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  1. craigdt

    Convert from LTSB 1607 to Pro 1909

    Man, this sucks. Can't keeps my apps and files. Was hoping I could do this the easy way. I guess switching versions makes this not possible.
  2. craigdt

    Convert from LTSB 1607 to Pro 1909

    So, if I do a re-install using installation media, keeping apps and files, should I detach all the other storage devices to make sure nothing happens to those? Like an additional SATA ssd and HDD?
  3. craigdt

    Convert from LTSB 1607 to Pro 1909

    I am running Windows 10 LTSB version 1607, which I love, but am starting to miss some of the feature of the newer installs on other machines I have, and some programs (Origin, ugh) won't update since I'm on an older release. Ironic. Can I just use the "Change Product Key" tool in Win10 to...
  4. craigdt

    What JDS Labs products?

    I guess if I'm going all in, should I get rid of my Asus DGX sound card and use the JDS DAC? (for my speakers too??) The software kind of sucks for the DGX... Or will it make and difference whatsoever?
  5. craigdt

    What JDS Labs products?

    Well this is basically what I'm going to try. I send the JDS Atom, will feed it from my Asus soundcard. If I like the setup, I think I'll add the EQ. Thanks!
  6. craigdt

    What JDS Labs products?

    I have an Asus Xonar DGX soundscard in my desktop with SPDIF and 3.5mm out, Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 powered speakers, and Audiotechnica ATH-M50x headphones. I use the speakers 90% of the time, but want an entry-level amp/DAC for my headphones. What items of theirs do I need to be able to switch...
  7. craigdt

    Thoughts on Ubiquiti Dream Machine as replacement for Netgear AC1750 router?

    Gigabit- I typically see 600-700mbps hardwired. 100-200mbps wireless. I think the appeal is it looks like it can be a simple install or more powerful if needed. I like the logging and dashboards available, vs virtually nothing. I think it will provide better wifi, and I can connect their...
  8. craigdt

    Thoughts on Ubiquiti Dream Machine as replacement for Netgear AC1750 router?

    Would like better management/logging and better overall network experience. I basically have zero networking experience, but working from home for wife and I... pretty important to have good wifi. Hardwiring not really an option right now. Is there something better I should be looking at for a...
  9. craigdt

    I ran Cinebench on all CPUs I could

    Cool! You can add my 8700K to the list: 3286 at stock.
  10. craigdt

    Scientists may have discovered fifth force of nature, laboratory announces

    It was a famous quote from Ken M lol
  11. craigdt

    carte video pour utilisation PHOTO

    Sigh..... I do not have a game that requires delirious frame numbers or stratospheric refresh rates, I mainly work on photoshop, painter, flame painter or filterforge. So applications that run on a ryzen 7 3800X with 32 GB of memory. New cards come out with ray tracing processing...
  12. craigdt

    FS-Surfacebook i7/16gb/512ssd/nvidia

    What the heck happened to this thread? I posted this reply and the actual original post is nuked? Weird
  13. craigdt

    Is anyone else worried The Outer Worlds will be disappointing?

    What's the verdict on this? Is is just the same old boring quests with a new skin?
  14. craigdt

    FS-Surfacebook i7/16gb/512ssd/nvidia

    What generation is this? Do you have any pics? Which screen size?
  15. craigdt

    What games to play on MS Surface?

    Need some low-req games to play on my i5-8250u integrated graphics. Keyboard and touchpad (lol, I guess I could use my Surface mouse, if necessary) I am a super casual gamer who has blocks of like 20 minutes. Prefer offline, if possible. (can I even play my steam library offline?) Things I...
  16. craigdt

    FS: 3800x , PSUs 1000w!, Motherboards, Memory

    You got any more of them G4400's?
  17. craigdt


    This looks like an awesome machine at a great price. Good luck!
  18. craigdt

    FS: eight Zotac 1080TI - refurb - 2x unopened, 6 used for ~30 minutes each.

