretty awesome for its time, I remember wanting to...
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    FS: EVGA 2080 Super FTW3 Ultra

    Bump for you, I think it was you that had this listed a few weeks ago, and I wanted to buy it. Logged in, and it wasn't listed anymore. I ended up getting a 1080TI FTW3. Bump for the card that 99% of the people wanting a 2080TI should buy instead.
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    Found one.

    Bump added pictures of CPU relidded with conductonaut, and a Rockit IHS relid tool. Black silicone gasket maker.
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    EVGA's GeForce RTX 2060 KO is available for $300 on Amazon

    Guess it was a limited time deal, but I got a Founders Edition RTX 2060 direct from Nvidia for 299.00 a few weeks ago. I would say the cooler on the Founders card is a bit nicer.
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    Found one.

    Bump. Open to offers.
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    FT: MSI Lightning Z 1080 ti & EVGA 1080ti FTW 3 (Shipped) OR Whole Gaming PC (FL location) for Mint Gaming Laptop

    Would you consider selling the MSI 1080TI lightning outright? If so send me a PM.
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    Found one.

    New Combo 8700K Delidded, and Z390 Micro ATX MSI.
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    Im just busting chops, the 1070 is indeed still a good card, I have one that I use as a backup card. It struggles mightily in newer titles though. My resolution is 3440*1440 @100hz , and the 1070 fights to stay above 60-65 with low-mid settings. Really stinks as far as upgrade path goes though...
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    Either his 1070 does like 4000 Mhz core, or 1920x1080 is the actual resolution of his 4k to get 125 FPS lol.
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    Found one.

    New Item RTX 2080
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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (12nm refresh edition) *** 2/25 back at $85 shipped

    Have used two of these, first one hit 4.0 at 1.2 stable under a cheap 120mm cooler. Ram ran fine at 3200. Second chip is good at 4.0, but has to have 1.25 to get there, and ram is only solid at 3000. Great deal for a Mid-High end PC with a B450 Tomahawk board.