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    I've joined the i9300 club.

    go into device manager and make sure everything is installed. i had that problem once, actually by right clicking and disabling "1394 Net Adapter" and just leaving the wireless and broadcom adapters up and running i was able to get it work. it was just a fluke i had to do once or twice, try it...
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    I've joined the i9300 club.

    vsync would help at the expense of framerates. give it a whirl and see what happens, it should be good at your 1440 screen rez. btw, what are you aa/as settings at?
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    Who uses a laptop as a primary machine?

    9300, with a wireless mouse/keyboard when im at home. depending on your needs, if you have a pretty solid machine at home you could just invest in an ultra portable like an ibm x series of a dell 700m, some sagers and higher end lappys can be tiresome to drag with you everywhere you go...
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    inspiron 9300 screen

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    Looking for a laptop, who will take payments via CC?

    yea i think a CC from whatever company your buying it from would be the only way.
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    Are all Notebooks created equal?

    my few days of playing around with a thinkpad would lead me to agree with everyone else here. they're built like a tank. have a pic of the wall? ^_^
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    ibm thinkpad r50e display

    so the lappy we ordered for my friends sister for college just arrived, and my first impression is just how damn solid this machine feels. It built like a freaking tank! But after playing around with it for awhile, i cant help but feel very underwhelmed by the display. I understand that its...
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    How many have 17" laptops which they use for school?

    its big and heavy, i dont take it to class unless necessary. i got it with the intention of using it as a DTR.
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    About to buy a 9300, have a couple questions though

    you can seach the forum for links comparing 1.7ish pentium m's to 3.0+ pentium 4's. clock speed alone dosent do the m's justice, they are plenty fast
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    increasing gain on a laptop

    i was wondering the cheapest way to increase reception on my laptops wireless network. any input would be great.
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    9300 vs. XPS2 vs. non-Dell

    no, the home section and school sections for dell are seperate, so you cannot use those "home" coupons on a student deal.
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    New 9300 has no wifi network

    fn+f2 turns it on (along with bluetooth if it is so equiped) the standard wireless card in the 9300 is the intel 2200 bg, that should help you find the driver
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    XPS Questions

    have you tried out the new webrowser on it yet?
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    New 6000d...Have questions

    well, do it at your own risk, oc'ing a lappy can be quite dangerous this guide was written for a 9300, im not sure how well it carries over to the 6000, i would do more reseach on it before proceding
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    Which laptop?

    you need to realize that the pentium m's are much faster than they appear when just comapring clockspeeds. the benefit you're p4 processor would have over a p-m would be the hyperthreading capability, but for what you listed you would be using the laptop, i dont think you would miss it. a 1.8...
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    XPS Questions

    2) About every month or so, here are some sites that list coupon deals 3) The wuxga screen comes in 2 models, one made by lg and one made by samsung. the lg is supposed to have...
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    Cell Phone: Best GSM for CIngular?

    as far as i know putting your current sim card into it should do the trick
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    Cell Phone: Best GSM for CIngular?

    very true, but it isnt a cingular phone ;)
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    Cell Phone: Best GSM for CIngular?

    personally my problems with moto phones are: 1) reception usually isnt as good as nokia 2) phonebook sucks ass! why oh why must it list contacts multiple times for each of their phone numbers. you either have the pain of going through your phone book and seeing joe...joe...joe...joe... or...
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    I need a nice laptop - help

    so are you going for a really nice desktop and the laptop is just for taking to class and playing the occasional game/movie on it? how important is battery life/weight to you? i think most people would say theat ibm makes the most solid laptop around, but they are some of the more expensive...
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    Cell Phone: Best GSM for CIngular?

    nokia 6230, hands down ive tried 4 phones from cingular, this nokia is by far best in terms of reception, and up there in battery life as well, about a good 2 days with decent usage. plus ive heard it can take an sd card upward of 2 gigs, so its great pretty good at playing mp3's as well. the...
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    dell xps gen 2 laptop

    from my experiences clicking from a hard drive is never a good thing try googling for that tools program, but i would just call dell and get it replaced edit: is this what your looking for? toward the bottom? i dont know, if you have to...
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    How Long Does It Take Dell To Ship A Laptop?

    mine was considerably faster than the estimated ship/arrival date given by dell. i dont remember exactly, i think it was around 10-14 days from the time of order to arrival. edit: i just checked, it was ordered 4/13 and arrived 4/27, so it took 2 regular weeks to build ship and arrive.
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    looking at getting a thinkpad r50e

    my friends sister is going off to college and was looking for a cheap laptop for schoolwork and such, no gaming needs really, so we went with that exact setup on the thinkpad r50e. seems like a steal considering its a thinkpad and all.
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    Dell 700m 2.0ghz or 1.6ghz?

    i was by no means endorsing it, i was just saying i saw it done. they did however get very toasty, 55C @ i beleive, and for a small enclosed space like a laptop it definately doesnt seem all that wise to me either ^_^
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    lets see some dell 9300 pics with wuxga

    sorry for the bad pics, but here ya are the screen didnt come out soo well i9300 6800go 512 ram 60 gig 7200rpm hdd 17 inch samsung wuxga bluetooth everything else i think i left stock, so stock wireless and 1.6 proc
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    Dell 700m 2.0ghz or 1.6ghz?

    i saw some people pin modding some 9300's with the lower fsb (400mhz) and getting some pretty ridiculous speeds...... personally i have the 1.6 on my i9300, im not sure what the price jumps are for the higher procs at the moment, but for most light gameplaying that i do and not so intensive...
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    Questions about my CPUz readings---

    i think i remember hearing some error with cpu-z and reportnign mem speeds on some dell laptops, it was doing the same thing, reporting 400mhz instead of 533.
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    A laptop that came play BF2...

    i think the big consensus would be a dell i9300 with the geforce go 6800 and a 35-40% off coupon.
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    Friend looking for lappy, < $800

    actually that was with a 40 percent off coupon.
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    Friend looking for lappy, < $800

    i configured this i6000, can anyone think of a better deal for less than 800? Inspiron 6000 Intel® Pentium® M Processor 730 (1.60 GHz/2MB Cache/533MHz FSB) Operating System Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Display 15.4 inch WXGA LCD Panel Memory 256MB Shared DDR2 SDRAM 1 Dimm Video Card...
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    Those of you who game on your notebook

    i use the microsoft wireless elite keyboard and mouse that i had with my desktop on my 9300. im so used to the feel of my keyboard and mouse, i have a hard time getting adjusted to the touchpad in games (although im sure i everntually would adapt to it).
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    thoughts on thinkpad X40

    idk, personally not having an optical drive is a big issue with me, but i understand that you want something really small. have you looked at a 700m, although i suppose 4.1 pounds is nearly twice the weight of that ibm........
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    Can You Change Graphics Card On XPS Gen 2...?

    it is possible with a select few cards at the moment, but with how it comes equiped i believe any change would be a downgrade. as for future cards, it is "possible" to upgrade in the future, but there is a chance that future cards might be a different form factor and not compatable with your...
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    How durable are SD cards...?

    ucsc rules! apart from that, i think .pst copy is the way to go. i think even the cheaper brands of memory come with something like a 5 year warrenty on them, so i wouldnt worry about using it everyday.
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    Need A Good Laptop For Gaming...?

    huh? so you need money but you want to buy a laptop, and you've found one you like already? maybe im not understanding the question right now...........