    My wife said no more heaters in the basement, but this is a good deal
  19. craigdt

    EVGA RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra - $500 shipped USA

    lol you guys seem desperate. So embarrassing. Also- Let me know the next time you need to sell one of these at this price.
  20. craigdt

    FS: Win 10 Pro, PC games

    PM sent
  21. craigdt

    Asus RMA- what on earth

    Yes, I sent it back with the pin protector, in the mobo box and packaged wonderfully. I do have pics of the pins before I shipped it off. I just am not sure how to best navigate this situation. I did a chat this afternoon and they supposedly escalated my case. This is what I get for choosing...
  22. craigdt

    Asus RMA- what on earth

    So Asus chat support wants me to try to see if the mobo works before they escalate the case. They said even with 2 bent pins, it should be fine. This true?
  23. craigdt

    Asus RMA- what on earth

  24. craigdt

    Asus RMA- what on earth

    So do I try to fix the marginally bent pin, or try to actually contact someone and try this again?
  25. craigdt

    Asus RMA- what on earth

    Hello, Asus rep :p
  26. craigdt

    Asus RMA- what on earth

    I think I can fix it but have no idea how. My middle name is "shaky" haha
  27. craigdt

    Asus RMA- what on earth

    Yes correct. I have pictures before where the pin isn't bent. Is that even "bent" enough to cause an issue?
  28. craigdt

    Asus RMA- what on earth

    Sent my Asus Strix Z370 mobo that would no longer boot to Asus RMA. They sent it back with the below paper: Did they fix it? Or not? A BIOS update will fix bent pins? If they didn't fix it, how can I perform a bios update when the machine wont boot? If it is a bent pin, how did it get...
  29. craigdt

    I need a new case

    I love my Phanteks Enthoo Pro M with tempered glass:
  30. craigdt

    Adata M2 NVME SSD - take it or leave it?

    I got one of the SX6000 back in early 2018. Worked really good. Used it lightly for a year, and it crapped out. ADATA sent me a replacement and didn't jerk me around. And that is my report on the ADATA SX6000
  31. craigdt

    Any good games with offline bots?

    I play DOTA 2 against the bots, since real people are too good for me. You wouldn't believe the kind of hate I attract in that game
  32. craigdt

    Is it booting/How to update BIOS on AB350 for Athlon 200GE

    Got this machine all together this weekend. Brings a tear to my eye :cry: Think I'm going to sell this little Ryzen 3 1200/AMD RX560 monster and start on the next uber budget machine.
  33. craigdt

    AMD Announces RX 5000 Series Graphics processors at Computex - Demos RX 5700

    I know it's not a homerun like everyone wanted, but it's still a step in the right direction, right? If it's similar to 2070 at similar or less pricing, at least they are somewhat competitive.
  34. craigdt

    AMD Announces Ryzen 7 3700X, 3800X and Ryzen 9 3900X

    This is super exciting. This long time Intel fanboy is tired of the same ol same ol and ready for some additional cores. And I can drop on into my cheapo AB350 board? Neat
  35. craigdt

    Athlon 220GE and 240GE benched

    I just got my 200GE system running. Trying to decide what to do with it. Wonder if I can overclock it (for no reason) on my Gigabyte B350 mobo... Really want to pair it with a RX560, and see what I get!
  36. craigdt

    US Senator Proposes a Ban on "Manipulative" Video Games

    The market should handle this. We don't need more government regulation. But I do hate the recent trend.
  37. craigdt

    Is it booting/How to update BIOS on AB350 for Athlon 200GE

    So, I bought the board from a member here, so no go on returning it to the store. I did grab a R3 1200 for a good deal here in the For Sale section and the machine booted right up- so that's encouraging. performed the BIOS update but havent had a chance to drop the 200GE back in there.
  38. craigdt

    Rant: Bought a GPU wasn't told it was smoked around.

    Just toss the coffee afterwards:LOL:
  39. craigdt

    Is it booting/How to update BIOS on AB350 for Athlon 200GE

    Yes, I tried a GPU too. Same story. No video