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  1. cjcox

    Lowest power desktop socket 4+ core?

    While I know it's not "the phrase" anymore, but cores without clock isn't going to be great. It might give you a low power envelope, but it might be real dog. With that said, if this is still what you want... there's things like the J4125, for example.
  2. cjcox

    Long time pc gamer that loves pcs but age makes me like consoles now

    Most hard core gamers I know have a high end recent PC with latest GPU, equipment, etc... as well as a plethora of consoles (they keep over the years). Just saying.
  3. cjcox

    What number do you think is a lot of wireless devices at home?

    For a typical home, I'd think more than 30 would constitute a "large number" of WiFi connected devices. (today)
  4. cjcox

    games that were on your school computers

  5. cjcox

    5000:1 Static Contrast Ratio in 2012

    Yes, it's probably not going to satisfy some gamers. But maybe not horrid at 1920x1200. Most gamers are so beyond those tiny resolutions now :) I've never understood the satisfaction at FHD (1080p), it was such a mistake so many many many years ago to make a step backwards.
  6. cjcox

    5000:1 Static Contrast Ratio in 2012

    IPS because maybe, just maybe if will have the brightness needed for sunlight or outdoors (noting that not all IPS panels have high brightness, but at least it's possible). I still love my dell U2410. Can get very bright, has tons of input, has real Picture in Picture, soundbar, 16:10 (as the...
  7. cjcox

    NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4600 128MB AGP Graphics Card MINT TESTED Ti4600 Rare Vintage

    Ain't nothing "vintage" about AGP. Sheesh. But hey, I think have some USB 2.0 bus cards lying around... I could be a gazillionaire! SCSI anyone? I guess it's all about what people "think" is valuable and how much they are willing to pay. (for now, I need to search the ebay vintage...
  8. cjcox

    Snap Debate

    I'm developing a new product to manage web services, called httpc. Later that day: httpc now comes with facebookc to handle facebook. It's an improvement over mere facebook. Users of httpc will need to convert. Still later that day: httpc now also comes with googlec to handle google...
  9. cjcox

    Snap Debate

    Opinion follows... so we all want it all.. all want to depend on different versions of underlying infrastructure (libraries, services) and this creates this dependency hell issue. Mitigated by distributions as long as you stay inside their controlled "box" (which means you can't just willy...
  10. cjcox

    Why is it so hard to migrate data from old to new Android phones (in comparison to iPhone)?

    An iPhone is "owned" end to end by Apple. So, you would expect absolute perfection there (zero variables). If it's not absolute perfection, I'd be surprised.
  11. cjcox

    Why is this no longer popular?

    Don't forget total oil submersion. IMHO, one of the most interesting....
  12. cjcox

    (Rumor) AMD to delay Ryzen 4000 (Zen3) until January 2021 due to Zen2 success

    Of course, timing is everything. Pretty much all inventory of laptops was hit hard by the quarantine.
  13. cjcox

    How long do PSU's last?

    20 years? IMHO, it takes a bad PSU to not last the lifetime of "whatever". I mean, bad PSUs happen, but generally speaking they last as long as needed. Usually you're disposing of the "whatever" before the PSU gives out. However, component DIY builders might hang on to a PSU (likely making...
  14. cjcox

    (Rumor) AMD to delay Ryzen 4000 (Zen3) until January 2021 due to Zen2 success

    Update: Delay is now out to 2025 in order to be timed with Intel's AMD killer 14nm Skylake refresh.
  15. cjcox

    3900x vs 2x Xeon X5660

    Just checking, we are comparing 2010 Intel technology (10 years ago) with AMD today, right? While impressive... shouldn't it be impressive? I guess that maybe there have been "lesser" 10 year runs in the past?
  16. cjcox

    Microsoft Teams for Linux. Is it any good?

    It works pretty well. I'm fulltime Linux and use Teams. Camera, microphone, all works. Doesn't have that fancy "backgound" thing, but you can at least set up a "fake" cam and use things like WebCamOid, if you want to look silly.
  17. cjcox

    Restoring a 486 machine

    I did this very thing many, many, many (10-15years?) ago. Old Packard Bell 486-SX. Spent about $800 so I could take it up to 2MB memory and I overclocked the CPU. Put in a 10mbit ISA ethernet board. At the end of the day, you get a really really really really really really really slow...
  18. cjcox

    Far from Windows 10, which OS is for gaming?

    Actually, if there was competition, this would happen because marketing wise you fight to get the extra 1% when markets have not changed much. (which is to say that the opposite of a free market is at work when it comes to gaming, likely)
  19. cjcox

    Far from Windows 10, which OS is for gaming?

    :) Just stating a fact. I guess another way is to say (maybe a stretch) is that less than 10% of people don't "really" want Windows 10.
  20. cjcox

    Far from Windows 10, which OS is for gaming?

