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  1. NickJames

    Creative introduces the Sound BlasterX AE-5 Plus Pure Edition in a white finish with added RGB effects

    I have $500+ in sound cards just sitting in the closet because the driver issues and random BIOS problems that cause it to sometimes boot disabled were pissing me off.
  2. NickJames

    How Does the GTX 1080 Ti Stack Up in 2020?

    Launch day 1080 Ti owner here, probably one of the best GPU investments I have made in a long time. Only one I am holding out for is Cyberpunk since I really want to run that one with RTX so will wait for benchmarks on that.
  3. NickJames

    WTB: Zune 30GB/80GB/120GB

    There was a large homebrew market when it first came out. I remember having emulators and custom apps on it. You can probably still run the Microsoft tools on it and a few programs will sync DRM free music to it. It's still probably one of the best MP3 players I ever had and such a smooth interface.
  4. NickJames

    Waterfox browser sold to ad company...

    Same, and to anyone here talking about morals in a capitalist society, well you better go vote and do something about it.
  5. NickJames

    Tiger handheld game systems coming this fall for $15

    Companies cashing in on 90's kid nostalgia. Worked for some, Sega and Nintendo and not for others, Sony and Atari.
  6. NickJames

    The Voice of Duke Nukem, Jon St. John

    I mean that's kind of Dukes whole shtick, he was the embodiment of 80's and 90's action heroes from both movies and games.
  7. NickJames

    Activision Blizzard Pulls Out of NVIDIA GeForce Now Game Streaming Service

    Everyone wants to be the next Netflix or Steam.
  8. NickJames

    Samsung ZA model Soundbars - What are these?

    Yep, same thing with audio receivers and high-end kitchen appliances, exact make but slightly different model number just to be able to sell at warehouse price.
  9. NickJames

    comptia opposes right to repair bill

    Yeah a lot depends on the branch of government as well. The DoD tends to function with decades old software that's patched just barely enough to function on a secure level. Where I worked we were constantly involved in beta deployments for the OS and various applications so we weren't more than...
  10. NickJames

    comptia opposes right to repair bill

    The wording on the ending part is what leaves it open. 90% of government jobs are worded like this. I can tell you from experience they don't care if you have a G.E.D. as long as you have the skills/experience/questionnaire knowledge to hit the high point criteria for your resume to be...
  11. NickJames

    comptia opposes right to repair bill

    Not to mention your job tends to evolve with tech. The guy who's been doing database work from 2010-2020 who hasn't redone his certs since 2005 would probably be more if not just as qualified as the guy with 5 years of experience and certs from 2015.
  12. NickJames

    FIRESALE 15 year World of Warcraft anniversary box and 15 year server blade, 4670kcombo

    Just curious, does it indicate what server/realm the blade came from?
  13. NickJames

    Cherry Updates MX Switch Lifetime, Introduces New VIOLA Mechanical Switch

    Neat, this should help reduce keycap wobble and stem snapping. I am interested to see how it feels.
  14. NickJames

    LG Rollable OLED TV is finally set to come out this year

    I would but that's why I would love it ceiling mounted, it would take up less space.
  15. NickJames

    LG Rollable OLED TV is finally set to come out this year

    I could see it make sense mounted on the ceiling but having it on the floor is just asking for it to have a bunch of crap stacked on it that you have to move off before deploying especially with kids around. I'm excited for the applications of fold-able displays once they become affordable but...
  16. NickJames

    Good News: NAND Prices to Rise 40% in 2020

    Got to love corporate FUD. More price fixing lawsuits anyone?
  17. NickJames

    24K GOLD NINTENDO Analogue NT NES System #9 out of 10 Factory Sealed! Brand New!

    I wonder what the weight in gold is, probably doesn't even touch half that number.
  18. NickJames

    24K GOLD NINTENDO Analogue NT NES System #9 out of 10 Factory Sealed! Brand New!

    It's not even an Official Nintendo product. There's no collector value in this.
  19. NickJames

    The Decline (not the death) of Gaming

    Play fun games, ignore bad ones. I got this gaming thing on lock down.
  20. NickJames

    Origin Sale

    I tried, I really did, but it's so fucking monotonous with the planet colonization and trying to figure out where the main story is that I just gave up. Coming from someone who's replayed the Mass Effect trilogy at least 4 times. Not to mention you just don't care for ANY of the characters...
  21. NickJames

    Not only google... your car MFR also knows everything about you...

    It keeps the last 5 or so seconds of data in any collision so even fender benders keep logs. It's my job to dissect those lies and find the truth for defensive reasons. We tend to have a moderately successful time in pulling the logs. I would say about half of the cases I have worked on have EDR...
  22. NickJames

    Not only google... your car MFR also knows everything about you...