    Sadly, people don't want "gaming"... they want "Window specific gaming". That's not going to change until gaming companies (that make games people want) make things less "Windows specific". And, until then, you're pretty much going to have to follow whatever Microsoft says with regards to what...
  21. cjcox

    Intel i3-10100 beats i7-7700K

    Clicked on a link here that shows the new i3 being better than older i3 and getting closer to really old i5's. (yawn) With that said, it really hammers older Pentiums. So, would be quite an upgrade in that case. Where did it beat the i7-7700K again?
  22. cjcox

    Drive I bought was a returned/used drive, run a file recovery program on it? ;)

    Two things. If Recuva is finding things, then even a very basic primitive wipe was never done. Secondly, how many evil people are on
  23. cjcox

    CLOSED WTB Cheapest 4790K on the face of the earth.

    If is matters, just realize that no all Xeons have QSV, which could be problematic (watch your SKUs)
  24. cjcox

    E-ATX Small Footprint - Are There Any?

    yeah, it's a problem of sorts. Normally when you think of EATX you're thinking about a lot of stuff going into the case. The other direction is easier, if not sillier. That is I don't want to put much in my case (including MB), but I want a huge case. Physics works in favor of that...
  25. cjcox

    CLOSED WTB Cheapest 4790K on the face of the earth.

    Since you don't like ebay, this might not be of much worth... but you could buy a full used system and part out components and likely end up "net" with a CPU for less than $100 (the risk being in the selling of the parts).
  26. cjcox

    Tesla Unveils Radical Cybertruck.

    While it won't fly, I hear there will be a red button you have to continuously push in the George Jetson Special Edition.
  27. cjcox

    Are there any "mainstream" 4TB+ NVMe drives in the pipeline?

    SATA will start to disappear when there are consumer level non-SATA/SAS alternatives in the 10-12TB at comparable prices (can be a bit more expensive, just not a lot more). Now, that's assuming that a spinning disk SATA/SAS hotswappable replacement isn't happening (that is, something totally new).
  28. cjcox

    B450 and X470 Motherboards Now Supporting Zen 3

    Or plug a custom AIO into your (expensive) remaining x16 slot and use that (hoping for some laughs).
  29. cjcox

    B450 and X470 Motherboards Now Supporting Zen 3

    I'm thinking this is more about saving MSI than anything else. I mean, it's a kludgy workaround for a legacy AMD problem (support of <16MB BIOS only). (AMD: 16MB BIOS should be large enough for anybody) But still, MSI is probably worth preserving. They would have been sued to death, if their...
  30. cjcox

    AIO liquid cooling is coming to video cards. Finally a use for that second pcie slot?

    Weird and wrong for so so many reasons. I see zero benefits of this. But, feel free to prove me wrong. There might be a small handful of situations where it might work "ok". But likely not. It's like when there are several ways to solve a problem and the teacher asks you to find one more...
  31. cjcox

    Time to retire my 3770k - Intel or AMD?

    Ugh. $60 (a pretty good deal for a P600 btw) GPU + $0 CPU, where do we get the $0 CPU again? A P600 without a driver hack is going to be limited to 2 transcodes. It's possible you've successfully deployed the driver workarounds in Linux to get around that. At the end of the day, that might...
  32. cjcox

    Time to retire my 3770k - Intel or AMD?

    NVEnc is marginally better than QSV. Marginally. So, <$60 CPU doing 21 or so transcodes, or >$500 CPU+GPU combo doing the same number. With that said, in the case of Intel+Nvidia, Plex will use QSV first, just something to keep in mind.
  33. cjcox

    Time to retire my 3770k - Intel or AMD?

    So, if it's just the CPU, AMD is certainly doing a lot better (a whole lot in some cases). Consumer hesitation is actually working both against Intel and AMD right now. When two competitors are jockeying for position (confusing markets with statements, promises and even an overload of new...
  34. cjcox

    DVD or Blu-Ray drive

    What year is this? From what I can tell it's the year of the 33rpm vinyl album. You could go more forward thinking and get an 8-track or go straight to cassette.
  35. cjcox

    Dealing with bad eBay buyers....

    I once made the mistake of selling a higher end AMD GPU to someone in Puerto Rico (via ebay). Very similar. Except the person at least thought about things and damaged the card on return. There's a lot of trust built into just about any buy/sell/trade system. We're banking on people not...
  36. cjcox

    Sony Is Struggling With PlayStation 5 Price Due to Costly Parts

    Occasionally I spend a lot on computer equipment. I have a friend who restores classic cars. Now, in all fairness, he does try to sell them, but upfront, it's a huge amount of money. But, usually, he ends up with money, which he then, in turn, does it all again, etc..,etc.. But then, I have...
  37. cjcox

    Sony Is Struggling With PlayStation 5 Price Due to Costly Parts

    Now we just need game designers that can make interesting games.
  38. cjcox

    Unreal Engine V!!!

    id Software signs onboard. Makes game where you enter dark rooms. walls open up, monsters come out and you kill them. But it's really really pretty.
  39. cjcox

    confirmed: AMD's big Navi launch to disrupt 4K gaming

    Operational overhead for retail is extreme. It can depend on what the market is. Places with very high regular sales volumes... maybe not a problem. But that's not typical (?).