    Nah it's great for litigation. Love when the driver claims he was wearing his seatbelt while he was doing 30 in a 10mph zone and we just pull up the EDR which tells us everything we need to know.
  23. NickJames

    [Linus Tech Tips'] Response to YouTube's Shenanigans - Floatplane is Finally Here!

    Some of that dissecting of my thoughts especially towards the end there was a bit reaching. Leaves me even more suspicious.
  24. NickJames

    [Linus Tech Tips'] Response to YouTube's Shenanigans - Floatplane is Finally Here!

    The fact that their marketing this directly to Youtube content creators puts this in Youtube competitor territory. Sure they may not be able to keep up with Youtubes bulk content (which is generally trash and memes) but they should definitely go with a name that captures the spirit. Floatplane...
  25. NickJames

    The Mandalorian- new Disney+ Star Wars series

    The funny thing is it's written like that on purpose. It really captures the feel of the OT and that's what I love about it.
  26. NickJames

    [Linus Tech Tips'] Response to YouTube's Shenanigans - Floatplane is Finally Here!

    Yeah honestly the name makes no sense and I don't see this surviving more than a couple of years as much as I want competition.
  27. NickJames

    PewDiePie quits YouTube saying he's too tired to go on

    I racked up a stream on Twitch(formerly known as with 3000 active viewers back in the day. I probably peaked #1 on the stream charts 3 or 4 times back in 2008. It wasn't monetized like it is today and everyone told me it was a waste of time so I ended up getting a real job which I am...
  28. NickJames

    PewDiePie quits YouTube saying he's too tired to go on

    With how long he's been around his money should be making money at this point. I get why he'd leave if suddenly his pay over the last 3-4 years got cut to 1/10th.
  29. NickJames

    Lawyers for QuadrigaCX customers ask RCMP to exhume body of Gerald Cotten

    If you eat the right foods people can live forever with Crohn's disease. The problem is this guy was supposedly doing some "volunteer work" in India. So it's possible he didn't get the right diet although still incredibly convenient.
  30. NickJames

    FS: Oculus Quest 64 & 128GB NIB

    Price drop and quantity adjustment bump.
  31. NickJames

    FS: Oculus Quest 64 & 128GB NIB

    Oculus Quest 128GB (Soldout) $7̶7̶5 $725 Shipped Oculus Quest 64GB (Soldout) $6̶5̶0 $620 Shipped Firm pricing will guarantee delivery before Christmas in US. Also listed on eBay so availability subject to change.
  32. NickJames

    Three men are charged in $722 million cryptocurrency fraud

    What we're saying is Bitcoin is not as safe as a bank and as bad as a Ponzi scheme. My recommendation? Make some money on it and get out. Nobody with a rational mind should keep their liquid in Bitcoin.
  33. NickJames

    Silicon Valley’s psychedelic wonder drug is almost here

    So does oxygen deprivation and starvation. Sure, an individual can be programmed through repeated stimuli in controlled conditions. This is not what weed does.
  34. NickJames

    Silicon Valley’s psychedelic wonder drug is almost here

    Marijuana rewires the brain? Come on, half of the worlds rich and elite are on things far harder than that. If you think legalizing psychedelics is going to end the world I have got a bridge to sell you.
  35. NickJames

    1TB WD BLACK™ SN750 NVMe™ SSD - $124.99

    How do these compare to those Phison E-12 controllers that Microcenter has been selling? Tempted to buy this since I can't get Microcenters site to checkout.
  36. NickJames

    Elon Musk’s defamation trial over ‘pedo guy’ tweet kicks off in Los Angeles

    You seem just as excited to see him suffer as those who praise his childish antics. This is such a stupid case between 2 social idiots.
  37. NickJames

    JBL 530 Speakers - $299

    Tempted to get a new center. How does this stack up against 520C_color=Black-USA-Current
  38. NickJames

    Star Wars Confirms Why Jango & Boba Fett Can't Be Mandalorians

    The EU is a mess but IIRC Jango was simply a mercenary that left the Mandalorian sector and was eventually hired by the Empire to be the genetic base for the clone troopers. Boba/Jango were never really Mandalorians to begin with although the former inspired the Mandalorian lore. The race was...
  39. NickJames

    Chinese smarter than everyone

    Rather be lazy and happy than stressed and depressed. Our country is seeing suicides among our youth skyrocket due to our failing corrupt educational system that is designed to keep the average person just above the poverty line for life. Who knows how many Chinese die before their 18th...
  40. NickJames

    Archivists Are Trying to Make Sure a ‘Pirate Bay of Science’ Never Goes Down

    Well I was like 6 at the time so I really can't even remember if the money was for lunch or the card. It was part of a 1st grade field trip lol. Also I haven't stepped foot inside a library in roughly the same time span. I tend to just order books I am interested in.